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Photo Of The Day! 4Minute HyunA shows off her sexy abs

Photo Of the Day! HyunA shows off her sexy abs during 4Minute’s congratulatory performance at 2010 CJ MaGoo MaGoo Pro Baseball with Lotte Giants up against Nexen Heroes on 27th March.

Go under the cut for more photos.


60 Responses

  1. Please give 4M *cough HyunA cough* some attention, seems she’ll do anything for it ¬¬

  2. Pretty girl, but abs…………….erm no~

  3. i’m a girl but i can tell that she’s HOT!!

    well, that’s not abs, but that’s hot.

    what’s up with people these days? isn’t it normal in Korea for people to show their skin? and she just show her sexy belly. what the hell is wrong with that? if you ptotest her for showing her belly, why don’t you protest to BEG? i know she’s young but you’re dealing with korea. so i think it’s really normal.

    • The people who are disturbed are mainly prudes. people show more than her when they go to the beach. People just pull out the culture card when they think someone’s showing bearing too much, when really no one really cares. Plus she’s like 18, she’s pretty much an adult, calm down.

  4. well as a conservative fan of KPOP and a year older to her, i think Hyuna, for a 17-year-old, needs to put down the shirt,. if she wants to show her belly, she could’ve just worn a sports bra or something that can reveal that. and about the “abs”, there’s no abs…but there is a very-well toned stomach. πŸ™‚ HOW DID YOU DO THAT? πŸ˜€

    and yeah, i think i kinda agree to some people here that she is wasy too overrated in 4minute. other members need a spotlight to, y’know…it’s not like Hyuna all the time…and i wanna hear her sing, like her gayoon-unni. πŸ™‚

    • ooh, and i think she’s the female version of a lee kikwang.. πŸ˜›

      • LOL this comment made me think of how hyuna once mentioned that she didnt like Kikwang showing off his abs all the time and she finds it a turnoff, yet she does the same exact thing.

  5. Are those commenting here fangirls? Lol, this kind of thing fanboys love it. Fangirls should just skip this kind of thing.

  6. a girl shud NOT flash her abs!![even if she have it]
    if she’s about to show it,just wear something that is more appropriate,like a sport bra..etc..
    i really don’t understand Korean mind on this matter.. weird much??!

  7. Lol don’t hate cause you don’t have abs

  8. People need to know how Hyuna really acts.
    Shes not a slut. Stop judging her if you don’t know her.
    Its not only Hyuna who shows her skin. I know she shouldn’t show too much since shes still1 7/18, but still, most teens are showing alot these days.

  9. YEAH! gahee has the most toned abs. lol
    i like it.
    if the pitcher is as beautiful as hyunA
    i bet all will get a 3 strike. LOL

  10. It’s interesting how everyone makes such a big commotion over something little πŸ˜€ Get a life.

    Hyuna’s HOT. Sure she’s only like 17/18, but seriously, I know that some of you on here have seen WAY WORSE than this. I know I have seen worse from little 14 year olds. Sigh. I wished I had that coin slot belly button. XD I envy her and Hyori who have em. Ahah.

  11. Those can’t be considered abs, but for sure, Hyuna has a very toned waist. Everytime when I’m watching Change I will be thinking this girl has a very toned and proportionate waist…Hyuna share the secret please hehe

  12. ABS?! I dont see any abs..

  13. I agree..HyunA is not the only one doing it ..its like a trend in Korea nowadays to be sexy and showing skin..

  14. Koo Hara shows off the same all the ‘mister-time’, anybody complain about that? being sexy and showing skin are concepts nowadays

  15. seriously, this girl would be as good if she’s a stripper!

    she can’t even perform without lifting her shirt.

  16. WOW, HyunA showing skin again, how wonderful. next

  17. Sure, she has not abs, but she is fine as hell, so why the f does it matter? jealousy? possibly.

    • i don’t think it’s called jealousy, it’s annoying coz she keeps doing it over and over again…what’s new? -.-

      • why don’t u say it to male idols? Maybe it’s not jealousy IDK. I find that girls like to find fault with other girls huh? I am a girl & I dont understand =.= When female artiste act sexy u call them sluts & when they act cute u call them fake…geez seriously what do they want? It doesn’t happen to male groups huh? When boys act sexy fangirls say it’s hot when they act cute they say it’s cute.When male idols take off their shirts so often no one’s compaining…do you see fanboys complaining? that;s why girl groups have more antis than boy groups coz some girls are just so narrow-minded

      • @….. your comment is so true Im a girl and I agree with in everything u said

  18. oh stop insulting hyuna! she”s great,pretty and sexy.
    what she did was called fan-service, and i”m sure everybody at the match liked it… go 4minute! ^^

  19. I’m guessing it’s pretty useless to hope that the spotlight will actually be on someone other than Hyuna in 4minute…

  20. Ahhhm ~ wait what ? abs ?
    where ? im pretty sure im not that dumb to know what is abs.
    she has a flat stomach .. yeah .. but abs ? seriously ?!!
    btw, she seriously needs to stop acting “sooo sexxeeyy” coz instead of coming sexy, she looks more like a slut …

  21. Ahhhm ~ wait what ? abs ?
    where ? im pretty sure im not that dumb to know what is abs.
    she has a flat stomach .. yeah .. but abs ? seriously ?!!
    btw, she seriously needs to stop acting “sooo sexxeeyy” coz instead of coming sexy, she looks more like a slut …

  22. lol@people saying “she has no abs!”
    so… are you upset that the caption/article title isnt what its suppose to be errr what?

    visible abs on a girl is very rare. its imo too much. a toned stomach is enough to show that the girl works out. she was sick and for her to … yeah i’d continue but you get my point.

    did anyone notice how long jiyoon’s hair was? she reminds me a lot of yoobin in the last picture simply bc of the hairstyle and bangs

  23. perhaps when she says abs, she doesn’t mean six-pack, but just the abdomen/stomach area (or midriff). and i agree, hyuna has a very sexy midriff. actually hyuna is very sexy, period.

    i don’t find a six-pack sexy on a girl. sexy =/= muscular. for me anyways. i like ’em smooth and curvy.

    • The term abs isn’t used to describe the stomach area. It’s used when the actual muscle is showing on the abdomen. It’s used the same way as the word “pecs” is used. If a guy has man boobs, you wouldn’t say he has pecs.

      • to be technical abs is short (or slang) for abdominal muscles, as pecs is short for pectorals. so you can say “nice abs, nice pecs, etc.” but to say someone has no abs is wrong because everyone does. same with pecs. just watch any exercise video. they don’t tell you “you will have abs in 30 minutes…” they say something like “get well-defined/ripped/six-pack/etc. abs in minutes…”

        of course i know that people don’t use the term that way in everyday speech. but not everyone here talks slang. thus i tried to point out that maybe, just maybe, a six-pack isn’t what the article meant when it mentioned abs.

  24. when she’s not wearing ultra micro mini skirts, she’s pullin’ up her shirt. somehow tho, i can’t help but like her. she’s a powerful girl. has that strong girl image on stage. sexy and fierce. she just needs to tone it down a touch and she’ll be fine.

    p/s: hope i don’t get bricked when i say this, but a 2ne1 and 4minute collab is like an ultimate dream. lols. hopefully, it’ll happen one day. hehe^^

    • Nah, I would love to see the collab too. Both groups are fierce and though they are sort of competing with each other, I think they would get along really well if 2NE1 socialised much out of the YG Family circle πŸ™‚

  25. I think you\’ve written several articles about Hyuna\’s \”abs\”. This tells me two things. One, you have no idea what having abs actually means. Two, Hyuna is pretty slutty if she is revealing her so called \”abs\” all the time.

  26. I like Hyuna but she needs to chill everything she deos I feel like she has to do it sexily in other to get attention she’s the most popular member of the group because I fell like CUBE deos not let the other member’s shine they just Hyuna first because she was once a WG it’s true

    • trueeeeeeeeeeee! Sh’s my fave but she needs to focus more in her SINGING rather than doing sexy all the time…

      • true..i never heard her sing before. and CUBE and the people are facing their attention to Hyunah only, when there are still the other members..

  27. abs??? where????
    even hyomin has better abs!

  28. gah, just when I was starting to like 4M again; am I the only person who finds this inappropriate? She’s still 17/18; please stop, little girl.

    • lol you’d be surprised at the 17-18 year olds nowadays.

    • this is more revealing

      anyway i just wonder why is it when SNSD wore shorts/skirts everyone called them sluts or when CL wore that outfit for sbs gayo people started complaining that the outfit is too revealing and inappropriate for 19 years old girl

      i wonder why noone is saying anything about this?

      • i think peop-le said enough about hyuna before about outfits.

      • lol you can see half her boob in that pic

        anyway, i’ve seen worse on american television

        and what abs? nice belly, but no well-formed abs

      • i do agree with you dear . whatever 2ne1 is doing , it will always be an issue . i think if snsd went naked they would said it’s just for a video or song or shooting , they have to . =.=

  29. I feel like a pedofile 😦

  30. ^ i just had the same thought. as did 70% of the world im assuming.
    she has a nice flat belly. but sorry, no abs. you want abs? look at gahee or dambi

    • I agree
      …..I agree
      ………….I agree
      …………………I agree
      ………………………..I agree
      …………………………………I agree


      she is amazing , hot and wonderful girl

  31. I see no abs.

  32. what abs?

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