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TOP is the #1 star netizens want to be campus couple with

Big Bang TOP has been voted #1 with 24% of votes (330 votes) out of 1,404 votes on music specialty site Monkey 3 for the poll ‘The star you want to be campus couple with’ posted on the site from 26th March till 1st April.

The reason for picking TOP are stated by netizens are that he seems charming and masculine yet innocent and fun.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

  1. TOP (24%, 330 votes)
  2. Moon GeunYoung (22%, 304 votes)
  3. Shin SaeKyung (21%, 298 votes)
  4. Lee MinHo (14%, 201 votes)
  5. 2NE1 Park Bom (12%, 170 votes)
  6. Ji HyunWoo (7%, 101 votes)

Meanwhile, there is another ongoing survey on the site on ‘Which female star suits the image of a cheerleader on the baseball court’ and stars like KARA Nicole, After School UEE, 4Minute HyunA are voted on the poll.



30 Responses

  1. I will be very happy,even if i have TOP as just my senior. Lol.

  2. congrats to top and bom~

  3. @4BOF
    LeeMinho’s paltic though
    and no one has tabis eyes

  4. Lee MinHo is way hotter than TOP πŸ˜€

  5. what exactly is “campus couple”?

  6. who doesn’t want tabi as their boyfriend?!
    he is hella funny and definitely the baby of BIG BANG!^__^

    btw,who doesn’t want bommie as their girlfriend?!
    she is totally a cutie pie without realizing her cuteness at all!!hehe~~

  7. i want to be a campus couple with bom tyvm … lol even though i’m a girl XD

  8. TOP and Park Bom are the best!!

    • Park Bom Yes!!!
      Top ..NOOOOO!!!

      • WHAT?
        I don’t know why ppl like PB..she is totally plastic, wiered and awkward

      • “I don’t know why ppl like PB..she is totally plastic, wiered and awkward”

        do U really MUST hv a reason not to like somebody or vice verse? how about i said the same thing to u or ur future son/daughter? U must feeling sad rite? no? Ops, i though i’m replying to HUMAN (which is not 100% perfect).. Hello Robot… =)

        Peace No Hating

      • LOL..Robot are far more not perfect than human πŸ˜€
        Anyway..I wrote this coz of above comment

        PB yes TOP NO

        I don’t like her but I like their music, most favourite out of all kpop gals groups. Sorry, I just don’t like them as person. I hate it more if 2NE1 gals are paired up with BB boys esp GD.. lol..
        No hate here as long as no BB involved πŸ˜‰

  9. haha. by november the electric love tour dvd would be released in the philippines! yehey!!
    TOP the dorkiest and the smexy rapper. ftw! BIG BANG jjang~

  10. he has theο»Ώ most beautifulist eyes ever.
    he looks like a bad guy but he is shy and funy…haha…so cuteeeeee

  11. when is his album gonna be released with the music videos and stuffs?

    • Well, it was supposed to be released around the time of Big Show I guess, but he did say he had to postpone everything because of the movie he was filming. Big Bang still has to go do some stuff in Japan then all the other YG artists including BB are going to release some stuff….So I’m not quite sure where his album and MV are gonna fit in. Maybe around the time BB makes a comeback? Like a bit before so that there’s some anticipation for the group. Who the heck knows…I’m still waiting on Taeyang’s album too lol.
      At this rate we may only see stuff in 2012 while rolling around in our graves…..

  12. the only one i like in big bang ^^ the description fits him perfectly, no ? LOL

  13. “charming and masculine yet innocent and fun”
    perfect description of him

  14. lol i approve of this ridiculous poll. but rather than being a couple.. kinda just want to see him.. do.. something. i wish the movie filming will just end and he will release that damn single

  15. ARGHH!!! TOP IS POINTING HIS GUN AT ME!!!!!!!!! I surrender to u ^^

  16. Campus Couple with? eff that! id MARRY HIM instead ❀

  17. Happy to see Bommie on the list!!!

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