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BEAST members show off their fresh faces

Photos of BEAST members taken during their recent appearance on Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime radio show have caught the attention of many netizens and fans over various portal sites recently.

Back with their new song ‘Shock’, the BEAST members were usually seen with masculine makeup on stage. And these photos featured the members looking pure and innocent in their fresh faces.

Go under the cut for more photos.


20 Responses

  1. so cutee

  2. BEAST <33
    They all look good still ^^

  3. he has circle lenses on! :O


    Yo Seob <3333 ~

  5. lmao at “masculine makeup”
    i’ve become so used to seeing them with the heavy eye makeup that it looks a little weird seeing them fresh faced. they look so much younger

  6. Awww Doojoon you look good with and without makeup!!!

  7. masculine makeup<<<<<<<only on Kpop
    I never heard this

  8. leader doojoon looks the same! XD
    hello yoseob cutie! 😀

  9. OMG kikwang looks like such a nerd. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    junhyung is adorableeeeeee. i love how he’s in almost every one of these pictures. ahahaha
    BEAST jjang!! ❤

  10. ahhhhh yo seob! 😀

  11. among all, i couldn’t regonise jun hyung =x
    otherwise, guys pure face is always better ^^

  12. OMG
    Junhyung’s such a cutie T_T
    And I’m falling deeper for HyungSeung’s eyes. Still those lovely-like-cow’s-eyes T_T

  13. They look really tired. =_=

    But i can help but notice their fingers, they loos so short =O especially Hyun Seung’s rofl. it’s cute. (but maybe it’s the pictures.)
    — I always look at the hands. O_o

    Dujun ❤

  14. Talk about lack of sleep. Their eyebags look like it weighs a ton. Idols these days dont ever sleep. They must have schedules busier than a president.

  15. they are look so cute with that pure face…
    they seem few year younger than when they are on stage….uri yoseob~i….aigooo kwiyeopta….

  16. they are look so cute with that pure face…
    the seems few year younger than when they are on stage….uri yoseob~i….aigooo kwiyeopta….

  17. Awww they are all so cute 😀
    I wish I had this kind of fresh skin too…
    Yo Seob <333

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