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KBS Music Bank 19.03.2010 – KARA wins 2nd #1 with ‘Lupin’

Today on KBS Music Bank, KARA won #1 with their recent hit song ‘Lupin’. This is their 2nd win after their 1st on the show last week. A small happening occurred when there was a little confusion when revealing the winner on the show today.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Overlap Stage

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae <Run Devil Run>

Special Stage

  • Brian (special appearance. Jason Derulo) with <In My Head>

Comeback Stage

  • Jo PD (Feat. Jung SeulGi) <보란듯이>
  • Supreme Team <Step Up>
  • JJ <INTRO+ A little more>

Today’s Music Bank

  • KARA <Lupin>
  • T-ara <Crazy Because Of You>
  • BEAST<Shock>
  • K Will (Feat.H-Eugene) <Present>
  • KeumBi <콩닥콩닥>
  • M4 <Melody for you>
  • Untouchable (Feat. Secret Song JiEun) <Livingin the heart>
  • Gan JongWook <초연>
  • Wink <얼쑤>
  • U-Kiss <Round & Round>
  • Ha TaeWoong <Love>
  • DiA (Feat.JQ) <Knock>
  • DECEMBER <Learning to love>
  • D-NA <Tokyo Boy>
  • Kim JongKook <Can’t forget>
  • JungIn <Hate>
  • HyeNa <I’m back>
  • Outsider <Acquaintance>


  • So Nyeo Shi Dae backstage

30 Responses

  1. not a fan of both of them but I like watching their performances…
    well I much prefer KARA wins over T-ara <<< these girls as for me are kinda lipsynching and I dont hear much of their live singing and thats what Im only complaining…

  2. I’m so happy for KARA. Their performances always amaze me. They delivered every single one so far.

    KARA is ❤ Kamilias, keep fighting.

  3. ‘Grats to Kara!

    Their performances become stronger each time 😀

    Also, thank goodness they got rid of their horrendous frilly things on their outfits! Their outfits this time were much, much better~~~~ 😀

  4. I hate SNSD

  5. I hate SNSD

  6. I feel sorry for T-ara girls..they look kinda dissapointed..

  7. even KARA did not notice they won. *sorry,I cannot shut my mouth. hehe!

  8. SNSD’s performance was lacking. I felt that their vocals and choreography were a bit off point and sloppy however this is their first performance of the song so I give them the benefit of the doubt. The peformance lacked their usual energy as well.

    Can’t stand T-Ara and Kara’s songs and I’ve never liked either of their live performances for Lupin and I Go Crazy Because of You.

    Beast’s performance wasn’t their best either. Their vocals were a bit messy but I always give props to them for maintaing their energy and charisma and delivering their choreography.

    U-Kiss was really good tonight. I love Kevin and the other main dude’s vocals. Always powerful with great projection and they manage to execute their choreography well too.

    Brian and Jason Derulo’s performance was better than their previous in some ways. I love the song although the lives don’t really do much for me. But good performance either way.

    Kara and T-Ara’s results were whack lol The MC’s were just as confused as the public. Wonder what the hell happened lol. Congrats to Kara though 🙂

  9. what the FUCK with MuBanks chart!? err.. hyomin was really excited they saw their score but then blank..blank.
    KARA won?! i’m not bashing but what’s wrong. KBS, explain this soon!

  10. wow kara won yeah!
    didn’t except..
    i thought it will be a t-ara week.

    confusion how they calculate the points. the pds of every rewarding show should explain how it works…

  11. I feel bad for kara and t-ara anyway congrats kara ^_^

  12. The scores were mixed up. KARA won.
    But T-ara’s ass faces when they realized they didn’t win were pretty hilarious.

  13. THERE WAS A MIX UP in the scores on the screen!
    It’s the technicians fault!
    But the MCs know who the winner is and I’m sure the PDs know AS WELL!

  14. I watched it live at kbs world. i thot T-ara won. What’s the explanation? any news?

  15. Points are wrong.

    • that’s such a shame if T-ara really won XD after all kara got the award and all…

      • since you are a sone, I’m sure you know about the SNSD and SUJU mix up right? On the year end SNSD was supposed to win but the scores were interchanged. But in the end SNSD won.

        That’s what happened here.

      • @sddasda

        SNSD and SUJU
        If I’m not mistaken, it was just a swap in cameras. Pointers were under the correct name, just a false in camera PD. Compared to this, where the name and camera were all in it’s right place? Idk, but I felt bad for T-Ara

      • ^Suju and SNSD just had a camera mix up. Nothing compared to this.

    • you sure sddasda look at the screen cup t-ara won.

  16. Watch it live..
    *thanks god for KBS World..
    Kara lack energy during perf..
    SNSD voice cracking and messy choreo, *as usual*..
    Outsider rock the stage most.

    • voice cracking my ass. Their vocals were amazing *0* !! It’s been a while since they’ve delivered such good performances vocal-wise.

      But the outfits are ugly.

    • lol sounds like a SNSD hater…
      Yes the choreo was a bit messy but I didn’t hear any voice crack.

  17. but t-ara points was higher? so they put the mubank put the points wrongly?

  18. KARA jjang!

  19. -comment taken down-

    • well, if they suck they won’t win! sore loser!

    • Guys, 2oneday posts up alot of bs. Statements from “friends cousins of of my boufriend who know them personally” that make it seem like 2pm are horrible.

      Anyone can write words on the internet, its your choice to believe it.

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