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C.N Blue does WonderGirls ‘Nobody’ for SBS Chocolate!

Band C.N Blue finally appears in Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on March 7,2010.

The band does cover for WonderGirls’ Nobody and also sings “Now or Never” for their fans at the show.

Go under the cut for more video from the show!

11 Responses

  1. Yeah ;D
    I’ve watched it live today *_________*

  2. Thanks for uploading! Do you know if SBS Chocolate Show also aired their cover of Black Eyed Pea’s “Let’s Get it Started” (band ver.)? I’m pretty sure they played that as well…

  3. i feel like yonghwas getting some undeserved attention. like during jonghyuns solo in now or never. but then again jonhyun and jungshin need to stop being so awkward and work the crowd. at least work the facial expressions or somethinggg lol

    • Yong Hwa deserves the attention he gets. He’s like the most energetic one out of them. Not saying that everyone else looks dull, but Yong Hwa sings, raps and plays the guitar. Kinda hard not to notice him. Like you sais, Jung Shin and Jong Hyun just needs to stop looking awkward lol. Jung Shin is my favorite!

      • I thought the same as abc123 but as the months go by I actually think YongHwa deserves the attention he gets. He is very charamatic while the rest are awkward. My personal favourite is JongHyun but he is not very outspoken. He’s a reallllyy calm and collected guy and JungShin is just a shy maknae and MinHyuk has the potential to be outgoing too it’s just that as the drummer he’s always at the back lol

        If YongHwa’s charisma really gains fans for CN Blue and he just has awesome stage presense and that IT factor which makes all the performances even greater. In Kpop heck in every entertainment industry around the world you need to back up your music with onstage charisma and YongHwa brings that to the group plus as kapowiee said he does so much – rap, sing, play guitar and is active in the variety scene. He’s really working hard, hope he doesn’t work himself too hard.

      • I pretty much agree with vulgarchic and don’t have much to add, other than that there’s another kind of respect that should be given to those who can be artists AND performers. I think in terms of their skills as artists, they are more or less equal with differing strengths. But performing is something different altogether. It’s knowing how to sell a show and captivate your audience with charisma — not just with skill. Actually, I think Jong-hyun is a good performer when he plays his guitar solo. But overall, Yong-hwa is the better performer — he has a great stage presence and knows how to actively engage with the audience.

        To sum up, I don’t think this means Yong-hwa is the better musician — simply that he is the better performer in almost all cases. Of course, it helps that in terms of skills as artists, Yong-hwa is simply more versatile. But more importantly, he knows how to utilize that versatility to his advantage in performances. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t give him higher points in regards to being a performer.

  4. wow again? they must love wg<3

  5. does Jung SHin sing? I was wondering why he had a mic but never sang.

    • Yes, he and Min-hyuk join in for the chorus. C.N. Blue also played “I’m a Loner” on KJE’s Chocolate show, in which you can sing Jung-shin singing into the mic.

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