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GDragon ‘Shine A Light’ concert live album released!

After all the ordeal like criticisms and law suits against him regarding violating of youth protection law for his first independent concert performances, the live album to GDragon’s 1st independent concert ‘Shine A Light’ has been released!

Go under the cut to preview the tracks!

CD 1
01. Heartbreaker
02. This love
03. HELLO (feat. Dara)
04. Gossip man
05. My age is 13+Storm+Fly Gentlemen+G-DRAGON
06. A Boy
07. The Leaders (feat. TEDDY, CL)
08. Breathe
09. Butterfly
10. But I love u
11. She’s Gone(feat. Kush)
12. Only Look at Me(feat. Taeyang)
13. Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang)
14. 1 Year Station
15. Lies
16. Heartbreaker(Encore)

Bonus CD
01. Heartbreaker (feat. Flo Rida)
02. This love (G.H remix)
03. 소년이여 (Choice37 remix)
04. Breathe (hitchhiker remix)
05. Heartbreaker (Choice37 remix)

Meawhile, recently a netizen posted up  a whole collage of 136 hairstyles of GDragon


43 Responses

  1. i bought the ALBUM,and i realized that i wanted the DVD version. i wanted to watch the concert!T~T but i still im happy with the album.. hahaha!

  2. I do admire this young boy..
    His musical skill is awesome in addition to his hardworking personality.

  3. Heartbreaker is soo LEGIT. =)

  4. haters to the left. lol
    go compose your own song if you don’t wanna hear
    a song form our boy genius.


  5. COOL~~!!!!!

  6. haha, oh sorry. i thought the first comment of mine didnt go through~~~

    again, in ur face

  7. fuck u haters….



    plagiarism? whaaa…….???

    kah3!!!! i looooove this. its sick!!!!!!!!!!!

    so come on, haters… what more can u say? come on. i dare yah

  8. fuck u haters….

    IN UR FACE!!


    plagiarism? whaaa…….???

    kah3!!!! i looooove this. its sick!!!!!!!!!!!

    so come on, haters… what more can u say? come on. i dare yah

  9. This has to be one of the biggest “IN YOUR FACE” moment in history. Hahahahah. So waddya say haters?

  10. Want it want it want it OMG Loooooooooooooves it Love Ya GD BB

  11. OMG!!!!
    im dying to hear the new version of heartbreaker..

    im at school rite now, so i cant listen to the song coz the site is blocked here… sob3.. TTT.TTT

  12. GD is so gorgeous
    miss him & BB so much. COme back soon


  14. […] GDragon ‘Shine A Light’ concert live album released! « K Bites […]

  15. i should’ve known that all the sickest live remixes (heartbreaker at MAMA) were Choice37 mixes. I’m really really glad they released album versions of them.

  16. this version is really good…GD changed it a little bit and brought it to different level.

  17. Oh mai gawd..
    Wanna get this one. Im dying to hear the heartbreaker ft flo rida..

    Enyway..so this just a cd then when the dvd live will be release?anyone knows?

  18. epic ;]

  19. damn! the ‘Heartbreaker’ collaboration is AWESOME!!!

  20. its already number 1 on hanteo.

  21. lol. that flo-rida feature was soooo cool. it could’ve been better but heck! it’s still a good remix. and that clever “get low low low~” line in the song. ha!!

    and allow me to be childish for once, but i just can’t resist quoting someone from soompi;

    “Haters, are you happy with this big slap in your face???”

    haha^^ no. srsly. are you?

  22. I LOVE AND MISS GD ! ❤ ~

  23. luv it < 3333

  24. GD daebak!!!!!!!!!

  25. i miss the apple hair~

  26. OMG GD is so gorgeous. I love him to death.
    I really really wanna buy the DVD. 😦

  27. hahahaha take that haters! muahahahaha!!!!

    love “this Love” remix!!!

    and I’m starting to miss GD’s blond hair! lol although he looks sexy as hell with the short black hair that he hs now…

  28. Ahh, I actually don’t mind the Flo-Rida version. Though I still prefer the original better, but this version was good too~

    Hairstyles: How do K-pop stars grow their hair so long so, so fast!? (I remember when some stars cut their hair for bangs, and not it’s already chin length -_-)

    Honestly, I liked him best with blonde~

    • hair extensions ftw 😀

    • idk about kpop stars, but for guys, hair grows really fast. its just an illusion because our hair is usually short to begin with so its more noticeable.

      then theres this time where our hair isnt short enough to look nice, and isnt long enough to look suave. being asian, hair is straight so in that time period, at least for me, my hair looks like a fro – sh** sticking out at all sides ): sighsighsigh, so ugly.

      i think is uh, half mohican? hairstyle was sick(:

      • @go4dividee: Yeah, there’s extentions. But what about Tiffany? She cut her bangs, but aren’t they up to her cheeks/chin now?

        Definetaly must be fast for guys. Was looking at pics of Yoochun, and one moment he had long hair… than short, than med, than short, than suddenly medium within a short time =.=

        Grrr, maybe I just notice it more because I’m waiting for my hair to grow long and I just died when I heard it takes a year to grow a few inches. It’s too poofy shoulder length, and when I use a flat iron it’s tooooo flat/unnaturally straight. Maybe I need to head over to gabalnara and buy some wig =.=

        Oh, that hairstyle was pretty cool too. He can pull it off quite well :O When he has his hair up, he has a more older/rebellious feel, but with bangs, it’s more pretty boy-type, IMO.

  29. Nice!!!

  30. anyone knows if we’ll be able to get the album online, and if the uncut version of the album will be release? im soooo getting it, if the uncut version is going to be release! GDDDDDD! 😀

    • are you talking abt the concert album or dvd? i dunno abt an uncut version for the album, but i heard YG’ll be releasing both dvd versions, just that the uncut version will have a 19+ sticker on it probably. and if it’s going to be released, i’m pretty sure it’ll be available on yesasia or something of the like. probably. lol.

      feel free to correct me if i’m wrong tho.

      • thanks! i din know there’s a difference btw the album and dvd. -_- i’ll look around on yesasia or gmarket. HAHA. thanks! 🙂

  31. Love GD ❤

  32. omg i`m so happy finally gdragon is back
    love her hair too
    GD hwaiting

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