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JoKwon reveals, “After getting first place, car, dorm room, and meals changed”

JoKwon from the group 2AM revealed all the changes he encountered after placing first place with the song ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’ recently on a music program.

On the episode of the KBS ‘Sweet Night’ broadcasted on the 7th said, “After we got first place, we got a new car and we even moved to a better dorm room. Before they just usually gave us kimbab, but now they buy us better things for our meals.”

He added, “We moved our dorm room and we even get to eat a 10 dollar meal,” showing off with his proud smile. Then he showed off his Kkap dance along with the statement that “the members use a room to themselves based on experience,” leading the crowd into a wave of laughter.

Meanwhile, on the program he got to meet his first love from grade school whom he proposed to with a flower, after 14 years.

15 Responses

  1. Should I be happy? They deserved a meal that was worth from than $10 a long time ago.

    I’m glad Kwon is happy, he got an upgrade!!!

    2AM Hwaiting!!

  2. they deserved it… they’ve had such a hardtime..

  3. Hahaha , 2AM<3

  4. Aww! Finally 2AM gets the appreciation they deserve! They should’ve gotten these upgrades a long time ago :p
    Hahahaha Oh Bang Shil!

  5. haha its like when u attain good sch grades.

  6. oh bang shil??!! oh man where can i watch this lol.

    • LOL it’s not oh bang shil… but also a previous love of kwonnie’s LOL

  7. aww~ they should’ve gotten the upgrade longg ago 🙂 they totally deserved it, I die a little inside whenever I see their dorm rooms.
    just like Big Bang haha as soon as they won 1st place for Lies, they move from a 2 room tiny apartment to a condo with a Han River for the view 😛 haha

  8. they deserve to get a better treated because they are really talented.

  9. I’m so happy for them,they deserved this a long time ago
    because they’re talented

  10. Finally..i’m so happy for them..

  11. Lol that’s our Kkab Kwon right there (:

  12. I’m not sure if I’m suppose to laugh or cry at the 10$ meal part ^^;;;

    I’m happy for them~

  13. hahaha kwonah!they shouldve been treated well at the first place…well at least their hardwork now is paying off!2AM daebak!keep up the gud work!:)

  14. good for them

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