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BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ album leaked out, “This is definitely not noise marketing on our side”

BEAST’s upcoming album has been leaked online.

According to Cube Entertainment on 28th February, the full title song ‘Shock’ to the group’s upcoming 2nd album ‘Shock of the new era’ has been leaked online.

The company rep said, “We heard about the news of the leakout on Youtube, we are currently doing our best to track the source of leakout. Appropriate actions will be act accordingly on the one who is found to have leaked out the song.”

The album was initially set to be released on 2nd March. With this incident, the rep said, “We can only do an online reveal on 1st March. This leakage is definitely not noise marketing on our side. We are hurt that the album cannot be released as planned.”


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  1. […] title song ‘Shock’ off the group’s new minialbum ‘Shock Of The New Era’ released on 1st March on is up #1 on Cyworld Music Realtime chart on 2nd March at 7.40pm. Apart from that, all songs from […]

  2. […] #beastshock | BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ album leaked out, “This is definitely March 1, 2010 at 4:31 am | In trends | Leave a Comment BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ album leaked out, “This is definitely not noise marketing on our side”. Posted on February 28, 2010 by sookyeong. BEAST’s upcoming album has been leaked online. According to Cube Entertainment on 28th Read more […]

  3. […] BEAST’s upcoming album has been leaked online. According to Cube Entertainment on 28th Read more Share this […]

  4. actually im quite surprised,a lot of pop ish songs in their album,kinda boring~but i like ‘just before shock’ song~

  5. i think MBLAQ’s track is way better no offence

  6. i think MBLAQ’s new song is better than the rest of B2ST’s full album.. :p

    check this out!

  7. track 4 “say no” sounds like taeyang’s wedding dress…what do u think?

    • No, Wedding Dress was boring. Track 4 is more memorable.

      • lol that track 4 takes up every tune in the kpop world thats why its a catchy one, don’t u think so?
        and please, Taeyang/Bigbang and Beast? god. hahah

        i feel like Beast is a copy-cat group.
        from their concept all the way to the songs.

        (1)mowhack cut.
        (2)the military outfit while in fire

        but yeah, feel sorry for that leakage.
        oh well, anticipating their comeback.

    • nope…they don’t side a like…Wedding Dress is so much better than Take Care of My GF (say no) but the track is not that bad either…

      looking forward for their live perf..too bad their album was leaked out ahead of their comeback but by hearing all the tracks, i must say they did not disappoint fans’ anticipation…Just Before Shock is my fave! 🙂

    • i think track 4 sounds more like jason derulo’s “Whatcha Say”.

  8. I was sad that it got leaked out, but I’m also happy because i could listen to them.

  9. It sucks that it all got leaked. I bet they’re upset
    about this. But B2UTIES should be proud of
    them for their hard hard work. I’m so proud
    of them, & glad to be their fan.

  10. nice songs! hopefully they release it on March 2 as they planned…

  11. wow the album is AMAZING i love every single song
    ah its just as good as the 1st one

  12. i prefer their first mini album. though i like Just Before Shock. the title song is not bad too, but maybe it has not grow on me yet. i need the MV and perfs! and i think i anticipated too much too, that’s why

  13. I do feel bad listening – but their songs are really good! I’m actually really impressed. Can’t wait for their comeback! 🙂


  15. the trouble with digital music its easily leaked and a full mini album??? wow

  16. When an album is leaked T.T
    I know the artists will feel very disapointed and shock T.T
    Even I am not their fans but…
    So sorry T.T

    Anyway, their song ^^
    I think them quite good, right ^^
    Boys, fighting ^^

  17. im really dissapointed that the songs got leaked so soon. im sure BEAST is dissapointed too. 😦

  18. the title is not good as i thought

  19. i’ve already gotten hold of it once the uploader managed to get it up haas. but really. most of their songs are on replay right now on my iTouch. heh.

  20. Although the album cannot be released as planned, songs are very good.

  21. i’ll wait till 2nd march listen to their new songs. =]

  22. i thin they are the one who leaked the songs i think they done this before so is marketing from Cube.

    • I think it’s because they have a new, larger distribution label (Universal). It’s easier to get leaked things since stores will have them beforehand so that they have the albums on the release date. I know because I’ve worked at a place that sells CDs…

    • You are wrong. A leaked album means less pre-orders and online sales.

      Econ 101, sweetie.

  23. Didn’t it happen with 4minute too? What’s up with Cube’s artists’ albums getting leaked? xD

    FUFU. gonna listen to the songs after this.
    So-1 ah sarang hae!!!!
    ive been waiting for this.!

  25. yup..just like what i’ve said a while ago, the album was leaked… T_T
    let’s wait for march 2nd for the HQ. 🙂

  26. the songs are awesome…
    it doesnt really matter if it leaked right???

    • of course it matters to them, but not for us : D we get to listen to it sooner.

    • It matters because they’re still new. But the album is really good so I hope people buy it after hearing them. 😦 I feel so bad for them. Sure, I listened to the album, but I already preordered two copies, lol. -dedicated fan-

  27. Why put the songs up if it harms the group?

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