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Jo PD, “JaeBum’s secession from 2PM, rather than an unilateral problem, it was the difference in code”

Singer producer Jo PD’s comments on the succession of member Park JaeBum from 2PM draw attention from netizens.

Recently, Jo PD who is recently working with SuperStar K Jung SeulGi for her album, had an interview was conducted at his company office. And when asked which idol singer had his most interests lately and his answer was ‘JaeBum’.

During the interview, he said, “It seems that the company and the artiste are not at the same inclination. Instead of thinking that it was an unilateral mistake, the fundamental problem is the difference in code.” giving his opinions on it.

“But as much as they have had successful results, the situation was a shame for the both side. Shouldn’t it be the case where when a talent artiste meets a competent company, they will show music which portrays ‘people to people’?”

With that, the company representative said, “To Jo PD who has worked with singers like Brown Eyed Girls, In Sooni, Lee JungHyun as well as new singers, such problems are just ordinary for him. He had never picked a specific target by talking with the past teams again whenever he received a question.”


Personally, the article is not very specific as to what they meant by the company representative at the end of the article

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  1. finally ! says sth nice huh ? – -*

  2. REALLY not trying to be mean, but…does KBites just use automatic online translators (like altavista babelfish or something) for these articles? I had no clue what was said in the article and it seems like the words have no sense of logic LOL

  3. i think jaebeom would have been better with YG.

    • Yeah! I agree. I think YG ent’s style and music suits Jay’s style, talent and musical taste more than JYPE. I also believe that Jay also would have prefered to be in a company like YG ent than JYPE because Jay have never hidden the fact that he liked YG ent, he even said he would like to someday do music like the music produced in YG ent. And Jay has also said he was a 2NE1 fan and thought they were really cool and also he showed many times that he liked Big Bang too.

      Sometimes I wonder how Jay’s future would have been if he joined YG ent instead of JYPE. YG ent is a company that is known for letting their artists have more creative freedom. If their artists want to, YG Ent lets them get involved in the making of the music, choreography and concept of their albuns. YG ent also take in consideration the opinion of their artists and they let their artists develop their individual talents letting them have individual activities (like releasing solo singles/albuns or getting involved in acting).

      With Jay’s talent in singing, dancing, bboying, rapping and also his hability to write lyrics, I’m sure YG ent would have given him a lot of freedom and we would have been able to see Jay showcase all his talent. By the way, I think all of Taeyang’s solo songs would suit Jay perfectly. It’s a pity we won’t be able to see Taeyang and Jay performing together. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Ah! And I’m sure YG Ent would have handled Jay’s scandal in a better way than JYPE. Look how YG ent handled GDragon’s scandals…

      • G Dragon’s scandals and Jay’s scandals were TOTALLY different. There is NO WAY they even compare to one another. Please do not try to say one is equal to the other because they were NOT.

      • @Ugh:
        I’m not saying their scandals are similar. But GDragon’s scandal wasn’t something easy to handle either but YG ent knew how to take care of it very well. Also do you remember Dara’s sexy pictures in the philipines magazine? When those pics were released in the internet, YG ent handled that issue very well and netizens even stopped making buzz about it.
        And ANY company (even SM ent – the most bloodsucking company in Korea) would have handled Jay’s scandle in a better way than JYPE.

    • uhh no, I think YG is the last company Jay would want to go to, Jay is someone who loved REAL hip hop since the beginning, everything YG does is MANUFACTURED hip hop, all their style, concept was made for them, just look at Dara for example, the face that she makes to look *gangster*. Everything they do goes against what Jay stands for, I think Rains company is much more suited for Jay, Jay is a huge fan of Rains, and who knows, he might just have what it takes to be the next Rain. Realistically tho, he wont even go near the kpop scene.

      • All korean idol groups and idols are in some way manufactured by their entertainment companies. JYPE, SMent, YGent, DSP ent, they all manufacture their idol stars in a certain way. But among all the entertainment companies YG ent is the only one that gives their idol artists the chance to get involved in making music, creating choreography and etc. Besides that they focus on hip hop, while the other focus on Pop and/or Bubblegum pop.
        And between being part of a manufactured pop boyband where you can’t even give opinion about the songs, the concept and the choreography of your own group and being part of a manufactured hip hop boyband that you’re allowed to write your own songs, create the choreography and give opinions in the concept to be used by your group, I’m sure Jay would have prefered being in the 2nd option.
        I’m a 2PM fan since before their hot blood days so I know what I’m talking about.
        And I know that the reason Jay entered JYPE has nothing to do with Rain, he didn’t knew much about JYPE, he only auditioned to it because his mum suggested him to. And the thing about YG ent, Jay SAID HIMSELF in an interview that he would like to release music like the ones made by YG ent and he always said he liked 2NE1 & Big Bang.
        And honestly, even people that aren’t 2PM fans knows that among JYPE, SMent, YGent and DSP ent, it’s sure and pretty obvious that Jay would have prefered to be in YG ent.

  4. Even the title threw me off. Shouldn’t it be “secession” instead of “succession?”

  5. K-bites is translating literally. What Jo PD means is that Jaebum is talented in JYP Ent is a good company – they just weren’t suited for each other. It’s nobody’s fault, in other words, just unfortunate since both the artist and agency wasted time and money trying to work together when it should come naturally.

    What he said is actually the wisest and least biased thing I’ve read about the JaeBum incident actually.

    • thx for ur explaination..
      now i understand…

      what a waste.. jaebum has huge potential..
      how i wish he can return to 2pm but it’s not gonna happen..

  6. I didn’t get what he was trying to say either =/

  7. hahahahaha….i thought i was the only who doesn’t get what he was saying! ahahahaha….i don’t get it either! lmao…hahaha…..xD

    • akpop has better translation…at least its kinda more understandable.. lol

    • lmao… i don’t get it either.. i barely understand what he’s trying to say..

  8. ????

  9. huh

  10. i think if this article was translated again with different vocabulary, i would understand what the heck this guy is talking about.

  11. I don’t get what he’s saying.

    • me too.. can somebody explain this one..? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I only got 1 thing.
      he supports Jay. that’s it.
      how abt the rest?

      • H’e saying it’s not Jaebums fault, or JYPs fault. JYPE and Jaebum are both good at what they do, but they just don’t mesh well together.

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