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KBS Music Bank 05.03.2010 – SNSD wins 5th consecutive #1 with ‘Oh!’

During KBS Music Bank on 5th March, group So Nyeo Shi Dae won their 5th consecutive #1 on KChart on the show with the song ‘Oh!’. Even though Yuri was not present due to swine flu for the performance, it did not deterred the girls from winning.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Comeback Stages

  • BEAST – Shock
  • Outsider – Acquaintance

Today’s Music Bank

  • SNSD – Oh!
  • T-ara – Crazy Because of You
  • KARA – Lupin
  • CNBLUE – Now or Never + I’m A Loner
  • 2AM – Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die
  • Brian Joo – In My Head
  • SunMin – Missing
  • Kim SaeHyun – The Guy
  • D-NA – Tokyo Boy
  • Untouchable w. Secret Song JiEun – Living In The Heart
  • Aurora –
  • One Two – Warara Rarare
  • Lydia – Woman’s Proposal
  • Three Muskateers – Eat Eat
  • U-Kiss – Round and Round
  • Ahn JinKyung – Bad Person
  • DECEMBER – Learning about Love
  • Kim JongKook – It’s This Person
  • M4 – Your Melody
  • Min KyungHoon – Love Because It Hurts
  • Park MiKyung – How?

22 Responses

  1. Nice post! I really like your posting.
    i will come back to read more of your posts.


  2. Gee is better than Oh!.

    I still listen to Gee every day of my life and it was released more than a year ago. I’ll never get tired of it.

  3. SM is smart marketing SNSD. Always promoting them with little competition. I wonder what would happen if they promoted along side Hyori, Rain, Se7en, and any heavyweight in the music business? I can’t stand Oh! but I can’t wait for the black Soshi. I prefer them with edge.

    • SNSD would do well. They’re too popular and their fanbase is too large to be overshadowed easily now.

      SNSD has tough competition right now. KARA, T-Ara, 2AM, CNBlue might not be as popular as them but their songs are doing great. Actually some of these songs have better ranks currently but SNSD still manages to grab awards with their popularity and fans. What would it change if it was “heavyweight in the music business” ? A #1 song is still a #1 song, whoever sings it, and SNSD manages to stay on top.

      • it is so not, any song sung by any idol will get number 1 no matter how rubbish the song is.

      • Yeah but you can’t deny SNSD’s popularity. I think some people don’t even realize how popular they are. They’re like… The hottest thing right now. These people Jessica mentioned should actually be worried if SNSD came back the same time as them… They might be legends but SNSD does better in album sales or even digital sales than some of them.

    • When SNSD announced their comeback, 2NE1, Lee Hyori and WG were supposed to release new albums. So SM just markets SNSD when they are ready, no matter which competitors they have.

      • actually no. they had their comeback when newbie groups and 2am announced their comeback. 2ne1 was not set for any comeback, and neither was YG. I guess Lee Hyori was set for a comeback at that time, but was pushed back.

      • 2NE1 was set for a comeback at the end of 2009 but it was pushed back to the beginning of this year so people assumed they would be having a comeback around january/february, at the same time as SNSD. Lee Hyori’s 4th album and WG’s english album were also supposed to be released by then.

        And SNSD’s january comeback was rumored WAY before 2AM announced theirs. They didn’t just decide to rush their comeback just to compete with 2AM… u_u

    • I admit I love SNSD so I might be biased. but looking at those figures, SNSD won not simply by popularity. It’s by their album sales. The points they got were 20K++ which are in MuBank highest records. Those are in MuBank history. Even how popular other artists are, but if they don’t get those figures, they won’t win over SNSD.

      I admire SONE force. They really keep their artist to the top, and buying their album. SNSD is strong not only because of their name, SNSD but also because of their highly supportive fans.

      I can’t stand Gee, but I like OH!.

  4. rigged..

  5. next week will be t-ara…since snsd will hv their goodbye stage next week i guess..
    i hope kara win too but digital sales, album sales n ringtone download, all goes to t-ara…

  6. I’m satisfied with 5 wins….^^
    It’s more than awesome with tough competitors like kara, 2AM, T-ara etc….
    N I personally think if Oh keeps on winning, SM will keep the black Soshi in the closet for longer time. lol
    I just can’t wait but I’ll be happy if SNSD can win the 6th one.
    However, i’d also love to see Kara or other groups winning K-chart.

    Cool show tonight with so many awesome performers.

  7. maybe kara next week winner? i hope so.

  8. i hope B2ST or KARA would win next week!!! 🙂
    congrats to SNSD. get well to yuri!

  9. Congrats SNSD. Oh Roks!! love their performance 😀

  10. kara didn’t win 😦
    grats that snsd win 🙂
    i like kara more than i like snsd.

  11. congrats to snsd I was hoping that Kara will win but I think next week they will win b/c there was not a huge different between both of snsd and kara points

    • i think t-ara will wins bcoz next week based on this week ranking..
      t-ara get all kill in all digital sales and also ringtone..n their album already release and get sales more kara
      but will see kara sure will win if netizen vote and broadcast viewer is high 😀
      anyway..i hope both of team will win..becz i love girlgroups 😀

  12. SNSD managed to do it without Yuri. Quite a show put on! GOOD JOB!

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