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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Secret releases MV to new song ‘Magic’

Girlgroup released the full MV to their upcoming song ‘Magic’ off their 1st minialbum on 31st March.

Love the new concept or not?


41 Responses

  1. i think the uma/omo/imma sound is catchy. (sorry, cant figure out what it is)

  2. reason’s why i think “mazik” was intentional:

    1. at the beginning of the song zinger pronounces magic perfectly fine.

    2. koreans don’t have trouble pronouncing “j” because it’s part of their alphabet.

    3. i believe they are doing it like “music=muzik” or to add flavor to the word. c’mon even english speaking artists misspell/mispronounce words on purpose. just ask snoop dogg.

    • I think it’s on purpose. It’s actually hard for Korean to pronounce Z compared to g/j.

  3. mazik sounded fine to me. i mean, i don’t think i’d even consider it as engrish. when i read some of the comments, i thought it sounded so bad like some of dsp’s ‘engrish’ songs, but it wasn’t. maybe they deliberately pronounced it that way to add some flair or whatever to the song.

    this one’s good, but i prefer i want u back more. for now.

  4. i don’t get why people keep saying its magic+muzik to justify it. it’s spelled music. unless they’re talking about muzak.

    i liked the song though. the engrish takes time to get used to, but maybe it doesn’t bug koreans unlike us international fans.

    hope that they make it this very hectic april. they’re really good!

  5. Just like enima said, they combined MAgic and muZIK to geta MAZIK.

  6. MAZIK…that one word I think they need to retitle the song or go back and learn how to pronounce the title of the song properly.
    Its a still catchy song but the engrish..puts it off

  7. hmm . the song is ok, i like their first one muuuuuuuch better than this one.

    and what i’ve noticed is, that nearly every group which started with an cute image has now a sexy image!

    for example: SNSD first song GEE.. didn’t wore reavling cloth or something and then they get sexier in Oh! or Run Devil Run .. or T-ARA .. In their Song “lies”.. kinda like SNSD .. and Secret also .. do you know what i mean?

    i mean it’s not bad .. really not .. but thats just what i’ve noticed .. haha

  8. Awesome song from my 2nd favorite girl group after 2ne1.

    They’re really talented. I love this song. Can’t wait for the mini album.

    plus they’re all pretty and sexy. perfect!

  9. This doesn’t sound anything like the teaser!
    I actually like the teaser better…

  10. i like their slow songs.

  11. I actually like the song…been replaying it 5 times hehe…Its different from their previous “I want u Back”..
    the blond girl is much more prettier and eye attention than her black hair before.
    so far Im likin it.

  12. it reminds me abit of jewelry’s superstar from a couple of years ago. Not the tune but the style…?

    Heavy beats and strong feel to it. And despite its appearance, I think these girls have some pretty good vocals (unlikesomesuperfamouspopgroups). The song doesn’t put theor vocal in limelight but i think they’re pretty good.

    Just try singing in karaoke and you’ll get my point.

    But i think they need a better dance cheorographer.

  13. this is an ewww song, the beat is also a rip off of some american song

  14. this song is wack !

  15. yay, i actually love the song!!

    their mazik is magically alright to me….i think they purposely mispronounced it as mazik, you know, it’s like the K-magic thingie…

    perhaps it’s easier to the ears of korean music lovers…when you’re in Korea, do as what Koreans do…

  16. mazik? kekeke
    I like it though, very…jazzy? idk
    I’m guessing blondy is lead dancer…
    but lovin the vocals!

  17. I also think they’re saying Mazik on purpose.

    But “Let’s secret time”? wtf?

  18. what the hell is mazik?!

    Other than that, I like the song.

  19. I noticed tge dance choreo it looks like they have the same strps as snsd oh” seriously the hand side sliding and the chorus step and cl’s body gliding steps too hehe..i like it but i was expecting more on them and geezzz dont used english if u will only make fan of it or really cant pronounced it just stick to your own language in order for the song to be more realistic be proud of it..this is a type of ignorance either u used it in purpose or having a hard time pronouncing it…

    • sorry to break it to you, but you don’t exactly have the best english either.

      and what’s so wrong abt using english in a song? even if it isn’t perfect english, at least they try to use it. there’s such a thing as practice makes perfect. and since when was music abt the language anyway? isn’t music abt self expression and emotions? i doubt one deliberately mispronounced word would take away from the meaning and feel of the song.

      cut them some slack why dontcha?

      • i dont understand why your even wasting your time to persuade everyone to give these girls a chance. first impressions count and these girls impression didnt leave a good one on people alright? not eveyrone is going to love every girl group that jsut pops onto the scene and think they can sing english in their songs. people have their own opinion and not all will be the same ! so why dont you give people who comment some slack and allow them to express how they feel about the song. And when is commenting on a forum about being judge by other people on their speech? dont they have the right to express what they feel like ? seriously ,

        what ever happened to freedom of speech.

      • lol. i just felt that it was ironic for this person to comment on how bad this group’s english was when s/he themselves don’t have good enough english to begin with. that kinda makes the person a hypocrite don’t you think?

        and besides, i’m only stating my opinions too right? you said not everyone will have the same opinions. when and where in my comment did i ever stop that person from making their opinions? all i did was state my own opinion on the issue she’s brining up. aren’t i allowed my freedom of speech either?

        lol. you’re being completely contradictory to yourself. geez.

  20. i didn’t like it….for some reason i didn’t even like their other songs. I liked the teaser better -.-

  21. And why isn’t Korean enough? Why do they need to put in english words? Let alone when they obviously can’t speak the language? And who the hell produced this song? Because they obviously don’t speak english either.
    Catchy tune, good vocals. But no enunciation and this song has no soul. It’s only for ratings, no heart, no soul, not for the love of music or the pure need to sing. Only for ratings.

    • isnt that what all music from idol groups are these days?

    • whoa whoa whoa!! slow down, cranky. comin down a tad bit harsh on them, aye? c’mon, they’re a rookie group under a relatively unknown company and has thus far only released one proper song. give them a chance. improvements are always around the corner. everyone’s gotta start somewhere. you can’t just be born as perfect performers.

      and personally, i feel this song is a hell of a lot better than the over-commercialized songs from girlgroups right now like RDR, lupin, try to follow me or i go crazy because of you and the rest others. at least this song has a distinctly different feel and touch to it. there is victory in attempt, you know. at least they’re trying.

      besides, engrish is everywhere in kpop right now. it’s the ‘in’ thing to do. “every night i shUck” or “maJeltov” isn’t exactly any better than this. and anyways, you can pretty much guess that the “mazik” pronounciation was probably done on purpose because the rapper pronounced ‘magic’ correctly in the beginning of the song.

      also, your last sentence can be said for most of the ppl in the music industry right now so that’s not even a valid point for you to make. lol. just chill.

  22. wtfff, the teaser was so much better TT__TT
    what happened to the suspender choreo? and the beat? its totally different. T_T

  23. This song is fabulous, it has such a catchy tune without being annoying. I love the jazzy feeling and the vocals are AWESOME. Sure it has some Engrish in their, but get over it, almost all of kpop involves Engrish lol.

  24. the teaser was so much better zzzz.

  25. I don’t know why they pronounced magic as mazik.. Whether it’s on purpose or not it’s disappointing and annoying. The song is great but bad pronounciation made the whole song errrrm not great. Why the hell they use english word but not pronounce it correctly… but i love their army outfit. i want the 3/4 pants =S

  26. lol. i think the “mazik” pronounciation was done on purpose. cuz if you listen to zinger’s rap part near the end at around 2:30 she said “magic show” perfectly fine. lols.

    the song is great tho. awesome in fact!! very upbeat and dance-y. makes me wanna get up and move!
    go SECRET!!! HWAITING!!<3

    • you’re probably right… this is really pretty upbeat.

    • I think so too. They actually had really good English. If you go and listen to them singing Stick Wit U and I Have Nothing, you can tell that they have better English then how this song make them sound. But I don’t get why they choose to pronounce magic like that.

      • maybe it has something to do with the wordplay in the rap parts.

        “feel my MAZIK, like a MUZIK”
        “my MUZIK, MAZIK, MUZIK~”

        i think they were just playing on the pronounciation to give an edge to the song. lol. i guess they failed since so many ppl found it annoying instead.

        it doesn’t bother me as much tho. i absolutely love the song and they’re a very talented group. hope they’ll become successful in the future.

    • lol when you think about it, lts like their combining “music” and “magic” to get “mazik.” I’d rather get the translations for this song just to make sure, but it would make sense if they did combine them.

      overall i like the song, but when i first heard the ‘mazik’ part, i was turned off x) after a few listens, its gotten better though. hope secret gets the success they deserve! (:

  27. ok like the song… but the engrish is FAIL!!!

  28. LMAO engrish… Mazik mazik … Gahahah

  29. mazik mazik mazik mazik mazik mazik

  30. I like the song lol but is it mazik or magic ?

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