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Winners at the 46th BaekSang Arts Awards

The annual event of 46th BaekSang Arts Awards ceremony took place on 26th March on in Seoul JangChoonDong National Theatre.

Go under the cut for the winners list.

Winners list:

★ Movie category

▲Daesang=Yoon JaeGyun (HaeWoonDae director)
▲Movie award= ‘National Representative’
▲Director award= Jang Hoon (Brothers)
▲Newcomer director= Lee HoJae (OPeration)
▲Best actor=Ha JungWoo (National Representative)
▲Best actress=Ha JiWon (My love, by my side)
▲Newcomer actor= Lee MinGi (HaeWoonDae)
▲Newcomer actress= Jo Ahn (Carrying a King Kong)
▲Scenario= Jang MinSeok (Brothers)
▲High1 Male artiste Popularity award= Jang GeunSeok (Itaewoo homicide)
▲ High1 Female artiste Popularity award= Choi KangHee (AeJa)

★ TV Category

▲DaeSang=Go HyunJung (MBC Queen SeonDeok)
▲Drama = KBS 2TV ‘IRIS’
▲Production (Culture)= MBC ‘Amazon’s Tears’
▲Production (Variety)=MBC ‘High Kick Through The Roof’
▲Appearance award= Go DongSeok (MBC Queen Of Housewives)
▲Newcomer= Yoo HyunGi (KBS 2TV God Of Study)
▲Best actor= Lee ByungHon (KBS 2TV IRIS)
▲Best actress= Kim NamJoo (MBC Queen Of Housewives)
▲Newcomer actor= Kim NamGil (MBC Queen SeonDeok)
▲Newcomer actress= Hwang JungEum (MBC High Kick Through The Roof)
▲TV Variety (male)= Park SeongHo (KBS 2TV Gag Concert)
▲TV Variety (female)= Kang YooMi, Ahn YeongMi (KBS 2TV Gag Concert)
▲Drama BonSang= Cheon SeongIl (KBS 2TV Chuno )
▲High1 Male artiste popularity award= Lee SeungGi (SBS Brilliant Legacy)
▲High1 Male artiste popularity award= YoonA(MBC Cinderella Man)

★ Special awards

▲Merit award= Bae SamRyong
▲In Style Award= Son YeJin

View all the photos to the event here

27 Responses

  1. You’re talking like you have that faculty and authority to talk about “good acting”.

    Well, she received two (2) best NEW ACTRESS AWARD TV Category (45th Baeksang & SBS TV Award) for You Are My Destiny.

    Those awards speaks for itself and leaves nor room for doubt nor arguments. It solidifies that she has promise in the acting field.

    You’re contempt for her is understandable, why? You have other artists in mind. But its OK.

  2. my MAN—–>LEE SEUNG GI!!!!
    congratz dear! i love u~always!!

  3. Yay, congrats to all the winners!!

    Lee Byung Hun! ———> Loved him in IRIS.
    Hick Kick! =D
    ^ Happy for these. ^^

  4. What did yoona win an award for? She can’t even act! This award should have gone to an actress (who was on a popular show) and can act! I don’t get this fascination with yoona, she can’t sing, dance or act and she isn’t that pretty, why is she even famous?
    If yoona had any class, she wouldn’t have accepted the award, because even she know she doesn’t deserve it! Yoona sucks!

  5. i love Lee Byeong Hun since i first saw him in Beautiful Days and as he’s excellent in Iris. having said that … i still wish Jang Hyeok won Best Actor for drama though cos he is beyond amazing in ChuNo!!

    by the way, Ha Ji Won and Go Hyun Jeong are sooooo beautiful.

  6. Congratz to all of them ^_^
    Lee Byung hun <333333
    IRIS <3333333

  7. quite worried for yoona..this popularity thing is going to fade someday…believe me…only person with strong talents will survive in this industry..
    untill then Yoona..
    enjoy your moment..

  8. awesome. iris, god of study, queen of housewives; the 3 dramas i’ve watched 8D

  9. i think seOhyun acting skiLLs in “SEOUL Song” MV better than yOona in “cindereLLa man”..

    but yaaah~ she won for “pOpuLarity award” nOt the “best acting”,and i have to admit yes she’s crazy pOpuLar!haha..

    btw,congratz to anOther winner!chukhae.. ^^

  10. why wasnt kim tae hee in the list??

  11. So happy for Kim Hyun Jung and Kim Nam Gil. Mishil and Bidam were the only reason to watch QSD.

    • yeah, my sis has a crush on Kim Nam Gil xDDD

    • O yeah…
      QSD would means nothing without those two.
      I really admire their acting skill… How they live up the character of Mishil and Bidam. AMAZING!!!!

    • O yeah…
      QSD would means nothing without those two.
      I really admire their acting skill… How they live up the character of Mishil and Bidam. AMAZING!!!!
      Chukkahae… ^_^

      • Umm. There are a lot of actresses who can not act as well. I am not defending Yoona but there are some bad ones out there who are just merely pretty ie. Kim Tae Hee, Honey Lee, Han Ye Seul just to name a few.

        There is always room for improvements though.

  12. Yoona won just because of large Sone vote as crazy
    But truthfully her acting skill in Cinderella man was very weak

    Other winners deserve the prize , congreats them especially Go Hyun Jung, Lee Byung Hyun and Ha Ji Won
    Ha Ji Won had a great years and her dress today was awesome

    • i have to agree. thats why she only won the popularity award. as an actress i have yet to be impressed by her.

      • lol did you guys even watch any of her acting? didn’t think so
        I haven’t either so i can’t really judge

      • @lolwtf i saw cinderella man and well….. yoona isn’t an actress and shouldn’t even try to be one. so that’s why i have to agree with tyra.

      • i saw and so i shared my opinion
        Her daily drama You are my destiny was success actually it wasnt because of her acting skill, it is daily drama so her poor acting skill can acceptable , and the script was good, and more than that is the acting skill of other sunbae were very well

        Cinderella man is daily drama so her poor acting skill couldnt hide anymore, although Kwon Sang Woo was good but he can not help

      • I’ve watched Cinderella Man, and yes, her acting wasn’t really good. Nothing impressing bout her acting.
        But, she IS popular… have to admit that.

      • i’ve watched her in Cinderella man..omg..she shud stick to SNSD—->singing/etc

    • it s popularity award then…you should understand that..snsd is popular group..nothin wrong with that…but i do agree she is overrated idols..her talent just average in all aspects….at least snsd hyoyean have outstanding dancing skill..although she s the most underrated member in the group…

    • yoona’s acting is great
      keep on hating haters

  13. Yes IRIS won an award~ Lee Byung Hyun < 333
    Congrats to the other winners ^^

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