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2NE1 the big winner with 4 awards at the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards

4-member girlgroup 2NE1 is the singer group who received the most number of awards for CyWorld Digital Music Awards 2009.

During the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards ceremony on 1st March, the girls won the awards of Top Seller Artist, Best Artist, Best Song and Best Rookie Group

2NE1 Sandara Park said when receiving over the Top Seller Artist award, “We are newcomers, but we are grateful to fans for letting us win so many awards.”

Go under the cut for the results of the winner list.

  • Top seller artist – 2NE1
  • Bonsang – Davichi ‘8282’, LeeSsang ‘the girl who can’t break up the boy who can’t leave’, Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’, Big Bang ‘Hallejulah’, So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’, MC Mong ‘Indian Boy’, 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’, 2PM ‘Heartbeat’, GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’, 8eight ‘Without a heart’,
  • 2009 Hall of Fame – Park Hyo Shin ‘Snow Flower’
  • International artiste – Chrisette Michele ‘What You Do'(Feat. Ne-Yo)
  • Tam Eum Mania Award – Jang Giha and Faces ‘The Moon is Waxing, Let’s Go’
  • Composer Award – Jo YeongSoo
  • Best Male Rookie – Seo In Gook ‘Calling You’
  • Best Female Rookie – Ali ‘365 days’
  • Best Rookie Group – 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’
  • Best Artist – 2NE1
  • Best Song – 2NE1 for I Don’t Care
  • Collaboration award – JeongIn ‘the girl who can’t break up the boy who can’t leave’
  • OST award – SS501 ‘Because I Am Stupid’
  • Distribution Company award – Mnet Media (Korea), Universal Music Korea (overseas)
  • Ting’s Choice Award – G-Dragon


Some of the video cuts:

My favourite photo:

Congratulations to all winners!

80 Responses

  1. does anyone know where big bang is, like are they in korea now or still in japan. kinda lsot track of them and whats happening with them .

    • big bang is in korea preparing for their comeback. they just released a new single for LG Lollipop 2. we’re currently waiting for the MV to drop.

  2. So proud of 2NE1~!
    Can’t wait for these girls to come back!

  3. what the fudge!! when the HELLO part,and GD chose CL< i was like WTF! itwas supposed to be DARA, but enewies,congrats to the winners!

  4. congratz to 2ne1!!
    but I want to see an award show where ALL k-pop artists are there, coz when YG family is there, many artists are absent, and when many artists attend YG family is absent.. makes them look like anti-social 😦

  5. Congratzzzzzz 2ne1 anD GD very proud of you!!!! you deserve it!!! Waiting BB’s comeback like crazy xD

  6. CL! Girl, you’re making me jealous.

  7. congratulations to our girls-2NE1
    totally deserve the AWARDS!!

  8. Congratulations 2NE!! 🙂

  9. CL sounds kind of sick too.idk if its the mic or she just gotta cold. anyway congrats YG FAMILY! FAMILY! FAMILY!!! and the other artists who won ^___^


  10. GD looks all skiny and Bom.. (I think she must have forgotten to exercise while they’re not doing any promotion.)

    was GD sick or something? he wasn’t as excited as he used to when receiving awards and when performing…

  11. was GD sick or something?
    He didn’t seem as excited as he used to.. and his performance is kinda….

    anyways.. no surprise for 2NE1 I guess and for GD as well…

    YG all the way!

    • yea. he was sick that night. you can actually kinda hear him sniffling. maybe he caught a cold or something.

  12. Congratz 2NE1^^!!!!! & all the winners cant wait for your comeback keke

  13. did Bom gain weight or is it me !!!… I still love her tho

    GD/CL…look more like bro and sis ..its the people he isn’t hanging around with on the camera that he would prob be dating hehe …I think he likes Park Bom

  14. CL’s so hot.

  15. 2ne1 and gd congrats~haha love the last pic~

  16. anyone knows how they select the best 10 ?
    coz i mean, songs like hallelujah, indian boy, heartbeat isn’t on the top 10…
    the only big bang’s song on the yearly chart was strong baby, indian boy was #95, heartbeat was #41.
    also lollipop was #5, again and again was #18.
    i’m not a hater or whatever, just a lil confused -_-

  17. “Seungri-rat ” he’s a rat indeed snitch his bros to save his own ass.

    • what the hell? he did it to save BB’s ass as a whole actually. think before typing pls.

      • wtf. stop the hating >.>

        @naninoona what are you talking about? :O the rat thing? I think I missed something :O

    • @Babya: I think they were talking about what SeungRi did which revealed on Strong Heart before.

      but yeah, can’t blame him though. he save BIG BANG as a whole.

      anyway, congratz to all of d winners especially G-Dragon & 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ YG Family so much!!!!!!!!!
      ❤ d pic too, & GD's hair is so cute! he's so handsome there. but i agree with SeungRi-CL and GD-let him alone!hahaha

  18. for me they’re look like brother and sister.. i still prefer Chearin-cat with Seungri-rat and GD with Dara.. kekeke.. CONGRATS 2NE1 and GD for the awards. hwaiting!!!

    • Daragon suxs.

      • you too.

      • i hate GD not dara, you idiot!! I hate dara to be with GD. GD is ugly.

      • daragon rox. gd rox. dara rox. FYI, before you go hatin on gd, remember that he writes music for your precious 2NE1 and gd has been by 2NE1’s side since the beginning helping them out in their career. he even loses sleep and sacrifices his mental health for 2NE1. in fact, he’s done a lot for 2NE1. remember THAT you ungrateful, hateful fan. if it weren’t for ugly gd, your 2NE1 wouldn’t be half as amazing without his guidance. you’re one of those annoying blackjacks that give a bad rep to others. so stfu and just get lost.

      • well, i’m not a blackjack. puh lease~ Plus, GD doesn’t deserve dara. His not dara’s type anyways. He’s not strong and he is a skeleton for god sake. Dara only looks at him as a friend and a big brother. She deserve someone better than a loser.

      • lol. couple shipping sux period cuz of delusional fans like you who get all crazy over it. how the HECK would you know who Dara’s type is? you don’t even know her! she can say whatever she wants on tv shows but that doesn’t always mean it’s the real truth and it won’t change. skeleton? have you seen dara?? or the dara you see is a different dara than i see? pfft.

        if GD is such a loser then 2NE1 and dara is a loser cuz GD is the man behind 2NE1. he produced 2NE1 and worked with them nonstop. he practically MADE 2NE1 and dara. LOOOOL. you’re the loser here idiot.

      • LOLs…So what if GD produce 2ne1 and make 2ne1. The one who scouted them is YG not GD. Plus so what if GD doesn’t produce them, there is Teddy and YG himself. Plus YG is the one who produce BB. YG can produce 2ne1 too plus the one who is making the music is Teddy, Kush and other producer not GD. He just proclaim to people that he produce 2ne1 but he doesn’t train them he only ADVISE them.

        If you say shipping sux, then why you like Daragon anyways.
        Plus you talking about yourself. You so delusional about daragon. Always gets crazy when seeing daragon together.


        So delusional…

      • actually i don’t ship any couples. idiot. ppl like seeing couples for fun. it’s ppl like you who take it so srsly that ruins the fun for everyone else.

        what are you talking abt??? yea, YG scouted them but YG the head man requested GD to produce for 2NE1. if he’s such a loser then why would YG want GD to do that? idiot. so what if there’s teddy? the point is, GD is the main producer for 2NE1. YG asked GD not teddy. and GD does write music for 2NE1. and he never proclaim anything. he does produce 2NE1 not only advise them but he produces every aspect of 2NE1. photoshoots and everything. otherwise why would he show up to their photoshoots to pick the final shots? duh. cuz he produces them and his opinion matters. idiot.

        you’re the delusional one. and anyways, YG Fam fans support all of them because we’re FAMILY. if you’re gonna hate GD then might as well hate all of YG Fam cuz i wouldn’t want a hateful fan like you to be a fan of dara. dara doesn’t deserve a fan like you who bashes on her sunbae.

        just cuz you don’t like someone doesn’t give you the right to bash on them. just keep quiet and go away. geez.

      • lol. You said you don’t ship any couple so why did you say daragon rox in your previous comment? Why didn’t you say daragon is okay what? or there is nothing wrong with people shipping daragon, something like that instead of daragon rox. You are lying aren’t you? Plus, i ship any couple as long as it’s not with GD.

        PS: If you don’t like shipping couples, you wouldn’t say they rox.


  19. Are they dating?
    Not a fan of YG groups, but that pic is adorable.

    • Probably not but who knows what could happen… They’d look cute together. :p

  20. oh? surprisingly phs won but with his old song. lol. CONGRATS ANYWAY!! !

    just hope he could win top awards again ^^

  21. when they dominate awards shows.. they really dominate..

  22. snsd were robbed 2ne1? c’mon tsk

  23. aaah~~ so jealous seeing sky dragon together! TT^TT ekeke^^ srsly would give a lot to have his arms around my shoulders like that. haha^^

    but they’re cute together. can’t deny it.

    anyways…. CONGRATS YGFAM!!<3 and congrats to the rest as well!!^^

  24. BoA’s return to Korea will only begin SNSD’s fall.

    • am liking it. cant wait for top stars like her and rain to comeback ❤

    • If we listen to antis, SNSD’s fall is supposed to have begun since 2007 rofl. They’re still here 3 years later and they’re stronger than ever. Get real. Why are you mentioning them anyway ? Sm Town is one huge family. AND CONGRATS TO 2NE1 i’m so happy for them~

      • lol SNSD aint fallin
        but SM Town ain’t a family its a factory

      • Well SuJu and SNSD are super friends and BoA says many good things about SNSD~ she even introduced their songs to an American friend of hers, so I guess they’re pretty close. Of course it’s a factory but singers are like a family, or at least, a few of them. *_*

    • cant wait for her comeback she’ll show them the defnition of talent.
      Queen Boa ❤

  25. nooo not GD and CL. haha i refused to ship there. congrats to all the winners!!

  26. CONGRATS 2NE1~!!! They totally dominates there, their names are all over the list lmao 🙂 Well deserves girls ^.^ and Congrats to GD too~! YG Baby Baby D:
    Hello with GD and 2NE1~!! Can they get anymore kuter?? i love tat pic of GDCL too, they’re look really sweet kekeke

  27. congratz GD n 2NE1!!they deserve it!!
    n that is my favourite photo too!!

  28. Congrats to all! 2PM,2NE1,BigBang ❤ hurry up with ur comebacks! (WG too) ^__^ music shows are a bit boring without u guys performing.

    P.S. I love that picture of GDCL ❤

  29. ^_________________^

    I feel so happy for the girls, congratulations! I hope they could make an official comeback soon, I’m missing the gals terribly.

    Congratulations to the other winners, too! 🙂

    I think I’m starting to srsly fangirl over GD. gosh.

  30. Congratulations~~~

  31. Jiyong i’am jealous…

  32. Those are my girls!
    Prove them haters wrong.

  33. Congratulation…>o<
    auu…GDCL,make me jelous…but its ok.
    Gd,u r so handsome…^o^
    Yg fighting…!!

  34. love the leaders pictures…so cool

  35. Noooo…am not a fan of GD&CL.
    GD look prettier than CL. The pic look kute indeed:)

  36. congratzs 2ne1..u deserve these awards girls…


    btw, where’s SHINee?

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