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GongYoo’s first photoshoot after discharge from military service

Featured in the March issue of Cosmopolitan Men magazine, actor Gong Yoo does his first photoshoot after the discharge from military service.

Gong Yoo is back even more charming and matured with his comeback after the army life. Go under the cut for the rest of the photoshoot.

15 Responses

  1. waaaa…..
    so hot…
    damn, he looks so god damn hot
    can’t stop smiling 🙂
    saranghae gong yoo oppa….

  2. miss him so much since Coffee Prince…..cant wait for his new drama…LOL..^^

  3. SOOOOO FUCKING FINE!!! i was seriously spazzing looking at these FINE ASS PHOTOS!!! o how i love him! ❤


    I fell for him

  5. […] See more pics from the shoot here […]

  6. Gong Yoo 0.0. Marry me!

  7. He’s the hottest Korean Actor ive ever seen.
    but i dont think this is his first photoshoot when he came out of the military? not sure but i dont think its the first.

  8. He looks like Bizzy/ Bizzy looks like him?

  9. Hot! But he seriously needs to shave.

  10. He is so good looking… facial hair, cigarettes and all.

    Not that I condone smoking, but it is a personal choice, so whatever.

  11. is he really a smoker

  12. shave mustache T^T
    the pics are really cute though (:

  13. Gong! Yoo!

    Looking good (as always)~

  14. he reminds me of a manga character…hmm..i cant reemember who (a laidback professor who smokes? anyone?)

    • GTO – Onizuka sensei? Though, Onizuka is anything but laid back LOL He’s a rebel~

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