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Photo Of The Day! Goo Hara♥JeA cute selca set revealed!

A set of selca featuring Brown Eyed Girls JeA and KARA Goo Hara has caught the attention of man netizens.

The photos were posted up on JeA’s minihompy in a post titled ‘the showdown of the nostrils’. The photos were taken during one of the music shows and they had taken photos together as soon as they met backstage, showing their deep friendship.

Netizens commented, “The 2 looked like passionate sisters”, “Their expressions are really interesting”, “They are both cute” etc.


14 Responses

  1. yeah. i like jeA more. haha
    its that i don’t dig cutesy image. haha

  2. LOL. “The showdown of nostrils.”
    I LOVE Jea. Everyone says she is the least prettiest one in BEG but this proves them wrong. She’s soooo pretty and her voice is awesome .

  3. To me, Jea stands out so much =D
    Very Classy and beautiful.

  4. i thought Jea’s prettier actually.. she looks more classy

  5. Not pretty but so cute!

    • Mind you, Hara is gorgeous.

      • Thanks to her surgeon!

      • Someone’s jealous and I swear I don’t know who that person is *cough*rhee!*cough*

      • I’m jealous bcoz she had plastic surgery? wow!

      • stop hating on Hara.
        bringing that plastic crap is just so immature.
        almost everyone does it. especially celebrities so
        this is nothing new. “thanks to the plastic surgeon”
        is that all you got? if you don’t like her then why the heck will you be posting stuff like this? antis got no effin life.

      • hhmmm. I believe everybody can post here? LOL. Why the fuck are you so affected by my comment? wahahaha. Antis have no life? Well I hope you’re not my anti. hahaha

  6. wow. one cute. one sexy.

    Love the hair and eye make-up…smoky!

  7. Goo hara looks so pretty!

  8. I love these two. ❤

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