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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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D-NA debut single ‘Tokyo Boy’ unveiled!

The youngest idol Kpop group D-NA, with 17 years old as the average age, releases their debut single ‘Tokyo Boy’ on 4th March.

They had their debut showcase on 3rd March where the group revealed that their role model is Dong Bang Shin Ki and they will aim to be the ‘2nd Dong Bang Shin Ki’.

Go under the cut to listen to their single.

The 2 songs in the single ‘Tokyo Boy’ and ‘Dazzling World’:

What’s your say, love it or not?

14 Responses

  1. can see mika is trying his best to be like jaejoong. Anyone is able to feel it.

    But his vocal and look reminds me more like XING’s lead singer now. LOL

    • @Joo: LOL He IS Xing’s lead singer. At least, he was, before he and the majority of Xing gen 4 left to go form D-na. Suhoon —> White —> Mika.

  2. i definitely think they have potential of being a complete hit in korea. They’re not a DBSK but definitely a SS501 type group
    I’m loving these two songs. It’s a change from all the recent songs with the autotune and such. It reminds me of kpop around 2005-ish. Very cute and serene.

    I’m anticipating their debut stage and hearing them live πŸ™‚

  3. they sound good.
    but they can’t be the 2nd DBSK there’s no such thing,
    they are the one and only with angel-like voices :]

    maybe the 2nd T-Max or SS501

  4. the maknae is born in 1994

  5. Holy awesomeness!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Their songs remind me of Super Junior’s earlier songs<3333

    Plus, they're debuting with a song with no autotune. I'm happy that they're not following the trend of autotuned songs (not that I really mind much about autotunes, just shows that these songs show that thses guys have vocal skills).

    another thing, one of them sound like Ryeowook<33333

    D-NA fighting!

  6. I hope them do well :3 The song is cute. But i think it would be better if the song is much more stronger xP

  7. songs are not that great but they have the voices ^^
    instead of dbsk, they remind me more to ss501…
    it’s definitely not easy to become 2nd dbsk coz dbsk have very distinctive voices and their harmonization is really good O_o
    i bet this group will do well lol

  8. i’m going to say the exact same thing here what i said on allkpop; λˆˆλΆ€μ‹  세계 is kinda boring. the lyrics are sweet though and the short rap is cute πŸ˜€ they’re promoting λ™κ²½μ†Œλ…„ right? they need a stronger debut song imo D: but both songs are cute and they are so easy to listen to and and and.. relaxing for sure. idk cute just pops in my head all the time.

  9. how old’s the magnae??

  10. nice!

  11. I love it. <333

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