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Girlgroup debuts! Plus comeback by WonderGirls, f(x) and 4Minute in April~May!

The domination of the girl groups as seen by So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-ara and KARA in February and March will continue. We recently see that After School is back with the new song ‘Bang!’, and Secret with song ‘Magic’ – much to the anticipation of fans.

In mid-April, we will be expecting a new album from SM Entertainment new girlgroup f(x). Later the month, we will also be seeing a new album from another girlgroup LPG.

And coming mid-May, we will also be seeing the comeback of girlgroups like WonderGirls and 4Minute. It is known that 4Minute is currently working on their new album with the aim of a comeback album in May. While the WonderGirls will also be having their comeback in Korea with new member HyeRim. They have been away for some time with their promotions in the States. It has been known that their new song and choreography is completed.

Apart from that, we will be seeing the debut of new groups.

In mid-April, group SISTAR will debut with Bang ShiHyuk as their producer. An d in May 9-member girlgroup 나인뮤지스 will debut. The group will consists of Lee HyunJoo who came in #1 during the 2007 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest.


Also not forgetting the comeback of 2NE1 which is set in April

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  1. t-ara

  2. Yay..wonder girls..Cant wait..

  3. yeay for wonder girls.. been waiting so long.. so excited..

    not only the girl groups but ss501, cn blue will make comeback soon too..

  4. WG definitely. Not much of a fan of these girl groups, but WG always bring something new and fresh to the table. I bet they’ll start another craze.

  5. Hopefully CSJH the Grace comes back this year to show girl groups how its done

  6. I find it very interesting how many of u are looking down at WG as if they are just another girl group that nobody knows about just because they were not active in last year that does not mean that their fans will not support them or Korea forgot about them in the end WG is a group that made it big by their own they did not need anyone’s help to shine and a group that won many awards like best female group, artist of the year and song of the year and honestly till this day there is no song out there that made it as big as tell me maybe Gee but other than Gee I don’t think any song made it as big as tell me.
    Wonder Girls Fighting

    • That’s true, Gee came close but definitely didn’t create the impact Tell Me did. Tell Me is the song that started the catchy dance hook song trend. So a lot of these girl groups owe their success to JYP and the WGs 🙂

      • ^Why would they ‘owe’ their success to WG alone? While they get the credit from starting dance crazes in their time and while most ppl admit that they did make things easier to current girl groups, this statement still feels wrong. No one ‘owes’ anybody.

        I love WG and I’m excited for their comeback. I just don’t get why ppl would use this ‘they owe’ shizz when those groups that debuted after WG are indeed working hard to make a name for themselves too.

      • Well you don’t have to agree with me but I definitely feel it’s true. SNSD (only using them as an example) only became really popular after Gee which had a catchy dance and was a hook song. I’m sure they work very hard as well, but I still think had they not started using the catchy dance hook song formula they wouldn’t be as popular as they are right now. Sorry if that offends you.

      • No, it doesn’t offend me. 🙂

        I just think the word ‘owe’ is too much. I’m not even a sone, but I still think that Gee will have huge success regardless of the WG factor.

      • Oh good 🙂 you seemed slightly heated lol My point is that there may never have been a Gee if Tell Me had not been such a huge success.

  7. finally WONDER GIRLS are coming back!

  8. YG better be sure with 2ne1 srsly. T.T They’re gonna celebrate their anniversary this coming may, a comeback would definitely make this celebration better!

  9. i second that..i saw that vid 2 wer sohee mentioned 2ne1..hehe..i only like sohee in WG..it wud be nice to see 2ne1 and WG together,coz their friendly girl grups..keke..love 2ne1 fighting…kyaaaa..

  10. attempting 3 countries at once..ur kidding..2ne1 no doubt is the best..i dnt hate other girl groups but pls i like them to make an effort in their moves or songs..cause im really disappointed wid gurly staffs they do..such a waste..anyway i like WG coz their honest when asked wat girl grup they like now and sohee mentioned 2ne1..for that il suport dem as well..keke

  11. WONDER GIRLS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dara post up their new concept picture in her me2day!! Oh I’m so excited! Bom also mention about their comeback at her birthday!!

    • Wonder Girls <3333

    • Yeah! sorry wonder girls but this 2010 is 2NE1 year.
      YG ROCKS!!!!

      • maybe. but thats just because wonder girls are attempting to conquer three countries at once.


      • ^^ They haven’t really succeeded in their attempt to conquer 3 countries.

        I think JYP is rushing things with WG.. Rain took 3 (or 4 years) before he captured the hearts of many

  13. im excited about wg… expecting a lot after the hiatus in korea. hope their comeback is daebak!

  14. @gdrag best korean girl group?Don’t type this sentence with your eyes close please.

    I am from SG, 4minute isn’t really popular here.
    In Singapore all i see is SNSD fans and WG fans.

    • dont make me laugh !
      your comment is rather ridiculous, dont speak on behalf of singapore fans seriously. there are many other girl group fan based in singapore too.

    • plus, that person is not even talking about 4Minute.
      they may not so popular in your country but maybe to that person personally they are.

    • h t t p://w w w.y o u t u b e.com/watch?v=z1VfjdCGoyQ

    • stupid! of course he/she is a 2ne1 fan and will say 2ne1 is the best korean girl group. that goes to all the fans. can you expect me saying that big bang is the best korean boy group when beast is my favorite? of course not.

      • why is so wrong for someone to like their own girl/boy group, and say they are the best? jeez.

  15. :/ the wonder girls in that pic look so ugly (and some of them old too).
    can’t wait for 2NE1’s comeback.. YG baby <333
    2NE1,The Best korean Girl group Fighting 😀

    • well the other girl groups out there are fresh and younger..
      the wg.. not so much.. and honestly they without makeup are O_o

      • Well… I’m pretty sure “so ugly” is on the overly exaggerated side. They may not be the most drop dead gorgeous people around, but they aren’t “ugly”.

        If the WG are not “fresh and young”, are they suppose to be “dried old hags” O.O?

        Because I’m seeing flawless skin and natural beauty in that pic, so I’m getting a bit confused here. I’m pretty sure all of them look quite pretty (unless one has extremely high standards) and look fresh and young~ 😀

      • that’s why Sunye said that they might not be pretty like the other girl groups but they believe in what they can do and look how far they’ve made it without looks.

    • @ gdrag5: agree with u
      Dara alone is more beautiful, cute and funny than all the WG together.

  16. WG!. *so excited!. =)

  17. WOOO F(X)
    ^^ hopefully they come out with a good song this time …>< wtf sm? wtf is chu and lachata? even their ost songs are better than that.

    • yeah, im excited about f(x) too. they are filled with potential. idk, i liked ~chu and la cha ta but i understand how those songs arent considered “great”. but you know, i think their promoted songs are songs that the audience can dance to, get up and bob their heads to whereas the songs that arent promoted, the rest of the songs on the album show a different side to f(x)

    ah i can’t waiit. really excited for them 😀

  19. Can’t Wait For WONDER GIRLS TO COMEBACK! ^______^ ❤ Been Waiting For This Time To Come! =D Miss Them Soooo Much!

  20. 4minuteeee~ and the wonder girls! Sistar ~
    can’t wait for 4minute though keke~
    I heard they were having a comeback in may

  21. I can’t wait for f(x) and WG !!

  22. Can’t wait fro WG though,although they will just stay at Korea for about 2-3 weeks

    • only for 2-3 weeks???
      tsk tsk tsk T^T

    • Yeah I was sad to hear that too.
      But at least their finally back so I’m happy. Hopefully k-wonderfuls make the girls win during that time and they might extend the promotion time.

      Anyways I’m looking forward and super excited for WG’s comeback 😀

    • where did you get this info from?

  23. Who wrote this BS?
    4minute is not going to come back in 1st half of 2010,they are going to release Japanese version of Muzik in May and likely to do some promotions there
    And Bang Shi Hyuk’s girl group is not called SISTAR,nor they are from big hit ent.wtf is going on with this article?

    • I read somewhere 4minute will debut in Japan in this summer
      so I wont going to believe their comeback news

      • 4Minute also need to complete the Asia tour that they signed wit Universal, they still have 3, or 4 country to come, like China and singapore …
        They often go to other countries from thursday to sunday, so each week is one country

        I;m waiting like crazy the day they rz Singapore ke ke

  24. omg I completly forget f(x) !

    I can’t wait for WonderGirls and 4minute =D

  25. 4MINUTE!!!!

  26. only waiting for the WONDER GIRLS haha

  27. wheeeeeee~~~!!!!<3<3

  28. i don’t think 2ne1 will come back in April
    cuz like yg said Se7en will make a comeback first
    so until Se7en comeback or offically announcement make by YG that 2ne1 will comeback this april
    then noone know for sure when 2ne1 will comeback

    just saying because i don’t want blackjack to get their hope up thinking that 2ne1 will comeback this april

    you also forgot about the new JYP girl group
    but just wondering so Wonder Girls and the new JYPE girl group will promote at the same time?


    • I know! It’s unreal how happy i got after reading that the song and choreography was already done!!! They have been truely missed.

      Also really loving After School and Secret’s comeback. Both songs are really awesome imo. Especially looking forward to their comeback stage (AS only got one performance).

      Good luck to 4min too.

  30. Yay! For girl groups. Then Kara is off to conquer Japan in may.

  31. 2ne1’s april comeback is not sure yet. not until YG announces it himself… on 2nd thought, YG is notorious for both surprises and unreliable date announcements.. so..

    good luck to everyone.

  32. Woah… Thanks for that.

  33. 2NE1 FTW. love ur new banner btw ^^

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