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Lee SeungGi coming back to the living room TVs as an actor

The actor and singer, Lee SeungGi, will be coming back on to the living room TVs after 1 year, since his drama project for ‘Shining Inheritance’.

It has been known that Lee SeungGi has been casted for the new drama ‘My Girlfriend is GuMiHo’. This drama is the most recent production from the Hong Sisters that scripted ‘HongGilDong’ and ‘You’re Beautiful’.

One person who is related in the production for the drama stated, “Lee SeungGi, himself show strong determination because he was interested in the works of the Hong Sisters and the Hong Sisters also thought that Lee SeungGi will match the male role very well.”

In the drama, Lee SeungGi will be playing the male role who is scared that his liver will be stolen by the GuMiHo, the ghost, but ends up falling in love with her. With goal of having the drama out during the summer, once the female lead to play GuMiHo is casted, the drama will start filming on May.

Nulsaranghae: Looks like there will be a lot of dramas to watch out for this year!

9 Responses

  1. yes i want dara to be in a drama but i doubt it if she can manage it now, their schedule will be full for they come back…

  2. yay for seunggi and all of us!

  3. They are rumor that they offered Dara the lead role
    I hope YG will let Dara be the one

  4. yes!! (: can’t wait for another drama by Lee Seung Gi! he was amazing in Shinning Inheritance! can’t wait.

  5. another drama by Hong sisters. daebak! ^^

  6. I hope the female lead will Sandara Park cause I love their chemistry at Strong Heart.. Oh Yeah!

  7. oooh Hong Sisters! ((: looking forward to it!

  8. Yapee!!! I am so happy. I really like his smile… Is this drama a light hearted plot? I hope so, I love to see him smile more in this drama.

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