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CL, “My father is Prof. Lee Ki Jin of Sogang University”

The leader of female group 2NE1, CL’s (real name: Lee Chae Rin) father is Lee Ki Jin a professor in the physics department of Sogang University.

This immediately became a topic when everyone suddenly got to know about this. On the 16th according to the report of Dongya newspaper “Professor Lee is not only a physicist but also an author for children’s stories. Simultaneously as he draws manga he also writes special columns regularly for a magazine of high school students. He who has studied overseas in France, Japan, Russia and Armenia, started working on manga and writing children’s stories because of his two daughters.”

Towards everything that his two daughters request, if it is something serious he won’t hesitate to comply with them, for example when his eldest daughter Chae Rin wanted to practice Jazz in the 3rd grade of primary school, when she wanted to make a memorial book for the school he even introduced her a printing company.

Professor Lee also revealed “Even though I don’t know if being a singer is Chae Rin’s absolute dream, but life is like a process, I only hope my two daughters can be happy for the rest of their lives.

The netizens have left these kind of comments: “He really is an excellent father.” “Often when we teach children we won’t respect their opinions. We should really learn from him.” “Perhaps this kind of education is needed to be able to cultivate such singer like CL.”

27 Responses

  1. OMO,i want my father to be like that, but he is not. well I guess thats’ life!

  2. Awesome dad. He’s very understanding and encouraging.

  3. awww how nice:)

  4. Wow her dad, seems so understandable and reasonable

  5. He seems to be really smart and caring ^^

    haha Now I’d like to see CL’s sister !! ^^ I bet she’s very pretty and charismatic too !

  6. CL!!!! awwwww she has such a nice and supportive dad

  7. if only my dad was like hers…

  8. They have the same nose and lips.

  9. i agree! he is a cool dad… he supports his children all the way… that’s why CL is so close to his father… 🙂

  10. Wow… CL has a really cool dad… but I still love my dad though 😀

  11. she has a sister too =O

  12. her dad is a prof…. wow….

  13. (^-^)b

  14. “a professor in the physics department ..”
    cool professor

  15. woah! his father is a genius! i hated physics ever since! lol…
    i bet CL is good in formulas and calculations as well…damn!

  16. no wonder CL is so smart XDD~~

  17. COOL!

  18. coolest dad ever..no wonder that leader CL herself is too cool to be true!! hahaha
    she’s been travelling places, that why she’s very broad-minded!^^

    • No, the coolest dad ever is your dad. U can be too cool to be true too if u just want i believe.

      • yeah,i know that fact oready..& i’m just too cool in my own way too..don’t take my comment to heart—–> i was just replying based on the article.^^

  19. nice dad

  20. ahh no wonder cl is fabulous.. what a cool dad

  21. erk~ awesome! no wonder cl been to everywhere.. HUHU

  22. nice. dad. =D my dad is not bad either

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