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T-ara & Yoon ShiYoon ‘Bubi Bubi’ CFs released!

We previously reported that T-ara and actor Yoon ShiYoon were chosen as the models to new Bubi Bubi phones.

And 4 CF videos for their endorsement were released on 19th March. Go under the cut for some Bubi Bubi action.

Making video:

S: VagabondHD3

25 Responses

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  2. no efense, but i do NOT like the tittle, it sounds inapropriet, they should have named it bubble instead or sonething, but i like the cf!

  3. seems like bigbang ice cream cf

  4. …who thought this was a good idea…

    That rubbing thing is very creepy, no matter how cute they are.

  5. I don’t think anyone of them is ugly. It’s just some of them are too old for a concept like this LOL

  6. Soyeon <3333

  7. i love and cute

  8. What……. is this?

    I just want to give a hug to the poor girl (Jiyeon is not even out of high-school)… so, so, so sexualized.

    Particularly the “b” part. Why did they put that part on repeat to make it look so…. wrong?

  9. SoYeon’s pretty. I love her šŸ˜€

  10. wth is up with the rubbing? so inappropriate. lol. this is totally pervy. should’ve came up with a different concept. bubi bubi? feel embarassed for t-ara. instead of cute, it was awkward.

    well, t-ara had no say on the concept. so i can’t blame them. and i wouldn’t buy a phone named bubi bubi. who the heck came up with this? srsly?

  11. the name of the phone, the rubbing….it is all a disaster -__-

  12. lol did they reuse the sets from the Big Bang LG Ice Cream CF

  13. Lmao, I couldn’t keep a straight face while watching this. I wonder which pervert came up with this advertising concept (The name and the rubbing).

  14. Soyeon should stop trying. No matter what she does to her face, she still looks fugly.

  15. .. I don’t like the name of the phone >_<
    Or … that rubbing movement….
    Sorry T-ara T_T But the concept of this CF is bad.
    Not your fault, the company just happened to pick you.

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