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Korea’s youngest idol group D-NA’s debut showcase on 3rd March

The youngest idol group D-NA sets to debut.

Ahead of their official debut, they had their debut showcase on 3rd March in Seoul ShinSaDong YoonDang Art Hall. These singers had spent the past 3 years in preparation for their debut. And they picked group Dong Bang Shin Ki as their role model, determined to be the 2nd Dong Bang Shin Ki.

The group consists of 5 members HyunMin, In Joon, GaRam, Jay and Mika. They are known for their good vocal capabilities and harmony as well as their dance capabilities.

Their group name (대국남아, D-NA) also mean ‘the boss’ or ‘the boys of super space’ showing their aim to be the most influential artist. Their average age is 17 years old, which is the youngest amongst all idol groups in Korea.

Even though they had not officially debut, their homepage had already over 40K members, showing the amount of interests they had garnered.

Meanwhile, the group released the MV teaser to their debut song ‘Tokyo Boy’ on 28th February.

Meanwhile, the full song to ‘Tokyo Boy’ will be released on 4th mMarch and they will be performing on all weekly music shows.


News on their debut showcase

The MV teaser to their debut song

78 Responses

  1. Omg Jay oppa is only 2 years older than me!! O.o

  2. maybe i will like it<3

  3. mika’s name sounds japanese..
    is he koeran ????

    • Yeah, he’s Korean. Mika is just his stage name; his real name is Lee Suhoon. 🙂

  4. I thought GaRam looked like Young Saeng (SS501). Especially in the Stumble Stumble MV. But in Tokyo Boy he looks more like Taemin (SHINee). In the group photo he does look a little bit like Jaejoong (DBSK). That’s just my opinion too though.

    Also, in Stumble Stumble, I think Jay looks like a younger version of G-Dragon (Big Bang) and kinda sounds a little bit like him too (which isn’t bad); and in the group picture above he looks a little like a red haired Yo Seob (B2ST). They have a similar smile. He’s so cute.

    I like think I like Jay (maknae) the best. Mika is probably my second favourite. Usually it takes me a while to get into a new band but there’s something about D-NA that I just like. They’re cute, great dancers, great singers too, and they’re young. ^^

    Personally, I think they’re better than DBSK already. I know lots of people will disagree with me. But I just think they’re a lot cuter, and because they’re a new band they’ll probably get more fans over time especially with their huge and popular debut. I know DBSK is basically the biggest boy group in Asia; but honestly, I think D-NA will succeed in being the ‘2nd DBSK’ if not better. 🙂

    D-NA hwaiting ~

    • DBSK is not the biggest boy group in Asia:)
      that’s Super junior…
      btw which company are they from?? SM?

      • Oh I heard from various places that DBSK was at the top; maybe SuJu is now that DBSK has [kind of] disbanded (I don’t really follow DBSK much). Actually, I also read somewhere that Big Bang was the biggest now. As much as I hope that’s true, I do think it’s more likely to be Super Junior. xD

        All the members from D-NA were formally from XING Entertainment, but now I believe they’re under Open-World Entertainment. ^^

    • i think what YoonheeCherry meant was that Super Junior has the most members
      and yeah DBSK is kinda the most popular groups in Asia o.O

      my fav/ love at first sight was Mika oppa!!!
      and also i’m anticipating Teen Pop after what naykka said that the youngest is 14 ^^ but… i think maybe next year/2 years that there might be a idol who is the same age as me *fingers crossed*

      • Oh I see. My bad. xP
        Yeah.. Super Junior is has heaps of members! o.O
        I dunno if I’m right or not, but I think DBSK has disbanded? I think there’s only Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu now (I heard they go under the name of JYJ now). I’m not a very big fan of them, so I may be wrong. ^^’

        I dunno about me, I think I’m starting to like Mika & Jay equally now. And the other members too; Karam’s cute.. I feel bad when I’m bias. XD Btw, when are Teen Top debuting? I can’t wait either. :3

    • i’m not sure what YoonheeCherry said now actually, ’cause SUJU is BIG (popularity) because they are respected sunbae’s (seen Heechul oppa’s picture ^^)

      hehe SUJU does have lots of members… to think i memorized their names in 3 minute ^.~
      4 infinite: allkpop said somewhere in July but i dont know when
      4 DBSK: tbh i dont know either…
      i’m sure Changmin oppa and U-KNOW oppa are still in SM though ;cause they’re gonna be SM “world” tour (not actually world, just L.A) i didn’t really listen to DBSK music, except Mirotic, but i watched some of their Vidoes because of Changmin and JJ (and Sungmin because he appeared in the Banjun drama theater ^^)

  5. GaRam looks like Little Hero of DBSK.. hahahaha… he;s so cute….

    • That was the first thing I thought of when I saw his face!!!! Ahhhh… so adorable!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ :3

  6. OMO…. they are all cute… and they are also the youngest of all korean group? GaRam is so cute and also they others… hahahaha….

  7. 당신을 아무도 당신들, 그리고 모두 그 확신 수치심 우상 그룹을 충성도 측면이있다. Not any fan that compare your favorite K-boyband to the new boyband that all the reporter said they looks like your favorite one. I don’t mean to be bias, anti or something toward them but it was so obvious to said that they were the 2nd of DBSK, or said that there members looked like the members of DBSK and SUPER JUNIOR that was the worst talk I’ve ever heard about. If they want to be a 2nd DBSK or SUJU I will say to them that WAIT FOR ANOTHER CENTURY TO BE A 2nd OF SOMEONE. Don’t be this obvious you disloyalty fans. One more thing the garam guy he doesn’t have anything to be look like HERO JAEJOONG and mika doesn’t look like either SUNGMIN or EUNHYUK.Please stop compare them to DBSK and SUJU, the dna doesn’t have anything to be similar to those most popular boybands here and HELLO, WAKE UP!!

    • Why can’t we just have a little fun. What is to be expected anyway. If they’re any good they’ll soon be known as themselves. And who would want to beknown for looking like the other very popular singers, they’re young and will be their own soon. So stop dising on the fangirls.

  8. OMG hahaha they are so cute!!! im going to go with a yes lol i already like the red hair boy!!! KYA~~~~ so cute!!!

  9. yup….GaRam does look like Hero JJ n a few other celebs…
    he’s my new eye-candy…..
    n i’m absolutely into dbsk…
    but less than SuJu n FT Island…
    but mind those people,plez STOP debuting damn freaking HOWT young guys!!!!!!it makes me feel guilty liking those younger cutie……..

  10. i love karam!!!!
    i love dna!!!
    but i don’t like when they said that they want 2 b the second DBSK. No others can b DBSK except the real one.
    I want DNA be DNA, not be like other boybands… ><

  11. O.K,.,., juz the fact that they idolize DBSK juz makes me LOVE them,,.,., com’mon,,, u juz can’t compete with that,, they’re MV looks a tad bit similar too,,hope that they will be succesful in the future!!~~ ^^*

  12. […] a member of a new teenage boy band called D-NA (대국남아), has complained of being sexually harassed by older […]

  13. anyone knew that they’re form members from xing? D:
    *xing fan*
    kipalang aka jay was born ’94~~ ♥

  14. […] which will be her first since 2005 [5]; Korea’s youngest idol group D-NA making debut [6]; and check out the making of SNSD’s Oh! music video […]

  15. anticipating 🙂

  16. mika’s vocal and look more like XING’s lead singer. lol.

    i think they’ll success..

  17. oh the hair T.T
    hyunrim and jays are fine but i kinda wanted it shorter for the other members LOL

    the song does remind me of dbsk’s debut days
    they do have the vocal talent
    good luck to them!!

  18. they’re definitely refreshing.. it’s like the good ol’ days of kpop.. no auto-tunes, just pure talent.. it reminds me of the early years of suju and dbsk.. brings back memories..╥ ╥
    LOL! anyways..i really hope they do good.^^ fighting!

  19. ERm they have the potential. i guess they want to be like DBSK because they seem to include the accapella bit in their vocal. Hope they will turn out alryt since they are from Xing Ent, which always reshuffles changing adding subtracting members, which cause me not to like any of the groups under that company. All of them are former Xing (group). No offense to the fans. it’s just they always change their concept far tooo often from ballad base to pop to dance pop.

  20. Annyeong,

    Wow…they are ….still ‘babies’ in …a good way…They have to grow up…right..and this is what they want…and seriously I hope they will be guided / manage properly…and not being manipulated……

    Can’t wait…Hwaiting…

  21. Hahahaha Garam = Salt in Indonesian That’s so funny..

    • hey! garam also mean salt in malay.. so funny.. but he really cute and look like jaejoong sometimes..

  22. is it me or does mika look like that guy from fahrenheit?!

    • he looks like Aaron right? i thought it’s only me…hehe

      and i think he resembles EunHyuk too…ok this 1, it’s really only me…=P

  23. 2 of them looks like shinee members. taemin and key

  24. first of all, they don’t really have the looks to be the 2nd DBSK.

    • you don’t have to have looks just to be the 2nd DBSK. This group have the vocals just like DBSK does, but it took years for DBSK to get to where they are now and it will take more years for this to become one either.

  25. they sound good =l
    considering 3 seconds and one line is all i have to judge by. but yea, they sound good. i’ll be keepin tabs on em. too many new groups but they look promising.

  26. Awww they’re cute~~~ Hope they don’t copy DBSK…..should strive to be successful with their own image. Trying to become the 2nd DBSK is going to be really tough considering DBSK is known as Asia’s group…

  27. mika ~ sungmin
    jay ~ onew
    garam ~ taemin
    lol :—D they look cute, loving hyunmin’s haircut.

    • garam really looks like taemin and jay to onew… i think they’re not aiming to be the 2nd DBSK rather the 2nd shinee group.. Coz most of them looks like some of the shinee member….. But i already love them even when they were still in the group Xing Opera…c”,)

  28. […] had their debut showcase on 3rd March where the group revealed that their role model is Dong Bang Shin Ki and they will aim to be the ‘2nd Dong Bang Shin […]

  29. LOL
    my favourite names are jay & mika! *_______*
    hrhr. i like them ;D

  30. And I was wondering why there were no groups who would DBSK’s “concept”.
    GaRam ~ Taemin
    Jay ~ onew o.O?

  31. Mika reminds me of SJ’s SungMin =.=

  32. they look too jap with their colored hairs and all.
    but i’m still going to give them a try. 🙂

  33. o0o0o~ they have nice voices!!!OwO

  34. it scary to see all of these young people debuting…too many groups nowadays…LOL…I feel like I will probably at least one by walking down the street without even realizing that it’s a celeb! AHAHAHA…

  35. OHHH tooo young….

    • What’s even scarier is to think that the youngest has been away from his parents for so many years. The things we do to achieve dreams and fame…

  36. Garam reminds me of Hero JJ at first sight. Lol… I think he has a “common” face as he resembles so many ppl

    • 여러분 모두들 우리의 belove 동에 동방신기와 함께, 모두가 당신의 모든 능력이없는 사람들을 어떻게 충성과 항상 지원이 될 줄은 몰랐에서 eyesball의 부끄러움없이 눈을 가지고있는 사람은 새로운 소년 그룹의 비교를 중지 당신의 belove 한국 아이돌 그룹에. 정말 동아 플레이 신 죽이지 죄송합니다 항상 사랑하고 그들을 지원 알고있는 진실 CASSIOPIA를 제외하고 당신 같은 팬을 가지고 느꼈다. 젠장 모두 녀석. EXCUSE YOU HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE OUR MR.PERFECT HERO JOONGIE, OPEN YOUR EYES more BIGGER SO YOU CAN KNOW WHO THE REAL ONE, OK? 년 미친년이야.

  37. jay got some resemblances with onew.
    is it just me?
    or your notice it too?

  38. vulnerable,weak and innocent looks are not my taste
    i’m sorry

  39. Korea should stop debuting babies!

    • i agree, they need their school time in.
      & not busy schedules and their puberty to kick in.

      • well i think its cause korea needs money so yea so this is why… but oh well people fall for those little boys too LOL XXDDD

  40. wow GaRam looks like Kim Bum/T-ara’s Boram, and the Hyun Min guy kinda looks like MBLAQ’s Chundoong in the first pic.

    • i thought garam looked like shinee taemin. lol. garam means salt in my language. keke^^

    • i thought he looked a bit like Jaejoong from DBSK… but that’s just me…

      • For me he (GaRam) looks like Heo Young Saeng from SS501. lol.

      • Hahahaha totally he looks totally like youngsaengie!!!! hahahhaa
        i was like what when people say garam look likes JJ lol
        but i think Mika looks more like JJ and sungmin together lol
        I likey Jay he is so CUTE!!!!

      • He’s not have anything to be similar or just look like our Hero Jaejoongie, not even one.여러분 모두들 우리의 belove 동에 동방신기와 함께, 모두가 당신의 모든 능력이없는 사람들을 어떻게 충성과 항상 지원이 될 줄은 몰랐에서 eyesball의 부끄러움없이 눈을 가지고있는 사람은 새로운 소년 그룹의 비교를 중지 당신의 belove 한국 아이돌 그룹에. 정말 동아 플레이 신 죽이지 죄송합니다 항상 사랑하고 그들을 지원 알고있는 진실 CASSIOPIA를 제외하고 당신 같은 팬을 가지고 느꼈다. 젠장 모두 녀석.

  41. the first idol group i am so excited for their debut after me liking kpop for 1 year+

    i want them to be 2nd shinhwa not 2nd dbsk…..
    anyway,i don’t hate dbsk.

  42. yay.. tomorrow they will debut!
    i’ve been waiting for a month or two..
    i really want to see GaRam in action.. whee~~ just tomorrow..

  43. how old are they??

  44. the teaser does look like dbsk’s “hug” lol
    they want to be the 2nd dbsk ? well, we’ll see ^^

  45. Maybe i like it .

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