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Ahead of comeback, Son DamBi for Elle April issue

Ahead of singer comeback this April, Son DamBi shows off her radical image.

Son DamBi is featured for a photoshoot in the April issue of Elle magazine, showing a powerful and sexy image different from her usual image, hyping up anticipation for her comeback.

In the photos, Son DamBi shows off the ‘body conscious look’ through her regular exercise routine.

She is also seen with a short haircut for the photoshoot, different from her usual long hairstyle.


12 Responses

  1. OMGeee
    that is not even close to hot,
    it’s looks like she’s starving or sth!!o_0??
    Girl,u should eat!^__^

  2. SHe is burning cool-hot…WOW!!!

  3. oh dear. I always thought son dambi was js long and slim.

    But u can see her ribs jutting out in the shots. slim, thin, it has to have a limit.

    sigh. the pressure to be a star.

  4. she looks so freakn pretty!!! haa, i love her hair 😉

  5. she looksssss


  6. Oohhh wow, I like the short sexy hair on her! ^^

  7. Ribs are not sexy

  8. damn…now that is just stunning…

  9. Wow, she looks awesome! So hot and sexy yet tough!

  10. short hair! i lovee it. omg too excited for her comeback.

  11. omg. sooo sexy!

  12. she looks amazing! go dambi!

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