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Brown Eyed Girls takes part in special album for ice show ‘Festa On Ice’

Group Brown Eyed Girls releases a special album for the ice show.

The special album to commemorate the 3rd year of ‘Festa On Ice’ is released on 6th April. Other than the Brown Eyed Girls, other hit composers like Yoon IlSang, Han JaeHo and Kim SeungSoo have taken part in it.

Despite the group’s busy schedule promoting not only in Korea but also overseas as well as the individual members are involved in their own activities, they have managed to take time out to participate in the special album.

The theme song for the ice show this time is ‘Magic’. Another theme song included in the album is ‘Jump’ composed by Yoon IlSan who made hit songs like ‘Miss you’ by Kim BumSoo and ‘I have lover’ by Lee EunMi etc.

This song is a new song by the Brown Eyed Girls 6 months after they released their previous hit ‘Sign’.


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  1. This blog is very nice who want to know about this
    .it gives me a lots of information.

  2. Not digging the new song…a bit too fluffy…needs more substance and vocals.

  3. is festa…not fiesta…

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