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SangChu shows off his million-dollars worth build for domestic car brand Spirra

Hip hop duo Mighty Mouth SangChu shows off his million-dollars worth build.

SangChu has recently been chosen as the model for domestic supercar Spirra. And the brand seeks to promote the image of masculinity and unconventionality.

Eulim Networks revealed, “As a singer, SangChu has broken various records on KBS Dream Team 2 and being active on various variety shows, SangChu has showed off his great sports and performance capabilties.”

Meanwhile, Mighty Mouth will be releasing a new single early-March.


5 Responses

  1. i like sang chu.. sarange!

  2. gorgeous! I love this pix..

    he’s such fun in DT2, and so athletic.

    more pix!!! (esp in mens health mag..muahhaa)

  3. hot! i love him in dream team! rly funny guy, v. entertaining! (: much love!

  4. well hello massive hawt body!!

  5. Awesome

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