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SBS Inkigayo 07.03.2010 – 2AM wins Mutizen on last performance!

On SBS Inkigayo on 7th March, 2AM wins Mutizen award with their latest song ‘Even If I Die, I will not let you go’. This is their 2nd Mutizen after winning the award on 7th February on the show.

But it is a shame that this is also their last performance of the song on music shows. Congratulations to the boys anyway.

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Comeback Special

  • BEAST – Shock

Take 7

  • CNBLUE – Now or never + I’m A Loner
  • KARA – Lupin
  • 2AM – Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die
  • T-ara – Crazy Because of You
  • Kim JongGook – It’s This Person
  • Min KyungHoon – Hurts Because of Love

Hot Music

  • SNSD – Oh!
  • OneTwo – WaLaLa LaLaLe
  • Park HyunBin – It’s Hot
  • Lim ChangJung – Forgotten Parting
  • Aurora – 따따블

Fresh Music

  • D-NA – Tokyo Boy
  • Brian Joo – In My Head
  • Outsider – Acquaintance
  • December – Learning about Love


BEAST interview

SNSD interview

30 Responses

  1. Congrats, 2AM, awesome song! Kara’s song is awesome, too, and hopefully will win next time. Finally, talent is being recognized over that awful “Oh” crap. That song is horrible and so is snsd!

  2. Congratulations 2AM! That was well deserved, 🙂
    & that was an awesome performance by BEAST.

  3. lol jinwoon n his 2 mics. changmins face was priceless 🙂

  4. omg 2am won??? Kara’s Lupin is way better that 2am song :/
    KARA Fighting <333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • this is why i hate some kamilias . they have to bring down other groups in order to compliment kara .

    • only someone biased and borderline idiotic would say lupin is the better song.

      • only someone biased and borderline idiotic would say 2AM song is the better song. LOL
        Kara jjang #1 !!!!

      • no, this is coming from a fan of kara, and i still believe that 2AM’s song is way better than Kara’s. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

      • ICLYGEIID is just an ordinary ballad though. Doesn’t sound unique or refreshing. It’s just a ballad.. you know?

      • but lupin is just a regular pop song with no meaning .

  5. For Beast,,,
    i don’t know why,even other poeple said that they r good or anything,but i still don’t like them…
    N their song,SHOCK…i don’t know…it just me or you feel too?that song really remaind me with western song…i forgot the tittle…but it really strong in my head, that song is already done by someone…
    Can u tell me?

    • dude ur description is so vague. i dont think anybody could tell u.

    • No. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Please don’t come to Kbites and try to be a troll on these threads. Take that elsewhere.

    • who wanna be a troll or dude like u said???
      i’m not a hater….i just said that it GIVE ME some feeling about a song but i don’t know it exactly n the title…i just ask if SOMEBODY KNOW that???!!!!
      i just shared my opinion n why i should not come to Kbites???!!! WHO ARE U??? PRESIDENT?? GOD?

  6. Every day a shock SHOCK! hahaha Loved the fan chants for Shock. Really loving Beast at the moment 🙂
    So sad to see CN Blue saying goodbye. Hope they do well in Japan 🙂 Can’t wait for their comeback 😀

  7. i’m glad that Inkigayo maxes out wins at 3 so other artists will have a chance to win and it’s not SNSD dominated for over a month

  8. 2am ftw :b awaiting for their new mv. 2am hwaiting!!!

  9. 2AM congratulation..The boys really deserve it..Good song..

  10. DNA boys actually very good
    congratz 2AM

  11. I don’t get how 2AM won, their sales and chart rankings are NOT high anymore.

    • Inkigayo is kinda behind on updating these things. apparently these results are from mid February

  12. wooo, 2AM chukhahae<3 tbh, i really thought kara was going to win this week, but i mean, kara have other chances to win mutizen ^^ 2AM i think are stopping promotions soon, yeah? next week will be a t-kara showdown … GUH CAN'T WAIT~
    WOO SOSHIIII~~~ great job on winning the mutizen even though you were MIA<3

  13. OMG XD
    Conratulation, boys ^^
    They are really deserve with this mutizen XDDDD
    Wait for a long time ^^
    Next week I think this award will move to KARA ^^

  14. Congratulation!!!
    2am fighting

  15. Chukae!!
    2am jjang!!

  16. dude i am SO impressed with BEAST. their performances are SPOT. ON. great singing and dancing etc. woo!

  17. Yay! Glad they got the win.

    Next week will definitely be a T-Ara vs. Kara showdown…Kara’ll probably win next week due to album sales and the fact that Inkigayo is one week behind in terms of sales for accuracy. Either way, hope they both win awards, since their performances are both amazing.

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