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Seo In Young at Lee Joo Yeong fashion show and Jeremy Scott’s party

The most recent features of Seo In Young.

Preparing for her solo album after leaving group Jewelry, Seo In Young was recently seen at Lee JooYeong’s fashion show and Jeremy Scott’s party in Seoul on the 26th and 28th March.

Photos of Seo In Young at the events have gained much attention from the netizens as she was spotted with a new hairstyle in her usual sexy fashion.

More photos under the cut.

At Lee JooYeong’s fashion show

And at Jeremy Scott’s party

Looking forward to her new album!

21 Responses

  1. so beautiful! Love her!

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  4. the way she walked..like she will break her back anytime!LOL

  5. Both are seo in young

    It just different place πŸ™‚

  6. im 1000% sure that there really look a like especially the eyes and the hair..

  7. OMO , when i see this .. they really really look a like

  8. She looks stunning; a true fashionista.

  9. ):

    must people conform to jeremy scott’s style?
    that adidas outfit isnt her “/ or it can just be the those “shells” outlining her boobs. no need to emphasize

    • you don’t go to jeremy scott’s birthday party and not wear a jeremy scott.. =.= she already chose a tamer outfit than the rest of his collection.. and she looks damn good

  10. ^ Cause their both the same ppl <_<
    Seo In Young's face, hair and clothes look bad at the Jermey Scott
    She looks nice in the 1st couple of pics

  11. o_o They look like… Twins? lol

    • I’m guessing you thought “Seo In Young AND Lee Joo Yeong at so-and-so”, but it’s “Seo In Young AT Lee Joo Young fashion show…” πŸ™‚

      The top pictures are both SIY. The left picture is her at Lee Joo Young’s fashion show (so pretty!) and at the right is her at the Jeremy Scott party πŸ˜€

  12. one of the most beautiful people in k-pop ever
    her solo album will blow everyone away with its amazingness πŸ™‚

  13. Seo In Young unni is a true fashion icon

  14. first!

  15. She’s really a fashionista. =)

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