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BoA meets with embarrassing moment with unexpected kiss from female fan

Singer BoA gets kissed by a female fan during her fansigning session.

Currently on various portal sites, photos of BoA looking flustered after being kissed on the cheeks by a middle aged female fan are being circulated by fans and netizens.

A video showing the whole scene was also uploaded on various video sites. Fans who saw the video comment, “Oh my god”, “An embarrassing situation for her since she cannot show that she don’t like it”, “Sexual harrassement”, “I wonder how it will turn out if the fan is a male” etc.

While there were fans who think that this is not appropriate even for a female fan.


34 Responses

  1. I think it was okay…..
    That lady looks nice

  2. boa was like 40 minutes late for this signing, and this was a while ago in line with her US release…

  3. awwww i think thats cute XD i think she wants boa as her daughter o.o

  4. It’s kind of nice and warm that she kiss. Showing her love and support for BoA. BoA got shock.. But she is so pretty. =D

  5. it’s ok… i agree it’s a motherly kiss… maybe BOA was shocked coz it’s unexpected… πŸ™‚

  6. its just a fan kissing her theres nothing wrong with it omfg! sometimes this kpop idols just too sensitive.

  7. Boa was just shocked because, she never saw that coming, but if the old lady just asked for it, i think as a respect for a middle aged female fan, she’ll give her a kiss, but unfortunately, the kiss is a stolen one. lol.

    anyway, Boa looks like 4minute’s hyunah on that video. XD

  8. i think there’s nothing wrong with it. πŸ™‚

  9. i didn’t see anything wrong with that. The auntie was maybe just a huge fan. BoA shouldn’t have avoided the kiss on the cheek. I thinks it’s kinda rude.

  10. haha thats no biggie

    old ladies do that alot these days, its just motherly love πŸ™‚

  11. LOL WTF! Boa was o_O that woman is a crazy fan..
    respect boa please…

  12. I thought it was normal. Haha I thought it was a kiss by the lips when I saw the title “unexpected kiss.” Boa is so cute xD

  13. BoA is too cute there. β™₯

  14. Awwww… that’s sweet. It’d be sweeter if BoA hug her

  15. I just realized how much I missed BoA from the music scene.

  16. Lol i think it’s kinda funny.. XD
    It’s not like the lady is giving her a death kiss or anything.. All that fuss for nothing

    Cute ^^

    Tho, come to think of it.. If i was in BoA’s place i would be shocked too lol XD U never expect a fan to kiss you on the cheek.. XD I wonder what went through her mind XD

  17. lol because its a middle age lady, its not as bad, because it could be motherly love or something,
    if it was a dude, haha completely diff story

  18. im more intrigued with the white man queuing up

  19. uhhhhh. i wonder who’s her kid. i’d be way embarrassed

  20. lmao.. boa got so scared after the lady leaned in again… ahaha

  21. boa is just too pretty, even for women LOL

  22. I think its like motherly love or something…
    well thats what i think tho..

  23. what the fudge.the woman is old for pete’s sake! Fans here in the philippines kinda do that also.

  24. lmao wtf its okay since it was middel aged woman….but if it was dude there would be some serious bodyguard tackling done to him

  25. ._. freaky .

  26. oh my… that was freaky.. but thank god it’s an ajuhmma, if it’s an ajuhssi, i’d be screaming my ass off.

  27. WTF

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