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Kim JungEun performs ‘My Ear’s Candy’ with 2PM TaecYeon

Actress Kim JungEun and 2PM TaecYeon perform ‘My Ear’s Candy’ on SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’ aired on 14th March.

The performance was part of the celebrations for the show’s 2nd year anniversary. Kim JungEun was seen in a sexy costumes and she was seen putting up a grand performance.

Go under the cut for the performance cut.

Meanwhile, other artistes appearing on the show to celebrate its 2nd year anniversary includes KARA, Psy, JungIn and Leessang etc.

23 Responses

  1. Luv it! Taec looks so suave! I pity him for having to face so many unnecessary bashing these days! KJE looks so sweet…although she doesn’t dance as well as BJY, but she still looks hawt!

    “IDK why she picked him to do the song at the time with her.” —> cos he’s the original singer….DUH~

  2. Lol…. the ending…..

  3. Oh, Taec. He looks neat this time. Not greasy. He looks fab. It good to see him perform this song again. KJE is sexy too.

  4. like kje
    not a fan of taec
    and taec is an idol who cant sing
    he can only rap
    how sad
    remember when he tried to serenade a snsd member on idol army
    it was really bad
    so bad that the snsd members were laughing

    is he a idol/rapper/wateva wanabe
    if u look at all the songs he sings, he only sings the rap, even chansung is better than him and at least he can sing

    • chansung cant fucking sing either …they all rely on autotune hes just as useless at Taec..dont know why he got put in an idol group

  5. TOP wannabe with shitty rapping skills how nice…bitch got no talent he gets by on his looks and taking his shirt off..he doesnt have any musical talents

  6. WOW…KJE…. you surprise me with that outfit… she’s usually so cute…

    i miss her drama… i hope she return to acting soon

  7. I love you Teac. You are also the best for me (second to Nichkhun keke).

  8. kje is so pretty *_____* wow, seriously.
    … no comment on taec at this time ^^;

  9. err. the perf was cute. the smile in KJE face says the truth. haha

  10. LOL! 8D

  11. her outfit gives off an Ivy feel to me. i like her, she has a nice personality.

  12. Aww that’s cute. Kim Jung-eun looks like she is really enjoying herself and the crowd is loving it.

  13. Haha. She did what Chansung does to him in Heartbeat. Guess Taec just can’t catch a break.

  14. she’s hot! xDD haha!

  15. No offense dont like Taec hes such a copycat

    • I agree, we all know that he draws cats on his spare time. IDK why she picked him to do the song at the time with her. He’s such a douche bag now.

      • IDK why she picked him to do the song at the time with her <—

        well probably because she doesnt care with the whole "issue" that she focuses on her career and life than focusing it on other people's lives….

        and ofcourse she should pick taec cause duh! in the original song it is taec~ who can do it better than taec? you?


        hating… can bring you nowhere and just makes you look sad and pathetic

      • LOL youre such a weirdo 😀
        I didnt know he was one who drew those terribly drawn cats.
        Anyway he such a TOP wannabe

  16. awww she look so happy

  17. lol was cnblue one of the participating artistes? i saw someone holding a bluetory album ^^

  18. LOL she looked SO HAPPY hahhaas.

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