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Cheon Sang Ji Hee Dana casted for musical ‘DaeJangGeum – Season 3’

Cheon Sang Ji Hee member Dana is known to have been casted for musical ‘DaeJangGeum – Season 3’.

Coming 1st May till 23rd May, singer talent Dana will appear in musical ‘DaeJangGeum’ as the role JangGeum to open in SEoul JoongGoo KyeongHeeGoong. Dana is known to have been double casted for the musical together with singer Lisa.

Meanwhile, after her solo singer debut in 2001, Dana had taken part in 2001 sitcom ‘Nonstop 3’ which gained much popularity. And from 2005, she joined 4-member vocal female group Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace which was not only active in Korea but also in Japan.


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  2. man smtown artists are just putting all its artists slowly into the musical stage…geez what else is next? dramas? oh wait already did

  3. Comeback please <3333 I miss you girls TToTT

    I think their comeback is near, since there has been quite a lot of hints: Lina opening a mall, Steph going to school IN KOREA, Sunday came back and featured in H-Eugene's song, Dana's mysterious CY'mess "We'll see u soon" and finally, this.

    Cheon Sang Ji Hee jjang!!! Just come back please and make Shapley proud TToTT.

  4. is that really dana in the picture? she looks different. but yes i am so glad she has some activities finally in korea. but is stephanie recovered yet? thats what they are waiting for right?

    • Yes they’re waiting for Stephanie to recover from her injury before they make a return, which I hope is soon!!!! It’s been far too long. With CSJH, BoA and other talented artists making a comeback, it’ll definitely make k-pop lively again compared to the recent events. Let’s just hope these girl’s comeback is a sure thing.

  5. does that mean they’ll make a comeback soon? shapleys have been waiting forever!

    • i hope so >___<

      btw dana looks sooo pretty ^^ she'll do well with the musical, 99.99999% guaranteed LOL

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