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Jung Sisters spotted at the filming site for Dream Team!

Photos of the Jung Sisters – So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and f(x) Krystal – have surfaced on the internet recently as the 2 were spotted filming KBS 2TV Dream Team Season 2 together.

And the 2 were seen really close and taking care of each other. This will be the 2nd time the sisters appear on variety show together after their first appearance on SBS Star King.

More photos under the cut.

Can’t wait to see them on Dream Team together!

23 Responses

  1. they are look so prety woman

  2. the sweater sica’s wearing is highly likely a size ‘small’ and it STILL looks baggy on her. kid unnie needs to eat. she’s so pretty though.

  3. They do look cute together. For the most part, I think Jessica’s face does look older. But her hairstyle and the way she acts, she seems younger. Krystal seems a little more chill, but Jessica seems more feminine. πŸ™‚ My opinion, anyway!

    Junho, don’t do this to me! hahahaha. He looks really good in that video.

  4. too cute xD,
    haha junho was so suspicious

  5. cute πŸ˜€
    sica looks (acts like in the photo) like the younger sis

  6. i wonder what language they used win talking with each other.. english or korean? =P they look cute..

  7. jessica’s so pretty, they both are. but jessica needs to eat some more, she seriously lost weight compare to their gee days. she looks so frail now.

  8. OMG! those vids is like JJANG! love it esp the vid with JUNHO,. it was so interesting.

  9. adorable girls. Krystal & Jessica Hwaiting!!

  10. Yep, me too… I wish I had a sister like Jessica

  11. OMG they are sooo cute >w<
    Love them is this fancam

    • Holy mother!! Jung Sisters are reallyο»Ώ sweet!
      (I miss my little sister TT__TT)

    • awwww….sister love!!!
      jung sisters are so sweet with each other!!!
      wish they are my unnies!!! =)

      Jung Sisters Fighting!!!! =)

  12. Howsweet. Krystal looks older & acts like the eldest jugding by these pics even though its the other way round. lol I don’t even get along with my siblings from time to time, but it looks like they’ve got a loving & caring relationship.

    • O.O”

      • yeah totally suspisious
        could it be a phone number rolled into a paper ball

    • gosh. when will junho stop flirting.. HAHA. i remember watching a video of him passing his phone to sooyoung after music bank. suspicious too isn’t it?

      • well he did say that he liked someone in SNSD!!
        i can say that i expevted something like this… nice to see 2PM Juonho pushing out of his comfort zone πŸ™‚

    • waaahhh!!! sica is sooooo cuuuuuutttteeee in this video!!! wonder what junho gave her..hmmm…

    • uwaaah..
      is that a candy??
      sweet of him..<3

  13. In the first photo below the cut… one can assume that they were pulling some hot lesbo kiss.

    • Hot hot lol but they’re sisters. Can’t go wild πŸ˜€

      It’s cute to see Jessica looks way younger than her younger sister (and shorter too lol) But they do has the same features like their jawline and cold expression.

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