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Park ShinHye’s special appearance as the future of HaeRi in ‘High Kick’!

Actress Park ShinHye appeared in MBC drama ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ on 10th March as the adult version of character HaeRi in the drama, much to the surprise of TV viewers.

Park ShinHye had appeared in that episode as the future of HaeRi. And in the last scene, she was seen marrying Jang SeHo (played by Lee GiGwang) and living together.

Park ShinHye also put up cute expressions doing HaeRi’s tagline of ‘Bbang Ggoo Ddong Ggoo’.

Viewers’ reactions were ‘So Park ShinHye is the future of HaeRi’, ‘I was shocked. Will HaeRi be as pretty as Park ShinHye when she grow up?’, ”It’s good to see Park ShinHye on the show” etc.

S: TVReport, Asiae

The signature ‘Bbang Ggoo Ddong Goo’ by Haeri

10 Responses


  2. really fun!
    i want to see this episode

  3. I recently just wanted to start watching this but there were so many episodes out already, I got too lazy. Can someone explain how the two got together? I mean with the age gap and all?

    • they dont actually get together. the scene with shinhye is all in haeri’s imagination.

  4. Go Mi Nam!
    Shin Hye is pretty. =)

  5. what does ‘Bbang Ggoo Ddong Goo’ mean?

    • It’s HaeRi’s way of addressing someone or something that she don’t like

    • Well it’s kinda like butthole. In like the name calling way. Hahaha if u want he literal translation XD

    • Well…let’s just say its one of those korean phrases that its hard to translate to english without being vulgar. But in korean, it doesn’t come off that way nor does it mean it literally. Hongki’s character Jeremy in YB drama also said the same thing if I’m not mistaken to Tae Kyung. It kinda means like you’re stupid or dense. It’s not really the best thing to say but its funny slang.

      “bbang ggoo” means hole
      “ddong goo” means…..Get it “hole in the butt”?

    • LOL

      good question

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