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Until when will the rating for SBS ‘Family Outing Season 2’ continue to fall?

16.5%… 10.9% … 10.1% … 8.6% …7.6% …

Until when will the rating for ‘Family Outing Season 2’ continue to head downfall?

It has been revealed through the viewer ratings that ‘Family Outing Season 2’ is dropping in popularity from the ending of the first season of ‘Family Outing’. It has been reported that on the episode of Family Outing Season 2 aired on the 21st, the ratings have dropped another 1 percent compared to the episode that had been aired on the 14th.

The start did start off well with a viewer rating of 16.5%, but now it seems like that numbers just doesn’t stop dropping. By the 3rd episode, they had barely kept the number 2 digits, but by the 4th episode, the number had changed to a single digit. The number didn’t stop there because the numbers only became lower.

However, the best rating for the first season had been recorded at a 30% putting Family Outing Season 2 at almost an embarrassment level. Season 2 focused on having Kim WonHee as the center with the popularity of the idol group stars such as Yoona, TaecYeon, and JoKwon. Also, they added the middle aged flower boy star, Yoon SangHyun, and the gag-stars Ji SangRyeol, and Shin BongSun. But still, the ratings showed downfall.

Most of the people involved in the entertainment industry is saying it is because the center that was present in Season 1 with Yoo JaeSuk isn’t present any more. The same methods done in Season 1 continued in Season 2, but the ratings showed that the procedure wasn’t the problem. In addition, many of the stars are still finding their character in the show and even if the idol stars show off their all, the viewers stated that it isn’t as enjoyable because of the laughs are forced, not natural.

Also, the lack of storytelling and the combination of emotion and laughs are another reason that it isn’t touching the hearts of the viewers. Meanwhile, KBS ‘Happy Sunday’ ratings were kept a same level of 25.7% and MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ got a rating of 5.7%.

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    just pretend its some other show
    annoying criticism =.=

  2. PD should take all the blame b/c it their fault!

  3. the cast of the FO 2 make the ratings going down.
    they need a real gag man/woman, an innocent idol, a hallyu star and someone who can be bullied to escalate the ratings.
    this show is about a family outing, so the cast should act like a real family. FO1 has the family bond that FO2 doesn’t have, poor thing for FO2 :I

  4. Overall, people don’t like FO2 b/c of the people in it. Also, people fell in love with the first FO that nothing could replace. DaeSung maybe in BB, but through his appearances in variety shows before Fo, he showed that he had a funny side. That’s why they casted Jokwon. Taec and Yoona got a bit funnies in them…but it’s truly not that funny that you could hurt your stomach. Truthfully, I don’t think any MCs could beat Yoo JaeSuk. And I do agree that you would not watch a show that has someone you dislike in it. I was not interested in the casts so I didn’t watch it.

  5. lol@ people not watching a show because of one person.

    its understandable that if you dislike the cast, you wouldnt find any enjoyment out of the show. but if you like the show and for the most part, all of the cast except for one, that its sorta well, idiotic to not watch.

    baby much?

    so taecyeon is on the show… so….. i dont understand why people wont watch it because hes on it.

    enlighten me

    • @anonymousss because… whatcha call them now… anti-2pm? only jay lover? the 6-7=0?? whatever you call them, pretty much hate 2pm. if they watch the show = support 2pm, if they dont = support jay. yeah, what idiots eh

      • ps for the anti-2pm, think about it, all those boys worked as hard as jay, just because jay is gone, all the fans (okay not all the fans, more like the korean fans) are going against them. i honesty feel sad for 2pm and im not even a fan of theirs. sad sad, theres more to life people

  6. FO1 definitely had more content.
    I mean, yeah they have all the idols in season 2, but what they don’t have is the family feeling 😦

  7. Don’t bash me for this because it’s just my personal opinion. But the reason I’m not watching this is first because of Taec. So I guess you can say I agree w/ everyone who’s saying it’s Taec’s fault. I mean I contemplated watching it, but then I just couldn’t stand watching Taec act all happy when he never even tried defending Jaebum.

    And for those people who are saying “how could Taec make a difference when SNSD fans are bigger?” First of all, a LOT of 2PM fans are outraged. If you’ve seen how many members of the fanclub has quit, then you’d understand a bit about the situation. Secondly, for those who are still 2PM fans, they may not be particularly fans of Taec.

    Same goes for Yoona. I’m a big SNSD fan, but Yoona is my least favorite in SNSD so I wouldn’t actually watch a show where only Yoona is in.

    Also, I personally never liked Yoona. I think… like a couple of people here already mentioned she’s the most overrated member of SNSD. And I think more people split into either “love her” or “hate her” when it comes to Yoona. Because Yoona’s just everywhere, people who initially just didn’t like her (like me) turn to hate her, so really only the Yoona fans not full SNSD fans are probably the ones supporting her.

    So those are my reasons for why I think the ratings just won’t go up. This is part of the boycotting strategy of 2PM ex-fans.

  8. as for me, i’m not saying dat taec is d one that make the ratings lower.. as far as i concerned, the episode itselfs are bored. I didn’t want to compared it with s1, but, there is 6 person that already familiar with the variety program, minus d actor..

    wth am i writing.. lol.. sorry.. losssss.. .

  9. I knew it, I just didn’t know it would happen this quick. I say ten more episodes and they’ll drop it.
    The sequel of many things rarely turn out good. And on top of that they tried to put idols in, but they just weren’t funny. They didn’t ‘dig deep down’ like the season one cast.

    SBS, do us a favor and stop this show proto! And make a funnier one!

  10. If FO2 does get cut then that means that Yoona might still have the ability to take on the main role in Iris 2 Athena: Goddess of War. ^^ I actually sort of liked FO2 once it was subbed and I could understand what they were saying. I sort of agree on how the “family” lacks the family vibe, but Yoona and Jokwon actually do give off a brother and sister vibe. Anyway if FO2 does get cancelled I’ll look at the bright side of things and hope Yoona will accept the producer from Iris 2 offer and take on the main role. She denyed it earlier because it would be a conflict with FO2. (shows you how much consideration she puts in her work)

  11. reasons why fo2 will get cut: ratings.
    its inevitable! you fire a worker when they don’t bring anything to the table. circle of life.

    reasons why fo2 has bad ratings:

    1. taecyeon
    yea face it anti-coldests, if shit hadn’t hit the fan, the hottests WOULD be watching fo2, no matter what. its a fact. not the main one, but still a significant loss to fo2’s viewers.

    2. their motives
    yes, everyone comes on to FO in order to gain popularity, but MAN, all i ever feel from fo2 is ONLY that. i mean, last season, family had a totally different feel, what with them helping out in shigweol areas, holding silly shows for the townspeople, and even giving christmas presents to little kids.. now, everyone just seems like attention whores, fighting for the spotlight, and it is NOT attractive.
    and if they do end up giving gifts away or whatnot, i highly doubt their intentions.

    3. the cast
    yea yea, the cast has all the hot, “of-the-day” people in it, but honestly, they’re nowhere near the prowess of the old family. i’ve watched half an episode of FO2 and i’ve gotta say, i couldn’t finish it because the family was too awkward to watch… and you might say “oh it was the first episode, of course its gonna be awkward” yea well.. that brings me to my next point.

    3. its boring.
    there’s no going around it. the family shouldn’t have an awkward feel if the entire episode is scripted which an idiot could tell it is. even though its scripted, its boring! at least old family could have it scripted and pull it off… new FO just tries to imitate everything original family did, and they suck at it. its boring. and thats that.

    bye bye FO2~

  12. Putting a boring pretty (average) girl, one of the most hated idols ATM and a gay wannabe together. Seriously, who the hell came up with this?

  13. Ratings will stop dropping once this show is dropped. FO season 2 gives off such a fake aura I don’t think I could ever give off that real “family” vibe family outing 1 did

  14. i miss daesung :(((

  15. Give them a break. Give Taec a break too! You guys are living under a nutshell. Just because of the recent controversy, you guys are not giving them to breath. They are working on their rice bowl just like us. Give them sometime cause things are warming up. I’m sure it’s gonna be like season1.

  16. You put three idols on it…3 overplayed idols already overpopular…..Jo Kwon’s gag aren’t so funny anymore…Taec is beastly, I think we understood that from the bajillion times he ripped it off and Yoona is boring as heck – all she keeps doing is smiling like a little school girl….

    FO1 was the best ever, you had a great mix of the young gen (like Daesung, Chun Hee, Hyori) and the older gen (Ja Seuk and Soo Ro etc….) – the combination of them made it a family….

  17. I used to watch the first season because it was sort of a fresh breeze from all the other teeny shows that are aired every week, but now that it is totally the contrary I don’t really like it.

    I have nothing against idols, but you see them on commercials, music programs, dramas, musicals, and fashion shows.

    I guess that after all that exposure, the least you want is to watch them in yet another variety show.

    Plus, I’m sure that the second season’s viewers are much younger than those of second one. I know my nieces would love the show, but my brother and I not so much.

  18. i watched the first episode of season 2 and that was it…FO2 just doesn’t have the family bond feelings like season 1 did, and the interactions really seem forced and scripted in my opinion….and the whole issue of Taec being in the family i really don’t think that is the case, doesn’t rating count from the whole nation of korea? and i highly doubt the whole Korean nation are 2pm fans..

  19. Well, I think it’s because everyone is sick of seeing idols. Producers think they need idols on their show to boost ratings up, but that isn’t true. They need the Family Outing from before and not now. I haven’t seen FO2, and I’m not going to.

  20. i think many people dont watch it anymore since they like fo1 more, like me .
    i don’t like how all the idol is in all the show ..
    i like older generation more

  21. FO2 just plainly boring, that’s it.

  22. nothing can beat FO1 because all of the cast weren’t afraid to be ugly. and no one could beat nation’s sibling. the duo is so hillarious!

  23. i think those people who hates on 2pm because of jaebeom’s leaving are really stupid !!!
    what did the 2PM members do ???
    jay did something that was even worse than his MySpace comment !!! so just because the boys didn’t want him to come back you start to hate them !!!
    i love 2PM with the 7 members, but that doesn’t make me hate on the others now !!!
    they didn’t want him back because they were afraid what the people might think of him and he did something awful !!
    you didn’t want to believe that so now you hates on the other members !!!!! REALLY STUPID !!!!
    2PM are still one of the best group in korea !!!
    2PM Fighting ^^

    >>>>> my english is not good ^-^” so i hope you understand what i write ^^

    • i think u’re being the stupid one here. if u haven’t read those sasaeng fan accounts.

      • I think you’re the stupid one for believing them lol

      • shut up!!!we never noe da truth..so stop blaming on other 2pm member…

      • well, where are those accounts cuz i haven’t read it !!!

        and i don’t believe those crazy people who stalk their idols everywhere !!!!
        how you know it is not fake ???

        2PM ❤

    • if you’re a true HOTTEST, who love 7 members of 2PM, you will not say all these suck things!!! after what 6PM have shown Hottest in that conference, i cant believe that you still trust them!!

    • I think you’re missing the point. Instead of protecting Jay, they threw him a way and accused him of things that Jay’s Mother and Close People have come out and refuted as Not True. Jay saved them; but they betrayed him.

      What’s the difference between the guy who started the Myspace Controversy and JYP/5PM? well… one of them ‘claimed’ to be his well-wishers.

      Taec has been moving into the spotlight quite swiftly since Jay’s departure and the happy glow on his face ins undescribable.

      I don’t know which part of ‘let’s hold a press conference and diss/character assinate our own ex-member while his not here’ does NOT spell: B.E.T.R.A.Y.A.L

      Taec may not be the only reason why this show is failing – but he is the main reason…

      • stupid. Taec is not the main reason.
        not whole nation really care about 2PM and their controversy

      • Taec may be the main reason. . in case u don’t know, after the press conference, majority of the teens hate 2pm. even snsd and 2am fans can’t save the show for sake.

  24. seriously .. FO2 is boring!! the absence of YJS, Hyori and dae .. the continuous scandal episode of Yoona and Taec just made it even hard for Sones and Hottests. and we are tired of it ==”

  25. until they return all the FO1 members back..

  26. wow, from some of the comments, I must say that taec has a freaking large fanbase(that turn away from him) to cause that dramatic decrease. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

    If it is a good show, people will naturally watch it, it is some lame show, no matter how many casts i love is in there, i won’t waste my time and atch it.

  27. in my own opinion there something wrong with the cast we all know that fo1 is huge hit b4 bcoz of there playfulness and cameradire with each other they really treat each other as one and also if i may add the generousness of yoo jae suk you really cant replace someone in that caliber,,,,,i hope the’ll find way to solve the problem i really love fo so much

  28. Okay, we can say casting too many idols for one’s liking as one of the reasons, but to blame them entirely is just stretching it. I only watched an episode of it, and I guess that’s not enough, but maybe most people who enjoyed FO1 immensely just didn’t find the second one satisfying or something. I mean, from what I have watched, FO2 is just different. The fact that it retained the title “Family Outing” would draw harsh comparisons all throughout its run. Since it has the same name, ppl would keep on looking for that magic that worked on the first season. And unfortunately for the most part, it’s somehow not there.

  29. i prefer danbi than fo2 cos danbi is funny and have purpose/good cause .

    fo2 is baseless/random/no direction.

    they should either change the concept or the cast . i vote for to change the cast .

    if i were to choose:
    kim gura/brian/ infinity girls- soeun/hwangbo/2am changmin/mblq leejoon/snsd-hyoyeon/kara-nicole

  30. jokwon’s act is wearing thin
    and taec just looks like a hypocrite these days

    yoona. meh. she’s not funny
    the other gagpeople they surrounded the show with aren’t funny either, especially the guy with glasses

  31. just reminds us why YJS is such a great mc.

    he brings everyone together. And of course everyone has to get along well.

    missing Dumb and dumber dorkiness~

  32. i’m sorry to say this,but this is the reality…

    i’m thinking that until Taec being away from FO[or kpop in general] for sometimes…the public/people are still hurt with the 2PM accident & that affect the show’s rating..i think that,he need to step aside for awhile…i mean,i really love Jo-Kwon,but i’d rather not to watch the show anymore after they changed the cast, & to make it worst,Taec joins the show at the wrong time..basically wrong timing…if he’s away for awhile, i think it’s gonna be better..

  33. just because they are “idols” doesn’t’ mean they have great personalities.
    I watched the first episode and i can live without watching the rest to be honest

  34. FO2 is just too boring to watch..I like FO1 better..


  36. It’s expected that the rating will continue to decrease. When i first watch this season 2, it makes me think who is the MAIN MC. is it Wonhee? I don’t she suit as the main since she usually on talk variety shows not outside variety. I would agree that the idols are the one that keep those viewers but it’s not enough without great MCs such as Jaesuk. The format is so very much alike with 1n2d but 1n2d is far better.

    What i hate the most in FO2 is that it’s too LOUD and full of ANNOYING and EXAGERATING characters. Bongsun and Jisangryul are too much. It makes me not watch the show. Wonhee can’t save the show. SAnghyun is being a baby. the idols are lost don’t know where to go or follow. with those the show is falling!! The Crew members want to join the show for some reason. the missions sometimes are boring. the plot and scripts are messy. Conclusion: I hope the PD need to rethink and find a way to change the show if they want to survive. Or at least find a decent MC and eliminate annoying family members that can cause trouble :S

  37. Tbh, I’m sad that Season 1 has ended because Hyori, Jaesuk, Daesung, Kim Sooro won’t be in it anymore. I thought they should just end the show without a Season 2, people do compare after all :/

  38. so glad that DaeSung is not part of FO2….Jo Kwon is okay, because he has a mix of variety an idol (who doesnt have that attention-seeking personality). The rest, not so much. FO1, had those types of people.

  39. FO1’s cast is awesome! they are natural comedians. especially daesung. they are effortless. that’s why FO1 is way better than fo2

  40. I have a feeling that this show won’t last long.

  41. like duh. just another typical idol show. didn’t have this type of comedy and chemistry season 1 had.

  42. They should find stars that aren’t afraid of being truly out there, rather than the ones who seems “scipted”, I guess?
    I haven’t watched any of FO2 episodes, but from what I see in other reality shows, Yoona isn’t that funny. They should’ve chose Sooyoung instead 🙂 she’s more genuinely funny and out there 🙂 (sorry to anyone who’s hurt. No offense)

    • Rofl, you should at least watch FO2 before commenting about Yoona. Sooyoung wouldn’t make a difference on the show.

      It’s the format of the show that’s the biggest problem.

      • agreed

      • Totally agree!! Sooyoung wouldn’t make a difference on the show.

      • the format of the show is fine
        it was a success with FO1 so it makes sense to do it again.
        the epic fail was FO2 being call FO2.they should name it something else.
        and i agree with @wow.
        in other variety shoes (eg: strong heart) she was boring.
        don’t have to watch FO2 to really see if she makes a difference here.it would be just as boring as the other shows with her in it.
        like i said above, just drop fake taec and boring yoona and everything will be fine (hopefully).
        they can continue their fake scandal elsewhere

      • i mean *shows*

  43. yoona=boring

  44. Well..i watched already the 1st episode..i dont really agreed that Taekyeon become the leader…well…it remind me how he betrayed(thats my opinion) his own group member..he wont get blessed by doing that..i guess people do get tired because the chosen idols are the one that always being the spotlight..i prefer if they choose someone like Yoseob from Beast, Sooyoung from SNSD and Sungmin from SuJu..please choose someone that have great personality..not because of their popular..i have no offence to Yoona and Jokwon fans because i like them too…it just that i prefer if something new…

  45. well, for me the show is kind of boring..
    it’s not as funny as FO1.
    i always laughed in every single episode of FO1 i watched..

    besides, the rating continues to drop,
    maybe because the fans cannot stand watching
    Yoona and Taecyeon being close each other, idk..
    (because my friends said so..)

  46. watched the 1st episode and barely finished it…
    some parts were really funny but some were really boring…

    just watched the 2nd episode and i must say its more fun and interesting… less boring. i really think the show has potential…. if only they named it as something else… nobody would have compared the ratings with FO season 1…

  47. The producers just need to find a new show. This family has a lot of laughter but lacks a lot of warmth. :'[

    • very well said my dear, indeed there are funny moments but somehow the family vibe isn’t there yet, maybe because it’s still new but by the rate the rating is falling they may never really hit it off

  48. Hate the show…try the first episode, but i skip most of the parts, so didnt’ want to finish it at all…it’s too boring, I don’t see anything exciting about it..

  49. the drawback of having an idol is that they have less credibility than the real comedians…idols are pleasers and if they are not good in acting they will just annoy the viewers..

    i agree also with loveholic..why they named it FO2 when they will not use the same format as FO1…

    • agree i am getting annoyed with Jo Kwon he always do the same thing in every show his on maybe he need to quiet one of his show i think his on every TV station in korea he needs to cut back.

      • in case u havent seen the comments or some news the show is scripted retard..so they jst follow whatever on the script its not their fault the show is dropping..the format of the show is at fault..i agree that they shouldn’t name it FAMILY OUTING 2 cuz people will compare the first season to this season…

  50. until the old family is back ! 😛 jk….

    • i hope they come back in 2011 lol
      when Jaesuk’s baby is born, Hyori/Daesung/Jook finish album stuff and maybe Chunhee and yejin could come back too

  51. Yoona is a problem, ok she has a pretty face but in variety show she is very bad, ín trong heart, star king vv they way she talk very boring,
    And 1 more problem, FO 1, Kim Su Ro, Park Ye Jin, Lee Chun Hee, Jong Shin is new with variety show, however the way they communicate make everyone feel they are TRUE family, care each other very well

    Yoo Jae Suk is the center in FO1, he always try to make the guest to communicate well and help the new member, but it’s also will be not work if other member didnt play well
    Love FO 1 forever and ever

  52. People can tell when things are not genuine and scripted. The fact is no one wants to play the aggressor or the villan so that becomes a problem. You need to have a villan to make things go.

    Think about every “reality” show you can think of. You have “the good, the bad and the ugly”. People can say they love the lovey dovey but really they want the action and the bad person. Make it “Survivor Korea”. Only give them rice and beans for two months and see how they act!

  53. I am so glad DaeSung never join season2.
    I already expected it will not successful as season 1.
    So my view is the rating will drop util there i no family outing 2 kiki

  54. The No.1 mistake was calling it “Family Outing” 2. From that moment, the show was doomed.

  55. Honestly, I think the idol stars (Taec, Kwon, Yoona) and Yoon Sanghyun are the ones saving the show even though it’s usually the opposite. The other 3 just annoy me and the new format isn’t helping. Yoo Jaesuk > Kim Wonhee

    • yeh.. bongshin is boring in this 😦 but i gotta say, taec int doing so good either.

  56. Oh wow, I knew FO2 ratings were going to suck… but I didn’t expect FO1 to beat FO2 like level 1 super mario.

    Though I can see why, I couldn’t get through the first episode of FO2

    • expected this to happen as well.

      hahahah level 1 super mario! Agreed ;p

    • lol level 1 super mario
      i too only watched the first 10 min of the FO2 and switched to Hello Baby…that’s how bad it was.

  57. Well obviously the ratings will fall. Just because there are “popular” idols doesn’t mean the ratings will be stable.

    Family Outing Season 1 didn’t have much idols as guests nor did it have permanent idol members except Daesung.

    I think these days variety shows that used to have actor/actress,etc guests now are just fully idols. Not that it’s bad; we get to see our favorite idols and many people can get to know them..
    But it just loses the variety show “taste” that they used to have /: Many old parents watch variety shows but they don’t enjoy it these days cuz of idols .

    I don’t know, I hope the show doesn’t end soon.

  58. it will continue to drop until taec is dropped

    • You wish taec had that much influence lol

    • ROLF ….hmmm….T.R.U.E.

    • How can that be true?? That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard!

      Think about it – SNSD has a BIGGER fan base than 2PM. So how can it be because of Taec? That’s just wishful thinking on the part of Coldest. Poor people are delusional to think you have that much pull.

      • You for real? obviously I was joking/exaggerating the situation to emphasize the point that I don’t like to watch a hypocrite dressed as a drag queen on any TV show.

      • @Jun
        not funny at all.

        Sone is more bigger fanbase than hottest even before & after Jay quit 2PM

      • If snsd has this massive fan base, then why aren’t they watching their beloved yoona. Is she too boring and unfunny even for them? I am not even a fan of snsd, but even I know that Sooyoung, Tiffany or even Sunny would have been better than the horribly overrated, untalented yoona!

      • Other fanclubs don’t like 2PM very much either after the whole conference thing.

    • @Jun agreed.

    • whos their public relations (is that right?) manager or research group? the team in charge of reviewing the public feedbacks, suggestions, and outcries?

      “Most of the people involved in the entertainment industry is saying it is because the center that was present in Season 1 with Yoo JaeSuk isn’t present any more. The same methods done in Season 1 continued in Season 2, but the ratings showed that the procedure wasn’t the problem.”

      LOl no kidding. the procedure is no way the problem. i can tell you the problem (: want my insight? well too bad, i want to share it

      the problem for the rapid decline in ratings is obviously due to a multitude of reasons. the influx of idols, not one of them. i dont know if many of you noticed, but the very, very early episodes of family outing seemingly tried to target a broad range of viewers, most particularly of middle age. i cant explain, but the mood and feel from the earlier eps most definitely changed. they also knew that their future core audiences would be the kids; they even acknowledged in some of their episodes that many children watch this show. that in mind, i presume the staff of FO2 wanted to continue the momentum and bring forth more idols, which are the “hot” thing these days onto their show. i guess you can say it was a mistake, because i also felt as if there were too many big time idols in FO2. but its our own faults. dont the episodes from FO1 with idol guests get most hype? a lead that the staff took into consideration and believed regular time idols will boost that same “hype”, or excitement effect.

      what is one of the problems, is that FO1 did amazingly, and i cant stress how amazing they made family outing. its big shoes to fill that imo will not be filled. which brings me to what loveholic said. from then on, it was pretty much up for grabs. FO2 = expectations. sigh. but then again, since we all realize it isnt really family outing season 2, we should drop those high expectations and look at it as another idol variety show, like idol army or something. right?

      back to the problems, there is no more yoo jaesuk. but then again, if he did come back with a new cast, it’d basically render the moments cherished in FO1 for him, somewhat meaningless. hes human, and im sure it’d be hard for him, despite being such a professional in the business, to bypass a memory of 1 year and 8 months as only “business”. the bonds formed in family outing 1 were much more than just for show.

      actually, the no more yoo jaesuk is just an elaboration off how good FO1 was. yes, family outing 1 was a dying concept as shown in the ratings, but even so, the members of the family enjoyed their time on their show (obviously). its a shame too because a change was needed in FO1 – the leave of yejin, chunhee, and siyeon helped FO1 honestly. yeah, yejin and chunhee left too early, i was sad too but a change was needed, hence, the 2 guests at a time concept. anyways, im going off topic. point being, the biggest fault of FO2 is its own demise, a superior family outing season 1 that many people still wish hasnt ended. no matter what family outing 2 does, despite people (me included) giving it a try, (i actually like it tbh. i miss fo1 but the burden for fo2 must be quite hard on them), people just felt attached to family outing 1 to not completely accept fo2 in its replacement. you know? (:

      • sry, wrong spot.
        sry long post.
        sry, killing time.

        you dont have to read.
        dont judge me for long replies.
        it actually only took like 3-4 minutes.

      • @anonymousss: No actually, I agree with you on that point actually.

      • I do agree with you. FO1 really was a big hit, and I felt the sincerity with the family members. It’s indeed a big shoes to fill in.

        2pm’s situation didn’t help either. I know most are saying that SNSD has a much bigger fanbase, but if the situation with 2pm didn’t happen it would still help raise the viewer ratings a bit.

        I really miss FO1 but it’s life, changes happen all the time. I’m not sure with FO2 but they really need at least, to present the show with sincerity and love for each other, like a family, even with a different concept.

      • No matter how big your fanbase is, if the show is dead boring, the rating will keep dropping. No matter how many fans you got, if you got nothing to please them or nothing that made them interested in you, they’ll change their heart. That’s the reality.

        – the same thing goes if you’re popular & have many fans, it means you got something that come to their liking. So don’t hate an artist when many people love him/her. You may not like him/her, but most people out there still like him/her.

    • i agree! it’s all that fake beast’s fault!!!
      Seriously, if they cancel FO 2, i’m going to blame everything on Taec.
      I feel sorry for the other casts especially my Yoongie!!! T.T

      • why Taec?
        Taec didnt had 100% airtime on FO2

        blame your YoonA too
        if this show will cancel soon

      • why it;s his fault?
        where are the fans of your boring yoona?
        if i remember correctly, she was paired with KSW in a drama, and the rating of that drama also was an epic fail…

        so, using your own words,
        If they cancel FO2, shouldn*t your yoona be blamed?
        coz based on her track record on tv shows, she brings bad luck! tsk tsk tsk

      • just drop fake taec and boring yoona and everything will be fine

    • Taec?? why??

      why not blame to yoona, jokwon, kimwonhee, SangHyun & other.

      • cause nobody wants an attention whore. i mean its obvious he does. He’s probably trying to get one more juicy scandal with Yoona.

      • retarded.
        they arent interest each other

      • so true…even if taec wasnt in da FO2 da rating is going to be da same…so, dun BLAME him!!!!

    • peoples lost interest to FO is bcos of Jaesuk not taecyeon .

      • agreed, not everything revolves around the whole 2pm situation just because Taec is one of the cast members.
        I personally think FO2 has potential and it’s worth watching. It is not the same without the original cast but this season isn’t bad. I understand that people aren’t keen on giving it a try because it’s like betraying the first season but yeah… it’s not too bad!!

    • lmao…i believe that is somewhat true
      but even with him dropped the show won’t do as well as the first season, i mean can the new “family” really replace the first family?
      Can there really be another “nations siblings” or “dumb & dumber brothers”, “small eyes brothers”, “the award triangles” & so forth? honestly speaking No
      & last can they really have someone else replace YJS? no..that man is what held FO1 together…
      so even with or w/o Taec the show will still continue to go downhill.

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