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Full song to Lee Hyori’s comeback song ‘Swing’ revealed

The full song to Lee Hyori’s comeback 4th album title song ‘Swing’ has been revealed on 1st April.

Love it or not?

45 Responses

  1. boring and sleepy song… it doesn’t fit Hyori…

  2. love hyori. hate the song

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  4. not bad…i kinda like it coz it’s not irritating..really suitable for her but thank God that it’s not her title song coz in Kpop, this kind of song really hard to win or sell no matter it’s by Hyori or not….it’s just different from the idol mainstream songs…

  5. I like it. 😀 I mean come on, why should ppl stick to songs that are “perform-able?”. I think it’s about time that songs like this are promoted, too. Yes, I like poppy and cheery and dance-y songs like everyone else, but I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing a song like this on music shows.

  6. I like the song its different but the MV freaks me out…

  7. i like how she sings it cause it’s different and it shows a different side to her but the clown has got to go.

  8. it’s NOT THE TITLE song, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. This is just one of the songs in her album.

  9. kinda remind me of Daesung Cotton Candy
    cuz they both are very unique and different from what we expect

    oh by the way this is not the title song so stop saying that she’ll wins this and that because she’s LEE HYORI

  10. omo.. O.o it sounds like a trot song
    but not that bad ^^
    Hyori onni is JJANG anyway ~~ ^^

  11. I’m so in love with this song! Love Hyori’s voice….I’m speechless…@_@ ^_^

  12. the song makes me feel depressed @_@

  13. Guys the song is not the title song and reading most of ur comments proved one thing for me that u guys don’t know lee hyori or should I say that u guys never listened to her songs except maybe u go girl or 10 minute actually this song kind of reminding me of one of her old songs “don’t cry” and I think she will have a great comeback because of her great music
    Hyori unni fighting

  14. i agree. its different, unique but to me its not a good comeback song. it might be a hit because its hyori but it such a depressing song. well to me, i feel depressed when i listened to it. cant wait for her other songs.

  15. Hm …. Its okay … Just not my taste of music thoughs …. STILL !
    Hyori Is BACK XD

  16. I love hyori, but none of her albums in the past have appealed to me. But I -love- this song, it’s not your typical k-pop. I guess it may seem boring to some people, but I for one find it refreshing!

  17. haha it sounds like that music you hear in a bar in some Mex-style movie (i.e Desperado or Once Upon a time in Mexico). I like it!!!

  18. Not a Hyori fan, so I didn’t expect to like the song, but I actually do! I would have liked it better without the rap tho.

  19. i just read that kim yoon ah of jaurim should of sang it. its totally her style.. but hyori didn’t do so badd its just not her style at all.

  20. newssss
    swing isnt her title song

    btw soooooooo l;oving it

  21. Who’s rapping? LOL o_o

  22. it’s different from what i was expecting. i’m neutral to the song, but it’s interesting that she went for a more sultry, slow song. similar to rain, this song is going to be more about the vocals…

  23. her voice doesn’t suit it

    she has a sexy voice but the effects int he song make it sound weaker than it is.


    • Actually it will be a hit because it’s Hyori, if it’s good or bad it’ll still be hit.

      The korean industry is very bias towards who they like, if an artist released a good song and the fans like it. But the fans favorite artist is still promoting at the same time & their song sucks. The fans will still vote for their favorite artist.

      I was fooled by the teaser and the pictures. I thought it was going to be an upbeat song like U-go-girl but oh well. Whatever floats her boat.

      • I totally agree Katie J. Lol the teasers totally put me off – the visual concept doesn’t match the song… but then again this might not actually be the comeback song (which I’m hoping it isn’t).

        I give her kudos for trying this genre though, it’s not really my thing, but it (suprisingly) kind of suits her.

  25. wasn’t expecting that ^^
    I really like it! really really like it!
    can’t wait for the MV ^^

    • btw I don’t like the new youtube. =_=

      • oh my gosh! Finally, someone shares the same pov as me =.=” I really dislike the new youtube right now!! (Btw, yeah..I think the song is okay, not bad nor good – to me personally – but okay :))

      • Me tooOO! i was trying to comment and i thought my comment didnt go a couple of times, next thing yannoe there’s like 10 comments on the vid already XD

  26. There’s nothing really appealing about this song. Sad thing is, its gonna be a hit just because she’s Hyori.

    • You have to agree that ppl will kind of like it just cuz its hyori and of course a lot will like it cuz they actually do like it, but for me
      the song doesnt really do it for me.
      I thought they said hip hop?

    • you make a point

      shes really an influential star right now. so whatever she does everyone will go omg it’s hyori me like!

    • Come on…the song is not that bad…
      If you say like that, what about other girls group?
      For eg. SNSD’s Oh (sorry sones..I dont mean to drag other groups in)…
      Although the song is slow, I think it has appealing feeling.
      I luv it..
      Note..this is not her title song yet…

    • I agree. To be honest, the song was dragging too long and besides the rap, there was no tempo change. I guarantee you if you ask the general public who know nothing of Hyori, they would say this song is boring. I just don’t see how all these people are saying this song is awesome. If another singer like Sori sang this song, I bet those same people wouldn’t give it a second listen.

  27. WOW!!! I think it sounds amazing. Finally an interesting comeback song with no synth and techno beats. I love the Spanish feeling.

    • I know… it seems like spanish music for some parts of the song. But the song seem like a sad song or something…

    • sookyeong, I’m sure Swing is not hyori’s comeback song. It’s just for showing a different side of her. Comeback title song is later.

  28. I really, really like it. I’m impressed.

  29. song’s sexy , wonderfully unexpected ❤

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