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WonderGirls does ‘WG By WonderGirls’ with new member HyeRim!

Photos of girlgroup WonderGirls featuring its new member HyeRim have been revealed!

HyeRim had recently joined the group after member SunMi takes a temporarily leave to focus on her studies. And the photos taken on set to their cosmetics endorsement for ‘WG By WonderGirls’ have been revealed!

These photos will be good gifts for fans who have been able to see catch a glimpse of the WonderGirls who are busy promoting overseas.

More photos under the cut.

35 Responses

  1. that hye rim girl is fucking hideous. i remember someone saying that “talent” will make her look more welcoming. will talent fix her face? will SKILL make her look normal? i don’t think so

  2. SHES TOO TENSED UP…It completly ruins da wondergirls image as if they are forcing the wondergirls to do something! AT LEAST AT RELAXED n also shes very pretty but she looks too mature enjoy being in da wondergirls. i bet lots of girls would LOVE 2 be in her position

  3. In think that Hyelim isn’t suit on WG very much (sorry for Hyerim’s fans). But i think she is quite cute, hehe. But i still love Sunye no matter waht. Go Sunye!!!!

  4. she kinda doesnt fit with the group..
    but im not hating. let’s just see what happens when they actually start promoting..

  5. she just looks so awkward with them. she doesnt seem to fit

  6. HyeRim stands out in the photo… in a bad way >_<

  7. Hmmm is it me or like… Is she photoshopped into that picture? XD

  8. hmn.
    i don’t like hye rims expression. it doesn’t suit wg.
    she reminds me really of seungyeon of kara…

  9. she needs to work on her expressions haha

  10. well, i never try to like these girls before but i got to change that now!! good luck to haerim.. all the best for her~~ i think she’s cute><

  11. err???

  12. she looks kinda…odd!!!
    i dont know….she doesnt fit in the WG image!!!
    her face is really weird !!…..
    stupid JYP if only he hadnt a new member

    • she is BUTT UGLY !! …
      that face is the kind of face u want to punch!!
      bring sunmi back!!!!!!!

  13. hmm…they all look pretty..i think its weird to see hyelim there because we werent really introduce to her properly. we havent seen them perform with hyelim ( on tv)…plus this is like the first official photo with her… give it more time…she needs time to adjust..wg need time to adjust…we do too

  14. she looks…out of place.

    • yeah..she kinda looks like a fan who took a picture with WG lol
      maybe it’s her first time so we’ll see..

      but i like yoobin. she looks pretty with that hairstyle.
      yoobin in the first picture looks very much like goo eun song — shining inheritance ^^

  15. wee. she looks so fine… and WG WTF! SUNYE!!!

  16. Can’t wait for their comeback..Hyelim looks stiff..I miss sunmi..

  17. It feels weird to see haelim. But I wish all the best for her

  18. i think that hye rim doesnt suit them much..
    well that’s my opinion..

  19. Yoobin looks hot! I am lovin’ her S-line! And V-neck!
    I miss my girls, and waiting for their comeback.
    Hyerim looks weird in the group, she looks way younger (and that’s Sohee”s job!). I’ll be open-minded because the other four will make it up for me!

  20. the first group photo looks like she is photoshopped in cuz her hair looks a lito funny on the bottom..
    && in the solo shots i felt they should have put something on her head too like the other girls..
    other than that they all look great and best of luck to her in joining WG <33

    • it’s because she didnt shoot these photo with other member
      All of them done this at December with Sunmi
      They photoshoped all group photo to add Lim

      • i thought soo.. cus you can totally tell from her hair.. they should have just put her hair behind her shoulders…
        && accessorize her better on her solo shot..
        white on white with nothin.. -_-
        looks soo plain with the other girls are accessorized up and colorful..

  21. sohee is SUCH a model! the expressions she gives when in photoshoots are amazing. usually celebrities have only one expression but sohee can give so many different looks. she’s so pro. just look at her last shot. the eyebrow arc is genius^^

    i wish hyerim good luck with WG. even if it does still feel a litle weird.

  22. missing sunmi.

    still doesn’t feel right for me…

  23. Lim figthing

  24. sohee looks absolutely amazing. no joke. love the last picture of her :O

  25. Welcome Lim πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to the WGs!!

  26. SoHee’s really pretty. &nd I miss Sunye’s chubby cheeks.

  27. aigoo i miss sunmi D:
    but i wish hyelim the best with the girls ^^

  28. Iw ish her all the best^^

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