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[Photo Spam] Son DamBi for Elle April issue

Previously reported, ahead of her singer comeback this April, Son DamBi underwent a radical transformation for her recent photoshoot for Elle magazine April issue.

Find the full photospread Son DamBi’s photoshoot for Elle April issue under the cut!

Thanks to Dambinews for the headsup


8 Responses

  1. She looks amazing it’s sad how the only time I find her intresting and having personality is in pictures . She should really work on her onstage personna

  2. you cant deny that she have one hot body & she look good too with the short hair

  3. She sort of started being a little of everything…but she first became known by being in CFs/Commercials

    Cannot wait until Dambi comes back!

  4. was she a model before becoming a singer?? her poses are really great. she’s an amazing model. she gives variety in every different shot. different feels and expressions. it’s a cool feat.

    i wanted to point this out because as much as i love divas like hyori, or any idols (particularly female) whenever they’re doing a photoshoot for an ad or an endorsement or magazine or whatever, every shot is somewhat similar. the only other celebrity i feel could model very well too is yoon eunhye unnie. but sometimes even eunhye can hit a flat note with her expressions.

    haha^^ no ill intentions of course. this is just my observation. maybe it’s cuz she’s a really great dancer and that helps with the posing and stuff.

    anyway, back on topic. lolss. can’t wait for her comeback!!<3

    • I agree with you.
      Not all kpop stars are good models…
      But Son DamBi is really good on all photoshots she take.

      Anyway… she looks like a female version of Hyun Joong in the first pic.

  5. Looking gorgeous, really loving the short hair (probably a wig). I can’t wait for her comeback!

  6. she looks amazing and hot I cant wait for her comeback

  7. She looks pretty, the short hair suits her. She’s so long like a model! 😮

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