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WonderGirls’ Korea comeback stage in May for Dream Concert? “Plans are not confirmed yet”

There has been great interets about WonderGirls’ comeback in Korea.

It has been earlier announced that they will be releasing a new album simultaneously in various cities on 16th May. And the album is released in various languages like English, Korean and Mandarin.

Recently news have came that the WonderGirls will be appearing for Dream Concert on 22nd May at Seoul WorldCup Stadium. With a JYP Entertainment rep voiced, “We know that there has been much talks about the girls’ comeback stage in Korea after the news of their new album. Even though we cannot say that there are no plans for that, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.”

Currently it has been known that the girls have completed the album recording and MV filming.

Meanwhile, coming 4th June onwards, the girls will be holding their Wonder World Tour in the States with 2AM and 2PM as their opening guests.


29 Responses

  1. Just can’t wait to hear their new song…
    WG fighting!!!!!!
    miss them so much!!!!!

  2. WG hwaiting…

  3. i’m interested to see how the WG will be doing in Korea, after such a long absence and a new member. i heard the Wonderfuls fandom has been dwindling day by day…

    so JYP should totally put the girls to perform in DC

  4. my girls! πŸ™‚

  5. wg??? No, thanks..
    2NE1 and T-ara are more talented and pretty than wg.

    • No one’s forcing you so continue your love for 2ne1 and T-ara.
      Unless your a troll hoping to gain more anti for T-ara and 2ne1.

    • 2NE1 and T-ara are such talented groups but such a shame they have a fan like you:(
      and btw WG is better than you πŸ˜›

    • if you truly are a 2NE1 and T-ara fan then don’t be an ass. Do you want your idols to be attacked because of your attitude? Fine if you don’t like wg then that’s your decision. But seriously do you have to bring 2NE1 and T-ara to this? πŸ˜›

  6. WG..Cant wait..

  7. I cant wait for their comeback

  8. I miss them so much i really hope they’ll get to perform in korea

  9. yay!! wondergirls!!! can’t wait for the comeback<3

  10. is their new song and mv for korea or america?

    • There will be three versions of their new song. On May 16, they’re gonna release three difference versions of their mv, one for china, korea, and america. So no worries, your gonna get a song version you’ll understand hopefully πŸ˜€

  11. Please, please, please come back with a new song. That’s probably too much to hope for though 😦

    The Wonder Girls were invincible at the height of their career – it was only after they went abroad that there was such a huge influx of other girl groups trying to fill in the gap. I feel like most of the rest of the new generation of girl groups were weaker from the start, but they have all grown in the past year. It’ll be interesting to see how they are in comparison to WG now.

  12. OMG I still cant believe its finally here.
    I’m still very excited. I miss them a lot.
    I waited since 2008 for their comeback.
    So I dont care where, when or how.
    Just happy their finally back πŸ˜€

    • yes,me too….
      finally they are coming back with new song n mv….
      so happy n excited to hear n watch it…
      WG fighting!!!!!!!
      miss them a lot tooo…

  13. Dont really give a damm about WG anymore.

    • If you dont give a damn, why are you in here.
      By commenting, you pretty much do care.
      If I dont like something, I just plainly ignore it.
      But I guess that your opinion and the way you express.
      So Whatever…….

      • Delete my comment if you can. I dont need your bloody opinion on this. Just STFU and write ur own comments

    • hi. If you don’t care about WG then get your ass out of here. This news post is about wondergirls…why bother reading it if you don’t care? >=))

    • I seriously don’t get it. Its weird. People say they don’t care about a group. I don’t get why they will click on an article related to that group? Its just weird! So weird. Its like me, i’m not interested in this 1 group but you don’t see me clicking on their articles and then commenting. Thats just a waste of time.

      • yes,i agree with u too….
        They should just shut up n do their own thing…What a waste of their time….

  14. I love when the whole of crowd in the stadium singing together with Wonder girls

  15. gah. i hope they show up. missing the wg magic.

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