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Where does this leave 2PM?

During the conference between the fan representatives and the 2PM members and staff, there were few statement they said caught the attention of many, and then and there some had already chosen the side they decided to stand on. “JaeBum was the attacker, and the rest of the 6 members were victims.” “After learning about this fact, I disliked JaeBum hyung.”

After the fan conference and the release of more fan accounts of the matter, it seems as the division between the Hottests are stronger than ever. Some fans left the Hottest community supporting JaeBum and others continued to remain supporting the 2PM that will now progress as 6 members into their journey.

Along with the increase of anti-2PM fans, some even calling themselves, “Coldest” after the 2PM fans Hottest, the private life of 6 members are currently being exploited. All the past pictures that fans would have suppressed to hide their personal lives are circulated throughout the various websites. For example, pictures of WooYoung with various girls been posted along with the comments like, “And he said that he was awkward around girls.”

Not just that, several fancafes (about 30) closed down their site with messages like “JunHo you tricked us? Are you looking at this… We all fall together!” “JaeBum we are sorry… And like that we committed a crime” “With broken wings, how far do you think yo will go?” Like this, the movement against 2PM are growing bigger and most of the 2PM fan cafes are frozen in place not sure of what to do.

Fans who hoped to have JaeBum back all fell into complete shock and are referring to this event as a “conspiracy to kill JaeBum” and “the plan that one management makes after not being able to protect a star in that management by killing someones life.”

Nulsaranghae: We will all have different opinions about the issue, please respect others opinions.

178 Responses

  1. im kinda over the issue…but i think JYPE shouldnt have given hope to fans…when im sure they already made this decision to cut jaebum out since the beg of the scandal. it sucks… sigh… feel sorry for 2pm…

  2. …they’re private life, i dont care to be honest, girl friends and such, that can happen cause they’re people, afterall

    you should see the pictures of jay being the outsider since “hot blood”

    this one picture, everyones sleeping cozy and jays in the edge of the room by the wall sleeping with a long hood t on cause they wont give him anything to sleep with

    other various pictures have other members hitting jay and holding him by his back collar

    after jay went, in one of the music programs(they got an award or something) they had this “surprise camera” thing, where they hide the camera in their waiting rooms and see what they talk about,
    junho’s now famous for calling jay by his name (suppose to call him hyung) and bad mouthing him for taking up too much room in the closet they shared, he even said after jay left, he just threw them all out

    know wahts funny? he started wearing some of jays clothes after that
    a fan went to Seattle to give jay a present, a winter jacket or sth like that, the fan was like “i dont know if he’ll like it or not” jay’s mom was like “it’s okay jay likes everything his fans give him,, he couldn’t take his clothes with him when he left korea so,,,”

    junho threw out his clothes

    also, jay was attending a korean college, where no one cared (not JYPE or the members) to make a short request when jay left, and now he’s almost expelled (something like that) from the school.

    dont believe it? the korean net has pictures and videos of it
    this isn’t even half the stories going around

  3. @acetea
    i read the homepage from your link.
    there is one thing i don’t understand: when they all hated park jaebom, why did the choose him as the leader?(or didn’t they choose him?)
    And from this infos, the memebers somehow seemed to be afraid of park, but why should they?

  4. this link would make you surprise:

    just forget about 2PM. They’re suck

  5. jay did something really terrible, obviously because from the conference, Junho was like furious. he “hated” jay for what he did and i’m sure it hurt him alot of too and the rest of the group.

    it’s funny because in the shows, they leave a space for jay…what is that suppose to represent? there is such a contradiction in the way they handle things…

    jay is gone for sure, but the six members is still there. there is a question too, is 2pm gone too?

  6. what hurt me the most is that something that i believe in turns out to be a total BS..

    w/e..i believe in karma..what goes around comes around~

  7. wow lots of comments, gonna read when i’m back home =p\

    but lol my new BEAST idols is B2ST, 2PM lost all my respect with the interview, i completely agree with true2pm

  8. YUP, and it will get even more worst if that rumor is true. they said that JYPE is planning to release a news of Jay’s “mistake” and it will most likely going to be somethig like a sex tape. well, i guess, they are really asking for a war. i mean, if they do release it, is that what they call “protecting Jay”??

  9. OMG!!!!!i tot after da conference, things getting better….but how come its gettg worse???dunno which side is true….jaebeom shuld come forward and tell da truth…criuzly…

  10. looking at the pic above and other old pics kinda show how they were pretending that they like each other!!

  11. this THING will make them go no-where!
    because they sounded so arrogant!

  12. after all of 6pm says, i’m happy that jay would never comeback to 2pm. is this what they called brotherhood?

  13. You guys are saying that those that left aren’t true Hottest members.
    Well 30 fan sites closed, + 2PM’s OFFICIAL fancafe staffs have resigned. You can’t argue that those are not true hottest.

  14. you ppl make me sick!!! which part of e world have u been living in?? timbaktu? how was it possible that you could have been so gullible as to believe the potrayed images of them being innocent? its COZ U WANTED TO BELIEVE IT. n now wen all is happening like dis u’re pointing all ur fingers and toes at the 6 members to take the blame and wishing for their downfall. if hottests knew of such pictures means they knew of such behaviour. just coz they didn’t give you wat you want, u expose all the “unwanted” behaviour photos. n y would they deny the rumour junsu was dating?? coz they are afraid of the fans like you!!! you who would drop them coz they are in love with someone else. you who would drop them coz they would not give you want you want to hear or see… YOU PAMPERED ASSES.

    • thank you so very much. this whole thing is a bit ridic IMHO. i have absolutely no idea what’s going on, but i do believe some HOTTEST, coldest whatever the fuck you call yourselves are being completely irrational. what kinda reaction is this? it’s sick. srsly.

      the moment jay went back to the states y’all should’ve just shut the fuck up and let him be. but NO, y’all go on with freaking boycotts and “silent” protests and flashmobs. conspiracies saying the boys are giving secret signs or clues in their performances. saying they SUPPORT your boycott? LOOOOOOL.

      now that you find out they hated the boycotts and those numbered fingers in performances are NOT secret clues. y’all ball out and INVADE THEIR PRIVACY and choose to be delusional.

      lol. lol. lol……………. LOL.

  15. i don’t even care anymore.
    i don’t know what’s going on, but i hope jay has a nice rest of life in seattle, cuz korean celebrity life is DEFINITELY not healthy for ANYBODY.

    if what chan said about jay not bboying is true, then screw him. jay can do whatever the fuck he wants. its not like he’s even telling them to take videos and post them on youtube. that’s out of his control.

    if taec really was snickering throughout the interview, then fuck him too. that’s completely disrespectful, and i cannot think of anything jay could possibly have done so that a close friend like taec would go around and be so sadistic to his misfortune.

    and junho saying he hates jay?! wtf brought that on? i honestly can’t think of anything, unless jay killed someone, that would make me abandon such a close friend. and i’m pretty sure they can’t cover that up..

    honestly.. i’ve lost all respect for 2pm members.. i used to love them so much, not only because they are amazingly talented, but also because they were the freshest, funniest, and imageless idols that ever hit kpop.
    and even if what jay did was so horrible, how could they go around saying “oh i miss you hyung” “i’m most jealous of jaebum hyung” WTF. i don’t understand how people can be so fake, and i HATE people like that.
    jay, you’re a lucky guy; you escaped your slave contract, and the other members are too ignorant to see that they’re in one too.

    i’m so over 2pm, and i’m over kpop too. there are amazing people, and i used to think jyp was one of them.. the only one’s i’m listening too are the one’s with pure raw talent and aren’t labeled IDOLS. because wherever idols go, trouble follows them, and i’m sick of all the stupid useless drama they create.

    yea whatever call me a COLDEST
    i’m not anything
    i’m not a hottest anymore, but i don’t care about 2pm enough to call myself a coldest. i’m a lukewarmist and i’m entitled to my own opinions, so back off.

    • SUJU was the first ‘imageless’ idols. they were fresh and funny. they did it first. not 2PM. lmao. shinhwa was funny as heck. they were ‘imageless’ idols.

      2PM were the ‘beastly’ idols. hottest said so from the very beginning. lolwhut?

      just had to point that out. it has nothing to do with what you said. just sayin that 2PM weren’t the first idols to be ‘imageless’ idols.

  16. Rumors rumors rumors, there are so many rumors flying about. So many feelings and lives being hurt. I feel so bad for all 7 boys.

  17. i think no one should bash anybody. If fans are entitled to whatever they believe, it’s their own opinion. If that’s what they want, let them be. It’s just like Hottests are the consumers and 2PM is the product. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are hurt by this, and no one knows the truth so their reactions are subjective. People shouldn’t be called fake fans because they decided not to support the remaning boys. i still feel for the boys but there are always different people.

  18. I was a very proud Hottest. I wanted to see them become 7 again. But after everything, I honestly don’t know what to feel. We’re falling apart, the fans that had cheered them on, smiled at their sincerity and laughed at their jokes and actions. I don’t hate them, but I loved them. I just don’t know how to look at them anymore. Because even through this, I still have that slight slim hope that this is all a really awful joke or nitemare.

  19. Whether or not the rest of you support 2PM, they’re just as human as you are. Not everyone is perfect, these idols that you people WORSHIP are FAR from perfect. I don’t give a crap if the boys are drinking, hanging around girls, it’s their life, you have no control over it. But what I can do is keep on supporting them even through the rough times. I’ve come to dislike Jay just because of some of you fans. 2PM=2PM, NOT 2PM=Jay. With this said, if I get bashed, I won’t give a crap because you all have just ruined 6 other people’s lives over one person. Have fun the rest of your life knowing you killed 7 young men’s dreams 🙂

  20. you guys are all so quick to judge the rest of the members. you guys need to realize that jay wasnt the whole group. there are 6 other members that are suffering through this too. you guys are gonna sit there and bash the other members and stand up for jay when no one even knows the ‘terrible’ thing he did. im not against jay at all. i love him, but its really unfair for you guys to not even support the rest of 2pm. i hope jay comes out with a new video, so you fans can shut the fuck up and stop bashing and blaming everything on the other members of 2pm. and keep bashing cause if they slowly start to disband, you guys will most definitely regret it.

  21. Wow. Haha All of you saying that JYP and the other 2PM members are disgusting liars and shit like that; What gives you the right? Who the fuck are you to say ANYTHING about them? They are people, not machines. Just because they are portrayed as such in Korean media does not mean that is what they are. That is just what it calls for if you’re an idol in Korea. And it’s absolutely horrible to hear everyong say, “2PM is dead/will die because there is no Jay.” That’s disgusting. You all act like you were hurt, and I mean actually hurt. Not this psychological crap you all set on yourselves. Yeah, I get you liked Jay, so do I. He’s cool but none of you are his family. Friends. No TRUE relation other than being one of the other millions of fans. Really think about how you act and how it’s going to effect someone, and in this case, the other members of 2PM. You may not think what you say means anything because you’re sitting behind a computer or because you’re not in Korea but it does. So get over yourselves.

  22. 2PM will die, along with miserable money-hungry JYP…that’s what u get when u kick out ur leader for money n fame, greedy bastards. Nichkhun should leave n save himself before it’s too late, they’ll probably kick him out for saying smth abt their “oh-so-awesome” country sooner or later lol…good luck to Jay n i hope he lives a happy life from now on in USA instead of bloody patriotic shitty korea with their balless cocksucking netizens. The rest of this pathetic group: Junsu (fucking proud ass dickhead who wants to be leader), Junho (stupid little attention-seeking nobody), Wooyoung (“ssanti”? more like FUCKING CHEAPSHIT BITCH) n Taecyeon (fucking arrogant playboy dog with a huge ass inflated head going around wooing all the girls, disgusting retard gtfo our Yoona u ugly fuckface) can go n rot in hell for all i fucking care. Hahahaha Jaebeom & Nichkhun hwaiting! =D *FUCK JYP BUNCH OF COWARDLY LIARS*

    • lmao haha you made my day with that response. bravo bravo 😀

    • i really hope you don’t call yourself a hottest.

      • Well, i USED to be. Until this whole myspace bullshit broke out. JYP can suck it, im only supporting Jay & Khun cuz they’re the innocent ones…it’s pretty obvous Khun wouldnt give two dicks abt korea being “gay” or what not, cuz he obviously isnt FROM korea roflmao

      • haha 😀

  23. Hardcore fans have actually known about this and some other rumors being true for a long time, but they chose to remain quiet and “hush the talk” in order to protect the members of 2PM and the group as a whole. After the press conference, the fans have become furious with the rest of the members for acting rude (yawning, being sarcastic when answering, etc. when the fans were being serious and asking questions).
    This is their idea: Since the members of 2PM have turned their back on Jay, the fans also have the right to turn back on them. They loved 2PM as a whole and are disgusted by the way that the members acted so nonchalant about not needing Jay in order to be successful. (Although most of their success can be attributed first to Nickhun, then Jay. They’re the ones that spread the name of 2PM first.) Since the members seem to love to talk about the truth and Jay’s “betrayal,” the fans have chosen to no longer protect 2PM and reveal the “truth.” The fans are saying that the members have no reason to taint Jay’s image and call his personal life “dirty, trashy” when their lives aren’t that “clean-cut” as well.

    >_<; Chaos IMO. BUT, for the next few days, you will witness the downfall of 2PM. The reporters will probably go crazy over the juicy stories `cause I heard the fans have a lot of pics

    • i want links to the other pics. where can i find them?

      • There are a few at allkpop.com go check them out n see maknae Chansuck downing a glass of alcohol, aged 16, with a sick grin on his face like a retarded perv xD

      • i seen those pics but i want the so called new ones that are way better than those pics.

      • LOL jays a pussy
        and wow junsu did date that girl lol

  24. for all those who are saying “I can’t believe 2pm members betrayed jay” and “I don’t respect them anymore” and stuff like that .. you shouldn’t judge them… you don’t even know the situation … what jay did or whatever…. maybe jay is the victim or maybe 2pm members are the victim … no one knows but them….what you can do is stop being a fan and get over it…

  25. aftermath won’t die soon… bare with this everyone… this is getting worse…

    the fallen leader is facing this alone while the other 6-members are together… so unfair… jay might have done “severe personal mistake”.. but the other 6-members ditched him just like that… where is the love and respect??? after making us fans believe than jay will be back, this happened..

    it won’t be the same w/out jay.. it’ll always be 1.59PM.. i’m COLDEST…

  26. don’t get me wrong i LOVE our Jaebeom, he’s my favorite.
    but FANS are getting way out of control,
    it’s as if their blaming the rest of 2PM for jay leaving.
    and it’s NOT their fault.

    JAY IS NOT COMING BACK, sorry to break it to you
    and i have to cap this because i want you to see this,

    and Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Junho, Junsu, & Chansung
    and you guys are just RUINING it!
    Jay is just one person, if you love him enough LEAVE HIM ALONE.

    okay, i had to get this off my chest for you crazy obsessed fans.
    your way out of control, and don’t blame the rest of 2PM.

  27. this goes to show that THE FANS CAN MAKE OR BREAK AN IDOL… sad reality.

    i hope something GOOD happens in the next few days… evidently, everything that has been going on now is not good for both the fans and the 2PM guys.

  28. Okay as much as i love Jay and he was the one who got me into 2PM but damn, i think this is getting way out of hand and my heart goes out to the other six members. Okay i know Jay’s the leader and he’ll always be and everything but it’s the work of the other six too. Let’s not ruin the dreams of the other six. Yes, i’ll love Jay to come back but it’s official that he won’t come back and i doubt he himself will want to come back either. Even if all the Hottests protests and everything, Jay’s stil not coming back. So now why not support the other six. Please let’s not forget it’s their hard work, effort and dream too.

    And also, who knows the thing about Jay and his issue might be true too, we don’t know that. That’s something only Jay, 2PM and JYPE will know. We can’t completely blame 2PM and JYPE for everything. When we dont know anything. Sighs. All i’m saying is Jay won’t come back. And let’s just support the other six now.

    • All i’m saying is that who knows??? Jay might have been in the wrong too. Noone knows that. So let’s not blame the other six.

  29. dramatic…..it made me concluding “something” from korean people in general through this event???

    I’m sorry but things went over the board….like blaming jay, jay left, fans protest, jyp accusation, 6pm, split-fans…etc

    Let’s pray for everyone’s happiness. Life just have to move on. Is not like Jay is gone forever.

    USA is a big market. I believe Jay will be able to expand his interest better there.

  30. it will be a miracle if 2PM can tide over this. advertisers’ faith in them will definitely be shaken. we shall see the sales and reception of their comeback in april…

  31. ups sorry, i posted my comment on the wrong post…
    so here it is again:
    Hi guys,
    I read some comments and just wanted to say something:
    I think some fans have to much freetime.
    It’s just a small problem, but still some many fans make it a big one and worry about it.
    There are greater problems in your lifes than Park Jaebom to worry about.

  32. The anti-fans must be having hella good time watching this disaster from the back seats. The hottests are doing their job so wonderfully that they might need to find another target to attack. Kidding aside, the situation is getting out of control, too much drama and hatred. It’s just a boy band for God’s sake! People should start having real lives.

  33. @ Yes: How would you like it if people post up pictures of your personal life. Seriously so disrespectful. All this hate for 2PM members is uncalled for. All those comments about Taecyeon and Chansung saying bad things about Jay, do you have any footage of them actually saying it or did you just read it from an interview. In which case I wont believe it. I’m not saying I know everything that is going on. But how does anyone know….only the 2PM members and Jay himself really know what has happened. How can people judge them and insult them when they have no idea what has actually happened.

    • So you are saying you know more than those people in korea?
      it’s not a small group of people, it’s thousands of fans, and 30 fansites and even respectable journalists…

      So you are saying you know more than them? you are saying they did all these for something petty and “uncalled for”?

  34. […] Korea… let’s begin with an interesting article about the tough life of being a Korean idol [3]. And Jaebum-2PM saga is getting worse [4]. […]

  35. The angry fans are making SOME legitimate points but everyone should act rationally. Because even though the press conference gave alot of insite the WHOLE truth is not known. Yes, it seems like Jaebum is the victim here but so are the other members. Just like the myspace incident so many people showed their hatred against him but then later felt guilty. What if the “bad personal mistake” gets released and find out the 2PM memember well telling the truth but because of their loyalty keeping their mouth shut? One of the worst feelings is guilt, so before any irrational behave step back and tell yourself not to make jedgement cause whole truth is not known; and may not be known for a long time. WE ONLY KNOW 2PM THE ARTIST NOT 2PM THE INDIVISUAL PEOPLE., and thats the truth.

  36. I wanted to support 2PM as always, but hey, what they said during the conference is not very cool at all. It changed my impression of them completely, it became worse. And I thought they are being controlled (scripted), but nope, they are speaking out their minds. Sigh.

  37. I love jaebum and I’ll stand by him til death but that doesn’t mean I’d try to kill off the other 6 members. This is really sad.

  38. I’ll support Jay no matter what..Coldest vs Hottest..

  39. Can anybody share a link with the Wooyoung pics? Please?

  40. Wow this is really getting out of control. I feel bad for them somehow, but than again I’m not on their side nor Jay’s. I mean come on, none of us knows the real story.

    I don’t want this whole chaos leads Khun back to Thailand, and Taec back to Boston :z.
    Who knows maybe they were told to said those things during the conference ?

  41. this is not good for 2pm at all. i’m not a hardcore fan of 2pm or anything but you can basically imagine what they are going through mentally. people just need to give them a break. seriously- what is hottest gaining from exploiting 2pm’s past? – this is what they did to jaebum as well- and look at what has happened. I’m so sick of this!

    You know what, to those out there trying to bring others down- Get a Life.

    • I agree.

      Sad, how these “fans” are making the situation even worse.

      They’re intruding into their personal lives, kinda like how those netizens intruded onto Jay’s myspace.

      Seriously, ever heard of the saying “2 wrongs doesn’t make a right.”?

  42. i don’t think jae would ever bring down his members..
    if it was anything…. it was jype……>.<

  43. Everything is falling apart!! I mean everything! Ppl i kno that were once hottest have resigned or became Coldest, which is a clever name btw.
    Right now, i dont know who to trust anymore.

  44. guys !!!!! pleeeease i want to see that pic pf wooyoung and that girls !___!

  45. Chaos…

    Anyway, the idols are also just normal people, they think as a normal people…
    They are not Gods.

    Please respect and give them a chance to do what they want…
    I feel so bad and complex for this problems.

    The person who left…
    They do not need to think too much anymore…
    Bit the people who still stay there…
    They have too much things to do and so much pressure…

    Please give them a chance…
    Even it’s really hurt.

  46. wow the power of idols eh..
    fangirls vs. business.. at least it’s interesting to watch.

    though i have to say, bringing up the other member’s personal lives is petty and has nothing to do with anything.. they’re human.. wait.. they’re healthy young men.. yes.. they sleep with girls. get over it.

  47. im so glad & happy that there is still 2pm fans out there! WE ARE TRUE FANS!!! not like the ones that closed their fansites & all that bs!!

  48. …I will always support 2PM, though I admit to feeling a deep anger and disappointment towards the other members. I love those guys and have always thought their friendship with one another was something to look up too. However, I really hate the fact that they mad themselves out to be victims and Jaebom to be the bad guy. Not very cool. Not very cool at all. As of right now, I’m trying to hang onto the thread that’s keeping me from breaking away from 2PM completely. I had always adored them…I hope to never see such selfishness come from the other members again. I was hoping that after the conference, they could show us a reason to continue supporting them, however, it kind of had the opposite effect.

  49. Seriously, this situation has strictly gotten OUT-OF-CONTROL.

    As a 2PM fan, I understand Hottests’ mixed feelings/reactions. Definitely. All of us have been hoping for that day we’d hear of Jay’s return. The only little hope we had was what JYPE was telling us, since technically, they were our only source.

    This situation has to be seen in all angles, because no matter what, we’ll always be pointing fingers to someone (or a group of people). The only difference is who.

    First of all, we never really knew in full details what exactly happened during the incident back in September. We’ll never fully know what happened behind CLOSED DOORS. That, as a matter of fact, brings us nowhere even now since we still don’t know the 100% truth that JYPE, 2PM & Jay are hiding to us.

    Who knows, maybe the act Jay did that JYPE refers to as “inexcusable” began back then, but the resurface of the MySpace logs was a coincidence, and JYPE did or not try to protect Jay by using that means to give him and the netizens/people of Korea some time to breathe.

    One thing for sure, whatever he did, good or bad, does NOT include us and ISN’T of our business.

    True, we’ve been fed lies.

    True, we’ve been giving false hope.

    True, we’re ALL HURT.

    However, this situation lies in the hands of those involved, JYPE, 2PM & Jay.

    The most we can do for now is be mature, polite, supportive AND RESPECTFUL.

    Concerning the 2PM boys, it is completely useless to be angry and put all the blame on them. What makes us think that we knew them in the first place to judge them now with the decision they’re making about Jay?

    All we know about them is the stories, shows, interviews created by videos posted on YOUTUBE.

    For all I know the boys could be total opposites and not be the “down-to-earth” kids we knew from Idol Army or Wild Bunnies.

    However, they did seem to be like humble kids. If they’ve come to respond in that manner to Jay’s actions, it means Jay must’ve done something really bad.

    Being supportive doesn’t mean to bash anything that comes in Jay’s way, but to accept and respect his decisions, his thoughts and his reality.

    All we need to do right now is breathe and be patient.

    • i havent been reading every single article (the millions and counting) but i dont see how

      “True, we’ve been fed lies.” is true. can you explain to me please?

      and i think “True, we’ve been giving false hope.” is just perception. unless jype lied about this too, but they didnt see this coming either, right? they were just as shocked as us fans about the outcome. if i recall, wasnt jaebum planned to make a comeback in april or something with the rest of 2pm?

  50. Jay, now would be a brilliant time to appear on YouTube or something with your side. Ayyy.

  51. This is all so f#@ked up. What a lot of you don’t understand is that Jay is a young boy/man that was born and raised in America. His mentality is 100% different than a Korean or someone born in Asia. All the things hes said/did were innocent compared to American outspoken-ness. Fans/netizens should have been more lenient and understanding when the stuff first came out about him. It’s all a culture shock. This new bit of info about him doing “something” that cannot be taken back is bull. If a company really appreciates an artist they will support and stand by them no matter what the charges. Look at Ivy – they will still help her to promote & release albums. JYP is all about the bottom line/product; not the person. Our artist in America have dealt with much worst and continue to thrive. I hope Jay can take this experience and grow into something that the world will appreciate. Sorry, but JYP and such has lost my faith in idol groups.

  52. Argh, i feel so freaking bad for the six remaining boys. This situation and everything. I don’t want to write a lot about this, but it just pisses me off some people are attacking them now.
    None of us know the full detail of the situation, so stop making assumptions. And if Junho said he disliked Jaebum when he found out about that “severe mistake”, let him be. We don’t know if this severe mistake is real or not, nor what it is, so we can’t judge how the boys feel.
    I wasn’t a massive fan of 2PM to begin with, but I will still support them now.
    Anyway, I hope Jaebum is doing fine and everything, and this whole ordeal attacking of the six remaining cool down.
    Oh and like someone has said, I too hope people leave seven boys alone, and appreciate the MUSIC.

  53. haven’t seen that pic…link?


    I HOPE PEOPLE WILL STILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT 2PM @_@ i just hope things go well with 2pm and jay… i feel sorry for jype though they always get blamed. @_@


  55. the secret of jay will come out soon! who will expose him?

  56. all you so called fans. go get a life! you dont even deserved to be called fans. true fans dont do that! i dont even blame 2pm for this situation i blame all you stupid fans & haters and antis! yall started this situation & was against him before & now you guys want to be on his side! f you! dont be taking your stupid anger out on teh other 6! ugh whatever yall jsut all stupid!
    ill still support 2pm no matter waht. cause thats what a true fan does!

  57. Why are people getting into their personal lives now? who cares if wooyoung had pictures with girls jeez, i mean it doesn’t even relate to the Jaebum issue. People are now just finding anything to attack them with. And is it a bad thing to speak their mind? I mean if Junho said he hated Jaebum, thats how he truly felt at the time, I’d rather him speak how he feels instead of give us some bs. And since when did 2pm become centered around one person? Fans should be supporting the boys no matter what. I hope Jaebum is happy with his life and that our boys can continue on.

  58. honestly the way i see it, if jype really wanted to they would do everything in their best interest to help jaebeom.


    Doesn’t this whole thing prove some things? The conspiracy and ‘insider’ theories (my ass) proved very futile and stupid.

    I will continue to support.

  60. I think this entire affair has been blown out of proportion. No one believes anyone or anything anymore. No matter what anyone says, someone will always be there to put another spin to the story.

    I think in the best interest of 2pm and jay, everyone should just leave them alone and concentrate ONLY on the music and performances they put out.

  61. ill keep this short and precise so every can understand.

    those fans are pathetic.

    i know its mean and harsh, but someone needs to knock some sense into each and every one of them. their emotions are ruining them AND their once beloved idols.

    it leaves 2pm, all seven of them, in a totally awkward position. with these antics, theyre really pushing jaebum further and further away. dont they see this?

  62. I guess I’ll continue to be of fan of 6pm. If Jay really is at fault then I feel really sorry for the rest. But if Jay isn’t at fault and they’re feeding us all lies then … well I don’t know if that’s the case so I’ll just continue being fans of the other six members. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth behind all this. I do have to say that I was disappointed with 6pms response and actions at the conference. Especially Taec telling the world that Jay lives a dirty life just because I thought they were trying to protect his privacy and yet here Taec is revealing that Jay lives a dirty life. Who really knows other than the people close to them? Maybe Taec lives a dirty life too, we don’t know. 2pm will never be the same. Too bad it had to come to this but either way I think everybody needs to move on.

  63. @_@ i feel bad for the other 2pm members. i wish jay could speak about what he had done to clarify all of these issues. HE IS THE ONE AT FAULT HERE! WHY CANT THESE FANS SEE THAT? WHY DONT THEY BELIEVE THAT JAY DID SOMETHING SO BAD THAT THE OTHER MEMBERS CANT ACCEPT HIM BACK AS A 2PM MEMBER (but still they’re friends but just not as a 2pm member). JAY IS NOT AN ANGEL PEOPLE. EVERYONE OF THEM ARE NOT ANGELS THEY DO MAKE MISTAKES. people USUALLY pay the price of what they had done. and this is what happened to jay. he did something wrong so he ended up not being accepted back to 2pm. though i commend jay for coming clean and saying what he had done wrong.

    whatever happens lets just support jay and 2pm. fighting!

  64. Where does this leave 2PM?
    …Unfortunately…In DEEP $h!t.

  65. This will end after a while then 2PM will not care and nothing will effect them anymore,, it’s only the fan who will be in anger and depression for the rest of their life,, so stop it doing that will not make Jay comeback and maybe he don’t want to come back. if you don’t want to support 2PM then don’t but stop wasting ur life in these arguments.

  66. For example, pictures of WooYoung with various girls been posted along with the comments like, “And he said that he was awkward around girls.”

    I think this is such bullshit! Seriously
    I’m awkward around girls that I like too… But I have a lot of girl friends.. I mean they are 2 completely different things and shouldn’t be used like that >.>

  67. And I thought that it couldn’t get any worse for 2PM, boy was I wrong. When the whole myspace thing happened I thought that the worst days were behind them, that Jay would eventually return and all would be well. Everything that’s happening is so shocking. I’m a fan of 2PM, but its like I’m an outsider watching fans and former fans go at each other. I do think that this might be the worse fan reactions I’ve seen yet.

    I wish the best for all 7 of them because they all must be suffering.


  69. Fine. If he did a mistake that bad, then kick him out of 2PM and the company. Why can’t they just let him go with his dignity and reputation?

    I don’t like what the 6 members are doing. What’s all with their I love you Hyung, Jaebum is with us, this is for the 7 of us and all of those things they said about him? Is it scripted? Did they do it just to boost the sales of their 1:59 album when boycott is going on? Uh oh. Jaebum ah protected them a lot of times. NOW IT’S TIME FOR THEM TO PROTECT HIM~

    People shouldn’t be blaming the Hottests and saying they aren’t true fans. Hottests still supported them knowing they are really 7, they are brothers, and with the hope that Jay is coming back since they always mention him while promoting their album and receiving awards. And now all of a sudden, they talk shits about Jay? Comparing this to DBSK incident is plain bullshit. It’s DBSK vs SM. And with 2PM, it has become 6 members vs Jay. Why? What happened? I thought they love and miss him? And now they are saying that he’s life is dirty anyway. Oh geez. Hey Taecyon, did more popularity and attention went up your head? And Chansung, you’re a maknae right? What’s with calling Jay Park Jaebum? Scripted or not, they shouldn’t do that to Jaebum. It’s like digging his grave. And you cannot blame the Hottests for closing those fansites, especially those who went in the conference and saw the members oh so nice behavior!

    Hottests aren’t choosing between 6 and 1. They are just disappointed and feel betrayed that the 6 brought their own brother down. It’s like the family and brother relationship they knew isn’t real. Good thing Jay has AOM. He got their back, won’t betray and throw him away. All the best!

    • Well said, well said.

      My sentiments exactly.

      Thier statements are a complete 180 degrees from what they were saying when promoting 1:59

  70. If one day you cannot find anyone to believe, please do know that, at least, we have Nichkhun.

  71. this is unbelievable, 2pm is falling apart, seriously? just dont get it but my sympathy is toward jay for the fact that he is not in korea to defend himself, alright theyd said jay knew about the conference and amenable to any word or statement that they are going to release but these are all speculations, even the vid was not shown. i just dont like the fact that the six members were throwing all the blame to jay, he is the attacker and the six are the victims. it seems JYP’s handled this issue is like career suicide for the rest of the members, i hope it dont get worse more than this.

  72. I wish the conference never happened in the first place. I do not speak or understand any Korean and after reading the translation of the conference and the things that the members said about Jay —very saddening and I simply just can not believe it.
    Whatever Jay did as they stated it was a personal matter, why do the members have to say so bad about him?

    I am one of thousands of fan who is so confused and speachless since reading the news.

    I peronally believe now what they said during the conference was how they really felt about Jay once that personal wrong doing became known to them.

    Whatever he did how bad it is, HOW can they say such things about him no matter what????

    I am speachless and having a hard time typing this just now

  73. wow seriously ive been supporting 2PM without jay but im just in shock right now. i cant believe that the members said all those things about their leader. how can taecyeon sneer during the press conference? im starting to believe that his popularity got to him and now he’s all stuck up. i cant believe junho said he hated jay! was his mistake really that awful? and freaking chansung are you kidding me?! i never liked that guy from the start. i think that because of the support they got from their last album they think they can make it without jay. well sorry to say this but the only reason hottest supported them was cause they thought jay was coming back- plus they used jay as a promotion scheme like in their song “tired of waiting.” everything is just so messed up. if only the members showed a little respect towards jay then fans like me wouldnt have gotten a bad impression from them. my fandom ends here forreal.people might say im not a hottest cause i dont support the other members but being a fan means staying loyal to all members and that includes jay. best of luck to the rest of the members and jay. im officially not a hottest as of this day.

  74. There was a picture of wooyoung with a bunch of girls at a club, i saw it on soompi; it also says that Junsu DID go out with Waii, & Taec brings home girls and sleeps with them.. but it could just be rumors.

    2PM: you were my favorite group, now its all gone. Sorry Jay, we couldn’t protect you ):

  75. 2PM : please do NOT drink/eat stuff that aren’t given by the company.
    Ex-hottests/new antis are crazier n crazier; they still believe their “conspiracy” theories.

  76. ah Nulsaranghae, we can only wait

    about stalker (ssassaeng fans if I’m not mistaken) circulating their pictures of their daily lives I also read about it too, many pictures of their private lives are currently circulating like crazy. but I don’t understand any Korean soo I can only hope it emerges at any English blog.

    dunno this is calamity just too immense to digest

  77. if the management was honest to begin with and did not give the fan hope or the hint that Jay was returning than i believe the backlash would not have been so great.

  78. this whole ordeal saddens me… i don’t know what is the real true info. & what is not…

    i’m not a big fan of 2pm to begin with, but hopefully everything will settle well in the end… there are too many rumors & hatred….. =/

  79. i don’t know who is telling the truth…
    but the way 6pm acted towards the fans during the conference made me want them to put all together in the trash..
    yeah, they made jay the international trash…

    even if the guy did something bad to them,
    they have no righ to ruin and judge him infront of people…

    • amen ..

      is this what they called “protection” by putting him in front street for themselves to criticize him?!

  80. If I’m 2PM, I will be happy that these hardcore crazy fangirls won’t stalk us any longer. lol
    Hottest that left now is the reasonable one.
    What’s the point of bring people down?
    When you love them, you cover for them but then you hate them you expose everything.
    These people seriously don’t they have parents. Your daughters are all crazy stalkers fangirl. LMAO

    • LMAO… agreed. I wouldn’t want these hardcore fangirls as my friends. I would be too afraid of making them angry!! They might just spread some malicious things about me.

  81. Wow this is bad! I never know this could’ve ended this way. I just got into them during A&A and suddenly jaebum returns to seatle and know he is OUT of 2pm.
    This news is really shocking to me and knowing how the other members (taec+chansung) actually said things like that is heartbreaking 😥
    Honestly, I don’t know which side should I believe right know. And this case make me realise that kpop world is kinda freaky.

  82. This is truly really sad.. but honestly it’s not a surprise.

    Fans are falling apart not just because Jay isn’t coming back, it’s more due to the fact of how shady this all seems and this meeting- show a side that really makes one distrust them. Yeah they’re under a lot of stress- anyone can understand that, but the members should also know that this meeting was really important for the fans to get answers and “any” action, any words said, people are gonna really pick it apart, especially when we don’t get to know the full deal. It’s human nature to use every information you can to find out the truth if not everything is said.

    I mean we saw them as brothers who’d stick by each other through thick and thin. And to hear the interview- some actions- is really disheartening. People begin to wonder who they really are. Are they truly the type to throw someone under the bus?

    It’s true, what they did was sweet to meet fans, to speak to them, but at the same time, the fans- the one that got them famous to begin with, deserves the right to get the truth. Stars/singers- anyone famous knows they can’t become who they are without fans.

    I mean, the whole album being called 1:59, and Jay isn’t coming back- it seems as if they were using the possibility of him coming back to promote. I’m not saying that is the truth- but to many people it seems that way especially since they didn’t mention Jay not coming back sooner. He terminated it about a month ago- and as much as it may hurt album promotions if they mentioned it- it really kills credibility.

    All and all- what I’m saying is whatever sides people choose, just be understanding about their choice. You can’t follow a group you don’t feel like you can trust. But also- if you stay, then that’s fine because I’m sure the members feel really thankful to still have people on their side. They’ve worked hard and did whatever they could to be the group they are, whether it’s one you can still follow or not.

  83. just want to say… the coldest is really a clever name. what they’re doing, i won’t say it’s clever. it’s definitely… something, though.

    coldest vs. hottest?

    first time i ever heard of an anti-fan club name.

  84. This is what 6PM deserves.
    They back stab their own leader and blame him for everything. Family huh? BS! You call yourself family? Family forgive and forget no matter how huge the ‘mistake’ is. What if they were in Jay’s shoes? how would they effing feel?!
    Hottests are currently breaking apart and choosing sides and i’m so not supporting 6PM. For all of you saying we’re not “REAL” fans, STFU. REAL fans stand up for any member that’s in trouble. It’s not just Jay, it’s any member.They don’t just move on like nothing happen. The press conference was obviously a dumb idea. Look at what happened. LOL great job JYPE! I can’t believe the members actually said bad things about Jay and Taec even snickered to the fans. WTF..seriously Taec? These 6 boys aren’t the 2PM i know anymore. All this time was just an act to deceive us. 6PM, THANKS FOR SHOWING YOUR TRUE SELVES!

  85. damn…well that’s what happens when you lie to your fans & you talk down on them as well.
    I won’t become an anti but I don’t care for them anymore.
    They betray their brother..that’s wrong

  86. At first I was mad that some are blaming the other 6 members, who did nothing wrong. But then after reading the conference questions and the answers that JungWook and members gave, I’m frustrated.
    Sorry, I think I can no longer be a Hottest nor be a part of “Coldest”.
    Wishing all the best to 2PM and Jay.
    My fandom just ends here.

  87. This is SO messed up. The members could’ve cleaned up well for the conference or even used the sympathy card, why why why would they respond to the FANCLUB REPRESENTATIVES with such inhumane coldness towards Jay??? Did they not expect backlash for this kind of behavior?? Do they think that “Hey, if you don’t like us, go F*** we don’t care. We have other people and money.” would not make them out to be monsters to the fans who showered them with love and support?


  88. I will still support 2pm. Jay agreed to leave then fine let it be, it’s his decision afterall – he seems to be happy where he is and bboying.
    2pm isn’t only abt Jay there is 6 others boys that have been working their asses off since the very begining n they dint deserve to see their dream go to flame like this jst bcuz most of the so called hottests-now antis- considered themselves hottest bcuz they were only Jay’s fan.

    • do you really think jay’s happy right now? u don’t understand how much he wants to be an entertainer! he’s not suppose to be here in seattle! he suppose to be in korea doing what he loves to do! do you really think it was his choice to come back? i think not. would you really give up your dream after working so hard for it?! i know i wouldn’t!! i understand 2PM isn’t just Jay and the other member work hard also but what i’m unhappy about is 2PM is suppose be about friendship/bond/family/trust. if their none of that, what can we look for!? i’m a hottest and not an anti! if your saying i have to be fake to be hottest then that i will not be one. if 1 can save 6 then why can’t 6 save one. truth is jay is not even my favorite and khun is! after hearing about all this bs made me cry even.

      i can’t stand hearing these harsh statement given from them. even though he might of done some thing bad (not like he killed someone or done anything illegal) and it forgivable?! i thought family looks out for one another.

      if they are trying to protect him then why did they have to bring up the point that he did something that was unforgivable to even return as a member? it seems as if they are not even protecting him but tarnish his reputation even more. couldn’t they just ended it with his decision was not to return and go on with his studies and work in the u.s. ?!

      i’ve lost all respect for 2pm. they are nolonger a family!

  89. i wanted to support 2PM even though Jay left, but after i heard what they say about Jay, i just felt they are all lying, seriously think about it they were really LOVE each other, after so many years of HARDSHIPS and training, how can 2PM members turn their back on JAY? (i know they CAN’T)
    Please don’t get wrong idea from the members…
    It’s all CONSPIRACY of JYP himself, What if members were supporting JAY at the conference, then this issue will take more and more time, JYP wanted to shut all the fans mouth by using OUR 2PM member!!!! they tried their best to lie at the conference

  90. Honestly this whole situation’s just made me realize how ugly the whole kpop world is.
    I only discovered it during last year (may-april) around this time so I was never up to date with any major scandels.
    But after all this… the drama has just made me want to stick with non idols like tiger jk, yoon mi rae and epik high… >.>

    • you don’t think those artists don’t face problems like this?

      • of course they do 😛 remember the tiger jk problem.

        but it’s different.

        this problem is out of proportion 😀

    • Not just the kpop world but all music industries are filthy, full of lies and deception. That’s why I don’t idolize anyone (because they’re not worth it).

  91. sorry 6PM boys,but i think you all are changed so much…
    junho oppa,still cant believe you behave like that to jay..
    very well man? *sigh* T________T

    • Lol such a bittersweet comment. Sigh
      we fell for junho’s very well man, but now we see this side of him and of 2pm..
      Jay must have done something really bad.. I hope he and 2pm are okay and can get past this

  92. Even with 50 thousand or 60 thousand gone, there are still 200 thousand and more, who will blindly support this atrocity…
    And that includes, you international “fans”…

    The most devastated person now should be Jaebeom…
    Jaebeom has no say at all…and he is kind enough to be keeping quiet in the midst of all these treachery…

    • Khun said that jay knew of the conference and was going to send a video.

      Why cant jay talk now? its not like jype can stop him, there is no contract

      • Have you read the fan accounts? So you believe Khun said?
        You think Jype cannot stop him?
        Think again, It’s the other way round, Jaebeom cannot stop Jype…
        Jype is Big, Jaebeom is nothing now, or even less…Why? They trashed him…They used him and trashed him…
        Love them? Why? Handsome faces? Up to you…

        DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS, Thanks…

      • Yes, Nickhun is the one we, hottests, can believe in now.

      • Read insider 2pm and what Jay will say in the video is scripted. JYP asked him to do that for damage control.

      • if their answer was scripted. so logically that means questions from fan unions also scripted

    • I dont know what he did. But I truly sorry for him. His personal life is being exposed and his team members are trashing him. How can they do such thing?
      JYPE is just not so right hadling this case. I am more scare that they will expose jae’s secrete to the whole world after their personal life has been exposed. A BIGGG sight

    • According to JYPE, Jay’s contract is “terminated,” but is it is still fishy to me…cuz if you look at a company in business terms, they’ll do whatever they can to get most profits out…So saying it has been terminated is pretty much a cover. I’m sure that even if Jay comes out, it’ll be scripted by JYPE….

      We as fans will never know the true…it’s all speculations…

      But people who are saying that 2PM are innocent boys, etc…. Well, celebs have lives too, they wants best friends, boy friends, girl friends, etc… just like any of us…They’re not so “innocent” like we think they are. And that’s for ALL IDOLs, not just 2PM.

    • i dont think that jae is devastated. he seem happy in the US.

      i would be happy too if i were jae. i mean, after being practically crucified for what he posted before and after realizing how controlling the industry (JYP and fans alike) is, i’ll be happy to be in the comforts of my homies too. i wouldnt want to return.

      have you ever considered that maybe he was the one who made up the story about the thing he did before just so he could stay in the US?

      • wow … NOW that’s new theory … I love it, so intriguing .. LOL

      • Hmmm.. makes you think, huh? I’m pretty sure we’ll never know what really happened but I believe that neither side is innocent.

  93. since when entertainment becomes politic … it’s freaking frustrating. this is like the president committing a crime or something. move on people, except the fact and move on. this will be my last comment about this situation cuz i myself don’t want to drag this for too long.

  94. the coldest ? that funny!!
    sorry, i know this is a tough time for most people but when i read that i was like Wtf?anyways, the company is getting really messed up. Al least i Yg entertainment has a true family(but i guess u can never really know)

    • well JYP has always proclaimed that JYP was more like a factory churning out stars and making them a “brand”.
      Unlike YG who’s always had the We are Family angle and give artistic freedoms to his artists.

  95. Where does this leave 2PM?

  96. i feel so bad for them 😦
    however, we don’t know the whole story
    only jay and the management
    but i dont think jyp would actually just terminate jay’s contract. he seems like a very sincere boss and unless jay had an opinion on the matter, i dont think he wouldve have just ended it like that.

    • i actually understand your point of view. Something must have happened for jay’s contract to be terminated.
      I just think that even though Hottest is sad and dissappointed about what happened, they should think about the possibility that Jay might have done something very wrong, and as his ex-boss JYP is trying his best to protect Jay and not revealing what went wrong

      oh well

  97. “to be completely honest i dont even think some of the other members even care about jay.

    taec said that jay had a “dirty social life.” and during the interview he just kept snickering. whats so funny about jay leaving?

    and chansung, THE MAKNAE –how disrespectful–, said “how dare jaebeom show himself bboying.” what? jay cant even dance or do what he enjoys anymore? who the hell does he think he is? jay was the leader and is STILL older than him so how can he be so disrespectful!

    junho, who said that he honestly hated jay at the time it happened. who doesnt exactly want jay back in 2pm…

    can you blame hottests for changing their perspectives on the members? some hottests arent leaving fanclubs only cuz jay isnt in the group but because they saw a harsh side of 2pm… a different, not good side of them.”

    • I feel ya! Disrespectful…therefore I’ve lost all respect for them.

    • i agree, so its not right for jay to return to is normal life, doing what he pleases? and yet the group can keep on promoting as a 6 member group as they please ?
      i believe taec has totally changed to a very cocky idol, he use to be very charming and respectable idol, now his just an arrogant, full headed ego driven person.
      if 2pm are to blame jay for their unfortunate circumstances, they should take a good look in the mirror before pointing the finger at anyone.

    • this is very funny. those coldest should make new religion. and their god is JAYsus..



      and to Hottests who are perhaps crying and whining about your ill-behaviour 6 2pm members (considering these are true occurences), well…they’re BEASTS afterall (like you HOTTESTS wanted), not ANGELS you know. o.o

    • i think people need to see both side:

      we see the six members smiling, going on with their activities and we deem them as being cold-hearted….

      whereas, jay is bboying with his crew and “enjoying” his stay at home, and we give the other six crap for thinking the way we do….

      think about it people…does any of this make sense?

      there is absolutely no more 2pm, they lost respect,trust, and the 2pm we loved no longer exist.

  98. WHOAH. I can’t believe on the effect it’s really devastating to the members O_o Omggg. Whatever the results will be in the end, i think it will be worst… 😦

  99. wow O_O ‘pictures of WooYoung with various girls been posted along with the comments like, “And he said that he was awkward around girls.” ‘

    • I have them. If you want I can post them.
      Yea…Wooyoung? he’s a fake. He has his arm all over this girl in this one picture, smiling widely.
      I also collected Kim Junsu thai gf picture…yes picture of them together, like a couple. I’ll be more than happy to distribute them.

      • by all means show it already. lol!

      • Disgusting.
        You, not WooYoung or Junsu.
        They have a right to have a personal life. WooYoung may have been close friends with those girls hence him not being awkwards around them, and so what if he said he was awkward around girls and in real life he isn’t?
        Idol have an image, their onstage persona is not always 100% real or are you too naive to realise that?
        And so what if Junsu had a girlfriend? Most idols have, they tend to talk about it on air.

      • woah this is like invasion of privacy but i wanna see it … hit me up on youtube.com superjuniordbsk08

      • yeah, can you post it up?
        I just want to see it…

      • Word.

      • yeah post it up please, im really really curious

      • I am quite awkward around guys but I do have pictures th those whom I am rather close too. For me, those pictures mean nothing honestly.

      • post the pics. i only seen like 3 pics so far that another site posted up.

  100. you wrote this yourself? you write it well…
    it was well delivered..

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