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Lee Hyori ‘Swing’ MV revealed!

The MV to Lee Hyori’s comeback 4th album title song ‘Swing’ has been released on 1st April. The song features famous hiphop singer LeeSsang.

Love it or not?

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  1. Woah..The clown creeps me.. look at da eyes!.. but I am addicted to this song and mv now! Not really a fan of Lee Hyori.. but.. Go Lee Hyori! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. its said i like so much her but, this mv really i dont like

  3. There is a really deep meaning behind this MV. Everything is symbolic.

    This MV really gives Emo & Gothic vibe.. Scary to me in its own ways, but like one mentioned, it’s hauntingly beautiful. TBH this song is kinda plain, but watching MV I can feel the meaning of this song without understanding the lyrics.

    This song really brings my mood down lol

  4. And I do agree, I think the clown is supposed to be a manifestation of Hyori’ s on-stage persona as an entertainer. It’s always following her around, no matter how she really feels and looks (hence the mirror imagery). It’s almost taunting her in that it doesn’t ever go away. At the end, when the clown mask is shown in the water, maybe it is Hyori indicating that she will overcome this sadness or image?

  5. Yes the clown can be “scary” or “freaky” but here you all go, here’s a hanky and a blanket, feel better now? Shame on hyo-ri for not thinking about all the wittle babies in the room, how dare she use a man in makeup and bright coloured clothing in her MV. What’s next? Is she going to use some scary horses or bears? Everyone better have their heart meds ready!! @_@

    the comments for this article…oh myyyy

  6. exemple of an over explanation for this mv:

    the clown has one single eyelid and one double eyelid… if we saw this mv like some people does, we could say that it represents the choice of an idol to have plastic surgery or not….

    LOL i mean come on…

    the clown is creepy… *shudder*

  7. I have totally fallen for it since the 1st time I watched and listened to it โค

    Hyori is always different n awesome

    and I love the explanation of Biscuit, that may be her message.
    but sorry guys, all I can think about is love (how weak I am :D)

    maybe the clown used to be her lover, but then he's got some mental problems n became like this. She's deeply hurt n depressed, trying to make him normal. When the clown takes off his mask, he may turn back to himself.

    it's just how I feel about this mv and this song. I love how this mv can go along with personal feelings โค

  8. i really like this. it’s so calm and yet, it’s so weird.
    i think the clown might be freaky, but it’s not the kind that like scares the shit outta you. i wonder who was under the mask anyway.
    lovee her voicee! love hyori! โค

  9. i love it

    the music isnt my cup of tea nor is the mv very appealing. but that isnt to say it isnt appealing. i can see her Outing family making fun of her as we speak, hahah.

    but as i was saying, this is great(: hyori, being a senior in the business, shouldnt conform to popular mainstream. she’s made enough money and boasted her status already. its a period for her to do what she loves to do, to entertain and sing. fk the autotune and popular consensus, shes doing her own thing and if they love it, they love it. if they dont, many would minus the younger crowd.

    this will definitely make her stand out amongst a crowd. this will definitely solidify her status even more. its also shown her maturity. so… i love it ๐Ÿ˜€

    if people were looking for poppish-autotune beats, there are many, and i mean many other artists who’re your flavor

  10. im very surprised. i applaud her for trying something totally different! it’s also great that she contributed a lot to her album. the album is just LOVE! awesome!

    i don’t think shes the best female singer
    but she did a lot of diversity with this album and i consider that really great

  11. umm not like the clown or MV but the music is ok

  12. I thought it was hauntingly beautiful. This is extremely different from anything else in kpop right now, and I think she made a daring choice. For those of you who think this is boring, go listen to something else than. I’m glad someone who is extremely popular is coming out with something not upbeat with repetitive lyrics.

  13. Er…

    The clown does freak me out a little, but I’m looking forward to the other songs from her album!


  14. I don’t like so much it!! Her song scary me!!
    I think that her song would be more move, but i did wrong :S

  15. wow,totally different style … the clown is so scary!

  16. I’m pleasantly surprised by her new song. I like it.
    I was expecting more autotune. Hopefully, new kpop songs will kick the box and move away from digitized vocals.

  17. clowns scare the hell out of me. Like others, I can not watch the mv but the song is pretty decent.

  18. pretty cool mv. i think it meshes well with the song, and i like the fact that it leaves enough room for people to have interesting interpretations with it. hyori’s definitely on the right direction, so far.

  19. I like this mv,it has that some dark side.Love it love it love it,i don’t know how i “get over this”,it keeps rollin’ in my head:) I like her make up^^

  20. As many have mentioned, clowns can be symbolic in that they are different people on the inside.

    Hyori stated that she wanted to show different sides of herself in the teaser. I’m guessing this mv in like an intro to the rest of her album.

    In the scene of the clown and the mirror, you see the clown looking into the mirror and seeing Hyori. I’m guessing that’s Hyori’s image as laid-back and her “entertainment image” (don’t know how to word this, but shedding off her image like in FO?).

    Even though they try to let things go, it stills comes back to them (balloons released in the sky, but reappearing at 3:48).

    Than in the scene of the clown taking of his mask, Hyori is letting go of her older image and is showing herself a new image through this album. She wants to be taken seriously for her music in this album.

    Just a guess, though.

    As many artists sometimes make several mv’s for their album, I really look forward to the mv and song Hyori will use for her title track ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree with your analysis! I love the symbolism in Lee Hyori’s mv, it shows that she is a true artist.

  21. Clowns are always symbolic
    clowns are normal people dressed in outrageous costumes and made to act idiotic and stupid to entertain people. While in side and behind the mask they are normal , like a Kpop star

  22. After watching this mv, I have the feeling of
    I did not finish watching this and I will never watch it again.

  23. Im curious with the song lyrics, hopefully the translation will come out soon. This mv is kinda creepy, it’s not the main song of this album right?

  24. I’ve watched ‘It’ but I don’t find clown as scary.

    In the mv, the clown symbolize a person who hide their feelings through facade or someone who’s living in the world of illusions which they made to run from the truth.

    I love the song although it is too sorrowful.

    Hyori’s voice bring more to the feeling and in the end made me feel it too.

    And TQ for bring something new to KPop, Hyori-shi.

  25. Yeah..that clown really freaked me out too..kinda scarry mv..

  26. now I remember why I hate clowns; luv the song though~ can’t wait to hear her other tracks.

  27. ok listening to it was better than watching that… at first i was creeped out, then i just got plain bored and tuned out .


  28. omg its too depressing to be her song. so not herrrr, shes more lively and upbeat, this is so darn sad

  29. I’m not a fan of Hyori.. but I find this song is quite interesting. It’s different with the usual mainstream kpop.
    I don’t like the rap though, it sounds off-sync with the beat imo.
    In the video, is the clown supposed to mean anything? I don’t understand why he’s there.. Or maybe it’s just me thinking too hard..=p

  30. Has anyone seen the movie IT by Stephen King? CLOWN IS EVIL!

    • Exactly!!! That’s why i don’t like clowns!
      The new video is not what i tougth it would be, i’m kinda disapointed.

  31. ok the clown freaked me out and i couldn’t watch anymore. doesn’t she know some people are scared of clowns?

    • I feel the same way. The moment I saw the clown feet I stop it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Why you scare of clown? One kills your mom?

      Let’s say Im scare (or bored) of listen to YG music. Should YG never release new music?

      Just saying, the world doesnt revolve around you or the ones who fear clowns. What nonsense…

      • Lee Hyori isn’t from YG, she’s from Mnet…..

        why does YG involve?

    • The clown is used for symbolism. If it’s too complex for you to understand, I suggest you go watch Oh! by SNSD.

      • Did you figure that out your self or are you just writing what other people analyzed? I don’t think he/she said found the video complex, but was talking about the clown itself. Instead of leaving comments putting other people down reread the comments. Don’t bring other artists into this. All artists have different type genre.

  32. its call emo concept.

  33. weird+ kinda scary

    alice in wonderland+joker+cinderella concept..


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