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Set for American debut, WheeSung “They asked my mother if I’m a black”

Ahead of his American market advance this earlier half of the year, singer WheeSung talks about his thoughts on it. He was on KBS 2TV ‘Talk Show Rock’ recently when he said it.

After singers like Rain, Se7en, BoA and Kim YoonJin, WheeSung is planning to advance into the American market the early half of this year. And he is working with famous producer Rodney Jerkins, it is known that they have completed a few tracks and even the recording for the songs have completed.

He said, “After the impromptu interview I had, the producer liked my voice very much that he even asked my mother if I’m black. And Rodney Jerkins who were a bit doubtful at first, went on to talk about the plans for producing after hearing me sing.”

He added, “Because Rain, Se7en, BoA and Kim YoonJin had made it to the American market with Hallyu, I don’t feel much burden. I want to succeed.”

Meanwhile, the show will be aired on 23rd March. Also on the show is a scene revealed for the first time on how he and Rodney Jerkins and Neyo had worked on the 2 songs together in LA last July.

S: StarNews

23 Responses

  1. i hope n im sure he will succeed.real slow will not be slow in advancing his career in america….

  2. I’m really look forward to his American debut. His music is usually well-produced, so I’m sure he will do well!

  3. oh i’m excited for his album! i’ll so buy it, wheesung is an amazing singer!

  4. why didn’t he say the wondergirls when talking abt the asian artists in the us market? 😦

    • well its probably a good thing. Might cause a fanwar, considering WG is not a VERY talented group and their success is still questioned.

      • Well, Wonder Girls’ archieved what Rain, Se7en, BoA and Kim YoonJin didn’t. Even BoA that has a lot of international fans and a lot of hype wasn’t able to archieve 1% of what the Wonder Girls did.

        Wonder Girls is not only Sohee. So don’t say they’re not talented just because 1 of them doesn’t sing (all girl-groups has a members that doesn’t singt: SNSD has Yoona and 3 others disposable members; Kara has Hara; Etc…). Ye Eun & SunYe are amazing singers (they sing well enough to be solo singers), Yoobin is one of the best female rappers in Korea and SunMi was a good singer too.

  5. Wheesung 🙂
    Hope he gets far in the market !!

  6. being called a black = strong voice in my opinion..
    although it may sound insulting to some people.

  7. He should just quit now before he cries from disappointment.

    • If everyone quit before they tried, no one will get anywhere.

      Whether or not he “fails” or “succeeds”, at least he’s going to try and take a chance.

    • Quit? he has a opportunity that very few will have, working with Rodney Jerkins and Ne-Yo, whether or not a success, is an experience few will ever have.

      Fighting Mr.Real Slow.

  8. ….a black ??

  9. I wish him luck. Him, Taeyang, and sometimes Hwanhee are probably the better R&B [like real R&B, not pop with an R&B beat] singers Korea has. Best of luck, Wheesung!

  10. I love Wheesung’s voice! When he releases an album here I will definitely buy it!<3333333

  11. lol wtf, thats like dissing Koreans and saying Asians can’t sing.

    • not really, it’s sort of a compliment

    • I think like in the kind of music he makes (R&B-ish) there aren’t a lot of known asian or caucasian people and most of them are black so that’s prolly why they said it like that

    • In American terms and in that context, they’re complimenting him. lol
      Wheesung has soul. 😉

  12. I admire this guy .. Wheesung you can do it!

  13. Cool another Kpop artist advancing!
    the article title sounds kinda harsh though “..if im a black”. offensive?

    • I think they were trying to compliment his voice. Like “wow his voice is so good/ souldful like black singers” Of course it’s also a HUGE stereotype lol.

      Anyways i love Wheesungs voice and wish him the best.

    • yea i agree the title is offensive. i understand they were trying to compliment him but it comes across as racist…

  14. I got into K-Pop because of Wheesung and it was mostly because his voice and music had an American feeling to it, so I don’t doubt that this could work (so long as the album is well-produced).
    Good luck to Wheesung. I’ll definitely check out his album once it drops.

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