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2NE1 and Jeremy Scott send birthday wishes to Perez Hilton

A video was posted up on Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton Youtube channel on 27th March and it features fashion designer Jeremy Scott and girlgroup 2NE1 sending their birthday wishes to Hilton.

Also earlier, a photo was posted up on Jeremy Scott’s Twitter featuring the 2NE1 girls doing a Nylon photoshoot with him.

Go under the cut for the photo.

Thanks to redevilica for the headsup!

55 Responses

  1. 2NE1 is the coolest girl group in Korea!

    a proud blackjack here ;D

  2. And I say that the style is distinctly 2NE1’S. 🙂

  3. I would say the outfit look ridiculous..But they’re not sluths..

  4. ROFL 2ne1 look like clowns

  5. dara is so gorgeous

  6. cool!!
    it doesn’t matter if Perez Hilton and JS sucks, the important thing is that 2ne1 appreciates every single individual who loves them…
    everybody sucks you know! the difference is that Perez and Jeremy got balls to face the world and live life the way they want to…

  7. haha, awesome! ;]

  8. jeremy’s little korean sluts!

    • STFU you dumbass stop hating.

    • and you’re the number 1 slut, huh? ridiculous

    • omona LOL jeremy’s little korean sluts! .. good one 😉

    • lol. sluts, eh? good one. haters step aside pls.

      • im not hating, im just tell you what im seeing. theyre really do look like his little sluts ^^

      • and why is it to you they look like his sluts? they’re not clinging or rubbing themselves all over him. if you say it’s cuz of their clothes, their outfits don’t even look slutty unless you count CL’s bare midriff. if so, then what does that say abt soshi or kara or after school or other kpop idols who have bared their stomachs?

        sorry, i’m just stating what i think. and i think you really are a hater.

    • sluts??so rude~eww

    • Totally Agree!! they look like Jeremy’s korean sluts :/

      and why CL is always wearing glasses?? she is no that ugly..(but compared to Dara she is hella ugly)..
      minzy isn’t really pretty but at least she is not hiding her face with glasses or bangs.

  9. weeeee….
    Jeremy Scott and 2NE1 =]

  10. i dont think there is anything wrong greeting a person happy birthday?

  11. Why is everyone complaining so much? Just because 2ne1 isn’t all prim and proper like other girl groups. They’re UNIQUE. Doesn’t matter if you agree or not – it’s true. There’s not one girl group in Kpop right now who pulls off the fashion they do or comes out with songs like they do. I think it’s great they’re friends with Jeremy Scott, his style epitomizes 2ne1. As for Perez Hilton, I personally don’t care for him, but he’s the kind of person that’s better to have for you instead of against you. It’s not 2ne1 going to be in the States any time soon partying it up with PH.

    • *It’s not like 2ne1’s going to be in the Stats partying it up with Perez anytime soon.

    • Exactly. Thank you. Most ppl here probably don’t like 2ne1 but still care enough to bitch and whine about whatever the girls are doing.

    • i agree with this.

      and besides, there’s nothing wrong with wishing perez a happy birthday is there? regardless of his reputation in the states, lots of ppl all over, still visit his site. perez had mentioned 2ne1 on his site, thus giving the girls some needed exposure and acknowledgement. the least 2ne1 can do is return the favor, be courteous and wish the guy a happy birthday. basic networking. lol. keep your friends close, your “enemies” closer.

  12. i love me 2NE1 but this doesn’t look good……….just release your new album already..

  13. Why was CL trying to act like Paris Hilton or some shit? She looked ridiculous doing all those “mwahs” and waving to the camera like a caked princess or something. lulz worthy though.

  14. Jeremy Scott and 2ne1<3

  15. Perez is sh/t and his site used to be good, but racisms and all those craps rampaged on his site so I don’t go there. This is good exposure for 2NE1 though.

  16. sorry but the girls look ridiculous…and Perez hilton is Sh1t.

  17. Aww even if I don’t really care for perez the girls looked so cute singing to him and I feel like they are making friends with people who can help them in the future . I can’t wait to see that nylon shoot

  18. LOL. I don’t think the girls know what kind of reputation Perez has here in the states.

  19. they don’t even know the name of the guy they’re saying happy birthday to??
    talk about awkward and embarrassing.

    • I think they did but they didn’t know how to transition the “Perez” part onto the song.

  20. lol everyone loves them. i love how they take the time to network with people outside the kpop industry.. they’re going to be around for a long time because of it.

    • LOL .. everyone loves them ??? really ??? ROFL
      that video was awkward.

    • Yeah, not everybody, hun.
      There are actually a lot of 2ne1 antis, sadly.

      CL’s such a cutie & I feel so weird seeing Dara so quiet with 2ne1.

      • lol. antis don’t make up the rest of the world. we can say the same thing abt soshi having a lot of antis. but they’re getting so much more love from all over the world as well.

        everbody who’s a somebody, loves the 2ne1 girls regardless of the plethora of antis that they have.
        2ne1’s rockin it.

      • even if they’re an anti or a fan, either way they both are in reconition of 2ne1.

  21. Ohhhhh 2NE1 & Jeremy Scott AWESOMENESS~!!!!!!!!!!

  22. yeah..that was awkward..

  23. ;s…………….becareful girls PH can make yOU (pfff <__>

  24. lol..i actually don’t know what to say…

  25. CL blowing kisses at the end was really cute.

  26. teehee. CL and the girls were so cute in the vid, flashing little waves and such. they did seem slightly awkward, but that’s to be expected

  27. why is CL so awesome?
    even pulling off those ridiculous glasses sighhh
    ehhe but they all look very cool 🙂

  28. omg so cool; 2NE1 > 3333
    lol Bommie looked at CL when figuring how to say perez name; cute ^^
    The girls are definitelt doing it big. You don’t see this everyday~

  29. That was awkward… lol
    But it’s cool 2NE1 is receiving love from international celebrities. =)

    I love how Perez and J.Scott love the girls so effing much. =))))

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