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TaeYeon missed the filming for ‘Win Win’ due to fatigue and flu

It has been known that TaeYeon did not participate in the filming of ‘Win Win’ due to exhaustion and flu.

On 23rd March, during the filming of the show, MC Kim SeungWoo, Choi HwaJung, Kim ShinYoung and 2PM WooYoung did the opening song without TaeYeon.

Kim SeungWoo said at the beginning of the show, “We will apologise first.” And WooYoung added, “TaeYeon will not take part in the filming due to fatigue and flu from her busy schedule.” Choi HwaJung also added, “TaeYeon came down for the filming but she was not in a good condition that she was even crying. Since it is hard for her to do the filming, she went back.”

They also showed TaeYeon during the filming, and she was seen tearing at the filming.

Meanwhile, TaeYeon is currently promoting the song ‘Run Devil Run’ as part of So Nyeo SHi Dae and also doing DJ-ing on MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’.

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10 Responses

  1. SNSD stay healthy!! don’t force yourselves if you can’t..
    Sones will be more worried if your sickness gets really bad..
    take care always…

  2. taeyeon fighting! 힘내 unnie! get well soon!

  3. ‘Taeyeon met with Money Today Star News right before their recording(19th) and revealed that, “because all of the members were at Jeju Island recording a CF yesterday, their conditions aren’t all that great, and this is making them even more nervous.” In reality, immediately after the CF recording on the 18th, Taeyeon even had to receive a Ringer’s solution IV.’
    Taengoo and the rest of snsd girls.. Fighting!!!!!

  4. Taeyeon is a workaholic.. according to a fan who was there she was crying because she wanted to stay at the set and continue filming but her manager forced her to go home and rest.

    • I read that too.. taeyeon loves her jobs(esp. chinchin) so much.
      get better soon taeyeon!!! don’t overwork yourself..

  5. SM should just let them do music shows and forget everything else for two or three weeks.

  6. yeah, its not only taeyeon now…jessica also hv the flu..omg, snsd…be healthy

  7. actually, when SNSD made come back stage for Mbank. all the girl’s condition is not good because they had to film CF in the rain in Jeju Island.

  8. This happened last week. She is doing well now. But damm.. SNSD should sue SM alreadly.

  9. get well taeyeon =D

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