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Hidden card to Lee Hyori’s differentiation factor for comeback album – Hip Hop

Coming back with her 4th album the end of this month, it has been known that the recording work and the choreography for Lee Hyori’s comeback title song are completed.

Much interests will be in for how the veteran’s prowess will show amidst the promotional period for the girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA and T-ara.

It is also revealed that Lee Hyori will do hiphop for her 4th album. The title song is an up-tempo dance song. But the level of completeness for the hiphop song is expected to be high. The hidden card to differentiate from the girlgroups will be the factor of doing hiphop genre. Her close friends like Leessang and DoubleK who are hiphop veterans are known to have shown support and help for this album.

Mnet Media said, “Lee Hyori had usually got great interests in hiphop music. And she has also deep friendships with singers doing this genre. There were even plans for her to do a hiphop project group with the singers back in 2007.”

For Lee Hyori’s comeback in late-March, she will be facing the strong competition from the idol groups as well as Son Dambi who is also having her comeback.

But we see that Lee Hyori’s chances to succeed this time is high. A music industry official said, “Lee Hyori can read well what the masses want. And coming back as a singer after 2 years, there is much anticipation from fans. She will work her way as an artiste who knows what the masses want and can give off her own colours.”

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23 Responses

  1. omg so much talking about the album
    I really can’t wait for her comeback 😀

  2. Lee Hyori <33

  3. hyori baby cant wait for you to comeback
    agree hyori is def the rap queen of FO
    and not forgetting her 10 minutes, which is a legend.

  4. she’ll beat kara etc ^0^
    time flies really fast…~~
    its like yesterday that she has performed u go girl =_=

  5. hip-hop lee hyori ftw!!
    and and…is it already 2 years after 2008?! woah, time flies really fast!!!

    can’t wait for the comeback!

  6. Hahah someone mentioned rapping..xD Just strike me how Hyori was the rap queen in FO..;p My name is Lee Hyori! xD

    -But I’m so looking forward to her comeback! ❤

    • ahahahaahha i was thinking that too … he rap xD “my name is lee hyori… backwards also lee hyori” ahahahah <333333

  7. hyori bb, i’m sorry to say but nearly every idol group nowadays is hip-hop tinged. almost every group has to have a rapper and/or autotune. unless hyori is going to rap herself, i’d doubt hiphop in her new album will make her any different from the teeming masses of idol music out there.

  8. Hell yes, that is terrific. (Y)

  9. Aaaaaw yeah 🙂
    Her interest in hip hop could be the reason why she gets along so well with the YG Family. I will always love the Anyclub song where she collaborated with Teddy. His addition to the song made me like her because it was the first song of hers I’d ever heard xD
    Looking forward to her album!

    • actually u wrong if u listen to lee hyori old songs like 10 minute and hey girl etc u will know she been interested in hip hop for a long time ago not just now

  10. hyori is definitely korea’s queen
    she dominates all 😀
    seriously can’t wait until she knocks everyone off their feet 😉

  11. I didn’t recognize her in that photo!

  12. Hip hop??
    Lee hyori & T.O.P will be pretty good.

  13. RAIN will pawn

  14. yay…my name is lee hyori…. 🙂

  15. Her comeback is gonna rock baby. Can’t wait!

  16. Rain will make comeback in april too

  17. Will it sounds like her first album ? it has a little hip hop feeling.

  18. she will pawn. =D

  19. definitely cant wait for the album to come out
    no matter what hyori comes out with something good
    leehyori ❤

  20. Can’t wait! I prefer LHR over the girl groups today anyway! Daebak Hyori!!!!

  21. Whoooo yessss hip hop please. ^o^ Ready for Hyori’s comeback! =D

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