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So Nyeo Shi Dae’s new song ‘Echo’ garners much popularity

So Nyeo Shi Dae releases their 2nd repackaged album ‘Run Devil Run’ on 22nd March.

With this 2nd repackaged album, other than the songs in the full length 2nd album, there is also the title song ‘Run Devil Run’ as well as new songs like ‘Echo’, acoustic R&B version of ‘Star Star Star’.

The song ‘Run Devil Run’ shows another side of the So Nyeo Shi Dae with a more sexy and matured look, and the song is currently up #1 on various music charts.

Go under the cut to listen to the new songs.


58 Responses

  1. Echo sounds nice. Catchy song. Lifts spirits & moods up. thumbs up. SNSD Hwaiting(!)~

  2. honestly, i kinda liked “echo”..when i was listening to it a while ago, i was thinking, “ohhh~, it’s like the songs playing in ‘The Princess Diaries’ movie”..well, just my opinion. 🙂

    it’s refreshing and cutesy at the same time.. 🙂 i love it. keep it up, SNSD. 😀

  3. I love star star star!!!

  4. It sounds like something KARA would sing back in 2008. Something from their Rock U album.

  5. echo is so great! 🙂

  6. Kawaii~ I love ‘echo’. it’s catchy and cute :]
    feels like a summer song.

  7. the chorus “echo echo” remind me of the “black out black out” chorus from maslo (the song that suspected to parodize GD’s Heartbreaker), it’s fun how a similar beat can be used for totally different type of song.

  8. are korean composer not good enough? why i always see not korean composer.

    • Their 1st single was composed by Kenzie, Gee by E-Tribe (Korean), Kissing You (I forgot his name, but a korean), Girls’ Generation too. The only main tracks they used foreign composer are Genie & RDR. but in Genie, they still hired korean composer to rearrange the music. I don’t know, but I think SM is testing the market, international market with Genie & RDR. You can tell those songs have different feel than usual Korean songs. and with RDR which is widely known as Kei$ha’s, its actually made me believe SNSD is going international so soon. SME is the genius in marketing and promoting their artist

  9. […] With this 2nd repackaged album, other than the songs in the full length 2nd album, there is also the title song ‘Run Devil Run’ as well as new songs like ‘Echo’, acoustic R&B version of ‘Star Star Star’. The song ‘Run Devil Run’ shows another side of the So Nyeo Shi Dae with a more sexy and matured look, and the song is currently up #1 on various music charts. —Credits to Kbites […]

  10. i dont think its a cute song, more like a happy song hahahs

  11. LOOOVE Echo! First SNSD song that I bother to D… buy 😛

  12. i like echo more than RDR. O_o it’s odd..bt echo is so freaking catchy. And so uplifting~

  13. Gah….Echo…So not my type of song >.< it honestly sounds horrible to me.
    I love Run Devil Run, I think it's the best song by snsd and I think the reason I wouldn't call myself a fan is because I tend to only ever like 1 song in each album they release. With the repackage it's RDR, with the normal album it's Oh, with their previous album it was Genie and the one before that Gee and before that one Into the New World.
    See, I don't even know the names of their albums. Basically, I like their title tracks that they promote so I give SME props for choosing those particular songs. xD

    Anyway, I guess I'll wait for their next album for another song I like? haha

  14. I find Echo really nice(and cute) .. honestly I love this song because is different from others kpop songs out there nowadays.

  15. starx3…humm, i like the old version better

  16. I like echo as it is. But I somehow realize that SME is still doubtful with this “stronger image” jump. Run Debvil Run is being sandwiched between songs like Oh! and Echo. I honestly wished that they added another song along the same lines of RDR, because SME just hyped this “dark image” more than what I imagined and I’m actually pleased with the dark one. I mean, one more sleeker song like RDR wouldn’t hurt anyway — SNSD is doing it pretty fine.

  17. i have to admit, echo is quite catchy

  18. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Echo! its cute and took 0 seconds to grow on me XD i feel its one of soshi’s better songs (although all their songs are good! ^^) Its really uplifting and nice to listen to!

  19. echo sounds like a song thats going back to the pop of the 90s? sweet and simple. haha it just sounds like it has that kind of feel to it..its good that they’re going back to such a period..

    there’re too many songs out there reflecting the club feel, the ballad feel etc. (just my perspective – i say this based on the from my knowledge songs that have been coming out) this is indeed refreshing, for me at least.

  20. Echo is such a fun song!! I love it better than the acoustic version of star star star ..

  21. […] Listen to ECHO here. Star Star Star here. cr: K Bites […]

  22. echo is so much better than gee =D

  23. echo..echo..echo..echo.. in my mind..
    echo echo echo echo echo in my brain…

    repeated words tend to stick better =)

  24. echo reminds me of boyfriend from their genie album alot .

  25. echo is such a fun song! it’s growing on me (:

  26. I can’t listen to this song seriously. All I can hear is “eggo” waffles after my roommate said it.

  27. I will listen to Echo whenever I’m sad, to lift my mood<3333

    Star Star Star acoustic version is just as beautiful as the original.

    I am gonna get my hands on the repackaged album.

  28. Echo make me happy n RDR make me crazy…
    I love both of the songs!its really cool.

  29. I love ‘Echo’.

    I think the reason why they included a cute song along with ‘Run Devil Run’ was to still make fans who can’t get used to the dark concept buy the repackage album. I mean, many fans like the cute SNSD more, while the other part of the fandom likes the mature SNSD. That way, everyone is happy.

  30. btw that made me think of that ecco dolphin game! lmao XD

  31. echo isn’t cute like gee for me I find it refreshing i’m really feeling the song

  32. Echo sounds like a foreign song just like Run Devil Run. nice anyway…

    • would you even had known run devil run was a foreign song if not for the news about it being a guide from kesha?

      just asking…

    • music is universal

    • Echo is foreign song

      Composed by Troelsen, Thomas/Sigvardt, Mikkel Remee/ Lucas Secon

    • it is, its by foreign composers….

      although its not that big of a deal, its in the same situation as RDR, someone else (some danish person i believe) did sing this song too BUT SM once again bought the rights to the song and its officially snsd’s ^^

  33. SNSD are the BEST ^^
    love it so much
    and RunDeviLRun too x3

  34. Kawaii, i like echo too…it’s so refreshing and relaxing ><

  35. I love Echo. It has a summer feel to it and relaxing to listen to. Even when they have a different change in concepts, they will still have songs that are still a core to SNSD.
    The R&B version of Star x3 is good too.

  36. mmm… cute… werid mix. a sexy song like RDR and this song. whats the point going sexy and dark when people pay more attention to the same kind of thing they did before?

  37. Echo is so fun to listen to… It lifts my mood
    I can’t wait to get my hands on the album!!

  38. Cool !! I really like Echo and the acoustic R&B version of ‘Star Star Star’ 🙂

  39. Really? I don’t like it at all. It’s just another cute song from SoShi.

    • yeah, same here. I think Star(3x) is good though.

      • i completely agree! i thought it was gonna be under the Run Devil Run category..stepping away from the cutesty era..
        but i guessed wrong >.<

      • cute era?

        its just a song -_-

      • its funny how people categorize idol’s careers into “eras.” they can do whatever they want. they’re girls. cute, sexy…as long as they don’t go manly, i’m fine.

    • agreed.

    • unlike you, i like it when snsd does cute songs, theyre fun to listen to and get you in a good mood, besides the vocals are nice in this song XD

      • agreed…snsd is the best when it comes to cute song..its soo jjang

      • I actually love their cute songs more than other genres, because they’re good with it, and the only idol group I like their for their cutesy song. They have vocals for it.

        Cutesy song bring happy beat and cheerful rhythm. That’s why I like it, and Echo is now in my top fave song. It’s not cheesy cute, it’s breezy cute and refreshing.

    • agree. I tot Echo sounded like a hawt title…so…

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