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Big Bang’s CF partner ‘Lollipop girl’ to be revealed on Mnet on 22nd March

It has been known that Big Big Bang ‘Lollipop Girl’ will be revealed through Mnet on 22nd March.

There will be a large scale event ‘Lollipop Girl Selection Project’ jointly organised by LG, CYON and Mnet where the Lollipop girl will be selected to be Big Bang members’ partner for the CF as well as the chance to do the photoshoot filming with Big Bang this summer. The winners will also be awarded 1million KRW each.

With that, the application for the selection was held online from 10th February till 2nd March on CYON homepage. About 10K participates signed up.

And 12 final participants were chosen after looking at their dance, singing and personal talents. The 12 finalists will be revealed through Mnet on 22nd March.

The show will be aired on 22nd March at 7pm with Yoo SaeYoon as the MC.



16 Responses

  1. […] reported, Big Bang’s upcoming CF partner ‘Lollipop Girl’ will be selected through a Mnet show from […]

  2. […] reported, Big Bang’s upcoming CF partner ‘Lollipop Girl’ will be selected through a Mnet show from […]

  3. I’m so exciting to see that

  4. Is it 7pm korean time or what??
    i would like to know the canadian mountain time please,

    i’m soooo gald i got Mnet on my iphone!!!
    i can watch it now!!!=D

  5. […] Big Bang's CF partner 'Lollipop girl' to be revealed on Mnet on … […]

  6. UUUU i wonder who it is

  7. oh wow 1 million? man… pretty girls are lucky.

  8. am worried though..
    that they had other motives for the selection.. maybe another way to scout for trainees.. ??!

    anyhoo.. am looking forward to see the Judging process.. and the lucky winner.. (dunno if she’ll survive when ppl find out who she is)

  9. wow lucky girl (who ever she is)
    hoping that BB will appear on the show to pick out the girl
    and who know if she’s lucky enough
    YG might sign her on

  10. … so there will be 12 lollipop girls instead of 1?

  11. I am quite excited about this… Also

    Guys, 2oneday posts up alot of bs. Statements from “friends cousins of of my boufriend who know them personally” that make it seem like 2pm are horrible.

    Anyone can write words on the internet, its your choice to believe it.

    • WTH!!! is wrong with you!!!
      Why you always bring 2PM in another artist posts..
      this post dosen’t about 2pm ..
      oh plz stop it ><


      by the looking forward who will be the lollipop girl ^^

    • this 2PM ‘scandals’ is getting more and more irritating…lol!

    • dude! whatever drama 2pm and their fans have don’t have anything to do with Big Bang so don’t drag it here.

      anyway, I wonder how they’ll be picking the lollipop girl from the 12 finalists. i think that yg is looking for a trainee, eh?

      if they’ll make a show about the selection, i hope BB will be a part of it, i just want to see them on a show already!

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