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Playing main character in new drama ‘Birdie Buddy’, UEE “I will work hard as part of After School too”

After School UEE is currently managing both the activities as a singer and as an actress.

Recently After School has been busy promoting their new song ‘Bang!’ on various music programmes. At the same time, UEE is also busy as an actress with the filming of upcoming golf theme drama ‘Birdie Buddy’.

UEE’s company said via a phone interview on 30th March, “UEE has been spending her time recently practising golf for her filming of ‘Birdie Buddy’. But she is just as eager for her singer activities as part of After School.”

The drama is based on a famous comic series ‘Birdie Buddy’ and will star actors like Lee YongWoo and Lee MiSeok etc. And UEE will have a considerably amount of screen time for the drama since she is one of the main characters for th drama. The filming for drama has started last week and will go full-fledge in April. And UEE will have to juggle both busy schedules as a singer and actress.


I’m looking forward to UEE’s new drama!

12 Responses

  1. the reason i love after school is because of UEE 😀

  2. Kyaa~~~Can’t waiit !!
    Yong Woo *o* love him ❤

  3. no offense but Uee is a bland boring one note looking person. She does have a great body but other than that I think she is okay. Her acting wasn’t that great either!

  4. i love after school and i wish uee the best but i cant say i’m not a little worried. this drama has gone through major cast changes throughout its production and the two leads have little experience.
    uee has that queen drama and you’re beautiful and the other dude was in style, and wasn’t really too good in it -_-
    i’ll still be watching though

  5. I’m quite worried about this. Group Eight isn’t quite the best and sports dramas recently having been so successful.

    Hopefully things turn positive for Uee.

  6. me to can’t wait for this drama to but is to bad a lot of artist back out of this drama for poor management i hope they no problem.

  7. 🙂 Uee was the reason why I started liking AS. lol. Glad she’s going to remain part of AS. Uee<33

    @Nina, you were late by 21 minutes 🙂 Better luck next time.

  8. I was also scared that she might leave AS.
    I can’t wait to see the new drama^^

  9. first!

  10. I can breath a sigh of relieve now because i’ve been feeling that Uee might leave due to her acting debut. Hopefully not. She impressed me with her acting skills in YB so i know she will do well with a bigger role.

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