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2PM lends a helping hand for ‘Happy Energy’ campaign!

2PM is participating in a donation program called Naver Happy Bean : Happy Energy! which is organized by Naver.com. They took a promotion video and pictures (drawing with their autograph) for the program.

People who use Naver service will receive “beans” which they can use them to donate in any saving boxes of renowned charity organization for example Unicef and so on.

2PM chooses to represent in the Child Care Program called Busrugy as their saving box. The total amount of beans from this box will be used to buy backpacks full with school supplies for poor children. (It needs around 100,000 won/bag)

It is reported that 2PM fans have been donating under the name of Jaebeom for 6 months.

S: 2PM Always

19 Responses

  1. -looks at khun’s drawing – ; nawwww
    -looks at the other’s drawings – HAHAHA

    wooyoung looks extra adorableeee.
    hope the angry hottests leave him alone. getting mad at him wont make jae come back.

  2. Taecyonnnnnn…

  3. Damn. Chansung looks like $h!T with his hairstyle.

    Thank God they still got Junho.

  4. wooyoung ❤

  5. Junsu !!!!
    Wooyoung !!!
    Junho !!!
    The three cutest on this shoot ^^

  6. Khunnie’s drawing is so cool~

  7. SO SWEET. gah <333

  8. The fans donating for 6 months over Jay’s name is so sweet ^^

    The cause they chose is a good one, I hope netizens and everyone else donate lots ^^

  9. Aww, I want their self-drawings. Its so sweet and cool of them to take time out to think of the less fortunate. 6 months under Jay’s name, aww.

  10. nichkhun’s the cutest! ;D

  11. 100 000 won = around 87$ ? right?

    well that’s really sweet to represent Busrugy
    hopefully it will help ^^

    but it’s funny for me, cause not long ago, I did a research about this organization ^^

  12. […] and Photo Credits to Kbites Source : 2PM […]

  13. Aren’t you guys even interested in the topic of this article ? It’s pretty amazing when artists do charity to me, and it’s much more important than “who’s the cutest on these pictures ?” lol… Well I guess we don’t have same interests.

  14. NichKhun drawing is the cutest or the nice one. They looks fresh here. I mean compared to Heartbeat outfit. Minimal make-up and just t-shirt and jeans.

  15. I Realise wooyoung changed after jay left ):
    BE HAPPY WOOYOUNG – ahh ~~~

  16. great to see wooyoung smiling again…though it looked abit forced

  17. nichkhun’s is cutest! =)))

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