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Jung YongHwa gets jealous over other C.N Blue members and Seohyun moment!

On this week’s  MBC We Got Married aired on 27th March, after their enjoyable trip to the instrument plaza, YongHwa and SeoHyun continue their fun trip. Funny moments were seen when they were on their way to see their  house and called their moms. The funny part happened when Yonghwa mom was so happy to hear SeoHyun’s voice. Other funny scene is when SeoHyun tried to introduce Yonghwa as her husband, her mom turn off her  mobile phone as she thought the conversation was ended already and leave Yonghwa in shock.

The two also showed their happy feelings when they finally see their house! Viewers also spotted SeoHyun’s super happy face as she gets her dream house as their house.

Funny moments were also seen in next week episode’s preview where YongHwa was super jealous over other C.N Blue members when they taught SeoHyun how to play the music instruments.

Go under the cut to see the videos!

12 Responses

  1. aha thats cute (:

  2. Aw so cute! ^_^

  3. lol so cute
    yong hwa takes jung shin hands off
    when jung shin’s hand almost reach seohyun’s hand

  4. they new couple i think seohyun and yonghwa sill a little bit shy. i like gain and jo kwon couple because they make me laugh so hard.

    wgm jjang!!

  5. thanxx ^^

  6. i really love this couple! i cant wait! 😀

  7. i Love so much this coupLes!!can’t wait next epis.. >,<

    no wOnder yOnghwa got jealous,all member C.N Blue are awesome!!he seem afraid hyuu~n fall to other member,esp. jungshin,who was covered him coz his height!!kekekekekeke.. XD

  8. They’re so cute! I love Yonghwa being jealous of his members. Heheheh

  9. SeoHyun is adorable~!! she was so shy in the bed room. can’t wait for wgm next week.

  10. lol he is so cute when he is jealous~~~lol minhyeok!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tts so cute XD

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