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Big Bang TaeYang to do opening act for Brian McKnight’s concert in Korea

Big Bang TaeYang will do the opening performance for Brian McKnight’s concert performance in Korea.

Coming 1st April, Brian McKnight will hold a concert after 8 years in Korea titled ‘Mcknight at night’ and TaeYang will be doing the opening show for it.

It has been known that as soon as Brian McKnight saw a video of TaeYang singing he had decided that he wanted TaeYang to perform with him. TaeYang has been recognised as the trendy R&B singer in Korea committed to black music.

Meanwhile, Brian McKnight’s children Brian Jr (21) and Niko (18) will also be performing for his concert in Korea.


50 Responses

  1. […] reported earlier, Big Bang TaeYang was asked to do the opening performance for Brian McKnight’s Korea concert […]

  2. Where can I purchase tickets for this concert?

  3. Taeyang the best R & B singer in Korea? No.

    Wheesung he is a King, Taeyang is a Prince.

  4. Taeyang definitely deserves this~~

  5. Yay. Taeyang <33


  7. Cool news!!!

  8. don’t forget f(x) who opened for beyonce who is huuuuuuuuge

    • f(x) never opened for beyonce. It was a misunderstanding.

    • @Nahanana
      lmao,FAILED BIG TIME!

    • LOL XD

      Beyonce decided to cancel them for the opening act few hours before the show; she probably didn’t watched a video of them before she said yes.

  9. Waaaack. Brian McKnight doesnt even exist in the US anymore. People would rather listen to R&B singers in the US now like NEYO and Trey Songz, who Taeyang stole his “EEEYUPP” in Where U At? Usher is even falling off. I’m a fan of YB, but opening for Brian Mcknight will not get him that much international exposure, esp since it’s in Korea. This is a good start but have the new heads call him up and wanting him to open then he’ll get my respect. That’s all.

    And I wish Koreans, who arent Americanized would stop saying black music. That shit is ignorant as hell Pls God don’t tell Taeyang come to US saying I have always loved “African-American” music, they will grill him to the end. IF YOUR GONNA INDULGE YOURSELF INTO A CULTURE YOUR NOT FAMILIAR WITH, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING AND INVOLVING YOURSELF IN.

    Of course, congrats YB. ♥

    • say what now? brian mcknight is a legend he maybe be on a hiatus but seriously there is a reson why brian mcknight is doing world tours and neyo and trey songz are still opening acts.

    • tae g@y

  10. first BSB recognition and now brain mcknight?? big bang is getting all the love!

  11. So happy Brian chose YB! ^__^ Getting regconize by one of the best r&b singer ever?! Awesome! ❤

  12. big bang always got the chance to open for major artist..Ciara, now Brian mcknight! wish him all the best!! i love BIG BANG all..

  13. Great news! Congrats TY! So great to see him being recognized by other artists ^^

  14. Omg! I’m so happy for Taeyang. Hopefully mcknight sees how talented taeyang is and makes a collaboration with him. Bringing Taeyang to USA would be awesome.

  15. Ah… Taeyang.. long time no see… he he he

    It’s really a good news… for a legend like BM to recognized Taeyang is wonderful.

    Congrat Taeyang. FIGHTING!

  16. […] March 8, 2010 Bigbang’s Taeyang to open for Brian Mcknight ALL HAIL TO ALL VIPS! Finally, some good news to Bigbang Fans, especially of Taeyang’s.  Brian Mcknight who will be having his concert in Korea on the 1st of April chose Taeyang to be his opening act. It has been known that as soon as Brian McKnight saw a video of TaeYang singing he had decided that he wanted TaeYang to perform with him. TaeYang has been recognised as the trendy R&B singer in Korea committed to black music. — Credits to Kbites […]

  17. Go Taeyang Show Them what you’ve got ^^

  18. this is one of his dreams coming true and i’m so happy for him 😀 go Tae Yang!!!

  19. YoungBae jjang!!
    so cool~

  20. WOW this is like an honor to Tae Yang.

  21. Wasnt BM Daesung’s favorite artist?
    But its cool that Taeyang gets to perform for him.

    • I think so. Sigh* if only YG let DaeSung sing songs more often. Instead of just filming for FO.

      • gotta think though FO was prolly best for dae put the least stress on his voice when he had to nodules and still let him get his face out. plus he wanted to do it

  22. OMO this is totally spazz worthy!!! I’m so proud of taeyang!!! he’s slowly on his way to world domination!!!!

  23. YAY for TAEYANG! Love him and Brian McKnight. Tee-hee! He deserves this kind of recognition :DDD Hope him and Big Bang goes a long way ^_____^

  24. Hopefully his fly will be up this time 😉

    • LOL I remember that! As long as he stays away from white pants I think he’ll be fine hehe ;P

  25. cool!

    i bet he’s so excited about it! great job! 🙂

  26. damstraight!

  27. yaaay taeyanggg!!
    sooo glad to hear some news about him. still waiting on his album to drop, but til then, I am soooo happy for him 🙂

  28. so niiiice ❤
    ohh he should be so happy ^^
    he deserves it 🙂
    congratz Taeyang ^^

  29. oh yay!! i am happy for taeyang!

  30. Yes! Go Taeyang! More recognition. Love it.

    I read ‘rumors’/news that Brian McKnight watched Taeyang’s music videos, guess it was true! I should’ve never doubted it!

  31. wow. i hope taeyang gets more international exposure after this. he really deserves it.

  32. oooohhh!!!! So cool!!!
    My fave song from Brian McKnight is “Back At One.” Amazing song<3333
    Nice that he recognizes Taeyang's talent and picks him to open his show.
    Himnae Taeyang!

  33. YESS
    Korea’s best R&B singer and America’s best R&B Singer

    • I totally agree, this is major news……like seriously. wow I’m so proud of Taeyang; I bet he’s super excited. Its Taeyang’s time 2 shine; next on the list Ne-yo haha.

      luv ya Young-Bae & thanks a million Brian for selecting Taeyang !!!!!

    • omg this is great!!!!!!!!!!! Big news too. wow Brian McKnight. Taeyang must be super excited, I’m so happy for him. Its his time to shine; Taeyang ur the best.

      Young-Bae I luv ya & Brian thanks for choosing Taeyang…yeah !!

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