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KARA Nicole, “I received motivation from a male idol to lose weight”

KARA Nicole confessed that she has received motivation from a male idol to lose weight.

Nicole was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 23rd March when she said, “He is a male idol whom I can converse coolly with.”

She added, “That friend looked at me and said ‘When will you lost weight?’ and Nicole replied ‘You don’t have to worry. Since we do video call, you can only see the face.” rousing much curiosity amongst the guest speak on Strong Heart as to who this male idol is.

Go under the cut to find out which male idol Nicole is referring to.

And after being asked by the guest appearance, Nicole gave a hint to who the male idol is. MC Kang HoDong asked, “Is the guy tall? Or short?”. Nicole answered ‘키 (which means ‘height’ in Korean but is also the name of SHINee Key’.

With this incident, it was revealed that Nicole is close friend to SHINee Key.

Meanwhile, on the show, Nicole revealed an episode during her dieting which had caused much laugther amongst the guest appearances.

S: TodayInKorea

According to an article on MaxMovie:

Nicole, “When we were preparing for our new album, we underwent diet. And of the members Kang JiYoung and I underwent intense dieting.”

She added, “I didn’t even drink water because my stomach showed when we were promoting ‘Mister’. To prepare for this album, I really worked hard at dieting. And we went Japan for our promotions. And I worried about eating a lot in Japan.”

It was then revealed that they received a call at the airport before they went for Japan that there is a bag supicious of containing a bomb. Nicole, “After they checked through, there was a lump in the bag. And it was Kang JiYoung’s bag. She has brought 2 1.5kg dumbbells along.”

Nicole and Key are real close friends, and I’m so envious of that!


47 Responses

  1. well..look at the bright side, i’m still happy for Nicole. without that comment, Nicole wouldn’t have slim down and become so pretty now! ^^

  2. SHe didnt even drink water? That is not dieting..that is starvation! How sad that she felt that pressure!!

    I love Kibum but man that’s wrong. She should of told him to get some muscles and then he could talk!

  3. LOL~ i laughed at the bomb thing, jiyoung is such a kid, seriously, she’ll be a cute little sister.

    And key.. lol, close friends always speak bad of each other, it actually shows that they’re close

  4. i already thought key’s the one who said it

    key!!! can’t you see that nicole is hella skinny??!!!

  5. well she’s already thin before n her friend asked things like that!!LOL…LOL..

  6. I guessed it right. it should be Key

  7. hi nicole,i luv your musicvideo(mister)

  8. WTF, whats wrong with key??!! >_> that guy need to eat more and have a decent body.

  9. She looks kinda unhealthy now..Look tired and she looks old for her age..I really dont like Key bcause he can be really rude to people sometimes..

  10. rude.

  11. “Key’s known to be honest and blunt; there’s nothing wrong with that.” agree. poor nicole 😦

  12. She is not FAT! ughh some men are idiots.

  13. Seriously? I think its sad how korean women are under pressured to be skinny. Nicole is already pretty no need to lose more weight.

  14. What the heck? This is just too sad. I bet models like the victoria secret models are consider fat to koreans. Nicole is already pretty she doesn’t need to lose weight at all. The one that needs to lose weight is that fat guy from shinee or whatever group he’s from.

  15. poor girl D:

  16. aw i love keey ! but it’s kinda mean to say it that way. when is aw the headline i thought he did something to actually help motivate her in a positive way. lmao. but she doesnt need to lose weight.

  17. In this situation, he was probably just screwing with her. He’s like her gay best friends anyways, lol.

  18. Geez, guys relax. Key was probably joking. And like Nicole said, they’re like best friends. Yeah Nicole got “hurt” but she’s totally satisfied with her body/looks now.

    Key’s known to be honest and blunt; there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • I happen to like blunt/honest people. But why did he say that when she was thin enough already? That’s why most here are upset.

      • she never got any attention until after she went through her diet and she’s happy now so that’s all that matters, and it was never confirmed that it was key either…

      • @ ale

        “she never got any attention until after she went through her diet” <– that isn't true.

        she got a lot of attention during the time she hosted star golden bell, and this way before ANY diet.

      • @fdgf

        well she have gotten alot more attention during mister for her body. now she’s considered the sexiest member of KARA. Plus, it made her live a healthier lifestyle with her food choices and exercising. She looked great before but she looks fantastic now.

        I wish Key said that to me. lol. i probably would’ve been like nicole and went on a diet seriously instead of just saying i will all the time.

    • you say he’s probably just joking.

      then you say he’s honest and blunt?

      haha. it’s fine if he was joking. but looks like nicole didn’t take it as that, if that was her motivation. she took it as him calling her fat. it’s even worse if he meant it.

  19. wow key.. what an asshole thing to tell a girl.

    • he’s blunt. you probably don’t know the type of person key really is because he’s really feminine. he’s like a girl’s gay best friend. if that makes sense.

  20. I knew it was Key!
    Because he’s really honest and I already knew they are friends.
    I envy Nicole too for being close to Key but anyways, I’m happy that she showed him she could do it!
    But Nicole, you didn’t need to go on a diet! ❤

  21. bwahaha Key
    he would say that lol

  22. Nicole replied ‘You don’t have to worry. Since we do video call, you can only see the face.” lol

  23. Meanie Key! ><

    Nicole's figure was already beautiful~ she'll disappear if she keeps losing weight!

  24. When is key going to tell taemin and Jessica to gain weight because lord knows they need it . Nicole never needed to lose weight and it’s pretty sad this was her motivation .

    • I agree with Jan, Jessica and Taemin should GAIN weight because it’s unhealthy to be so thin and this girl (Nicole) doesn’t need to lose any weight.What’s up with people these days.Things like this lead to anorexia, which isn’t a good thing!

  25. …………I don’t like Key as much as I use to now =_=

    Nicole didn’t even need to lose weight. ugh.

  26. so is it Key?
    if is Key i really guess it correct.

  27. This is sick. There’s nothing wrong with her weight?!! Why do they care so much? No one wants to look like a stick figure!! Skinny doesn’t mean healthy or beautiful.

  28. lol @ “the bomb”.

  29. i was thinking it was either jinwoon or key since she is close friends to both of them…but then when it had to do with weight lost i figured it’s most likely key because key seems the type to make fun of her about her weight while jinwoon is more of the type that conversant with her on other things.
    it’s sweet to see that she has such close bonds with both of them

  30. wait she said converses cooly and video phone call?isnt it jinwoon?she and he said before they’re really close and they always do video phone calls..and woonie is tall!

  31. of course it would be Key, he says mean
    stuff sometimes but he is a Diva <333 =)

  32. I can’t believe hed ask her that D: she was thin enough already…. geez

  33. what kind of friend tells you to lose weight when you’re already skinny?

  34. she should have asked him back when HE was going to GAIN weight. she didn’t need to lose any weight and comments like that are what encourages women to have eating disorders.

    • agree

    • lol so true xD

    • LOL

      actually i watched the part where this occurred,
      but she’s like, “You, go take care of your face!”
      and as revenge, she lost weight.

      and key DID get better looking from replay days,
      even though already, he was pretty/hot 😀

  35. Lol! So that was the “bomb”? Hahaha. Whoever reported them? XD

  36. Nicole has always been hella thin. She didn’t need to lose weight. She still looks cute though, but I don’t think it was necessary.

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