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BoA’s skinship scandal with Japanese idol Akanishi Jin? “They are just friends”

With news of scandal between singer BoA and Japanese idol Akanishi Jin brewing, BoA’s company has came out to clarify, “They are just friends.”

An article was posted up on a Japanese magazine on 6th April reporting that, “BoA and popular idol KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin were seen in intimate behaviour and even hugging at a party in a club last month on the 23rd in Tokyo.”

The article wrote, “BoA had a good time with Akanishi Jin in the club lounge VIP seat during the party. And they hugged on several occasions.” With that, her company revealed through a phone conversation, “BoA was just enjoying herself with a few of her friends. And Jin was just one of her friends.”

Netizens’ response to BoA’s skinship scandal are “Absurd”, “You mean she cannot enjoy herself with friends at a club?”, “Seems like unreliable news source”, “Speculations from the media gone overboard” etc.


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  1. i’m jin’s fans and actually feel bad when people accused him as a playboy and scandalous. I don’t think hangout with a friends is wrong. it just, when it comes to Akanishi Jin, media always try to make it big issues. Maybe because of his obsessed in American lifestyle and party happily.
    and for more, i like him because of his talent. i don’t care about his private life as long as it is not something serious.
    So, when this news come out, i’m happy that Jin and BoA know each other but i do prefer Crystal Kay(Wonder and Helpless Night is an epic!!).

  2. I really don’t know that Jin is so that playboy, any proof about that rumours? or that’s only just rumours that unresponsible media spreading out for making news ‘n profit for the company. For me, anykind of relationship they made are they own bussiness ‘n both of them have right to be happy with whoever or whatever their partner with, even actually I would like Jin with Toda (cause JIn type of girl is natural ‘n I know that rumours said that Toda with Hina-chan ‘n get pregnant but I don’t think that’s true, cause the picture in the tabloid not that clear enough for proofing it))but If Jin happy with BOA ‘n BOA happy with Jin, then that’s alright. I think we shouldn’t always believe what media said without any clear evidence. I like Jin ‘n BOA, cause both of them have an amazing voice ‘n has a cute face ‘n both have good dance rhythm. Well, I hope that Jin’s concert in LA will succeed that can make path for KAT-TUN becoming international boysband, cause when I go to the Jin’s concert website, it’s describing KAT-TUN, he still mention KAT-TUN name not the LANDS. Well. I really pray that someday one of JE boysband could becoming international celebrity (going worldwide).


  3. wahaha!!! bakanishi.. is so cute here.. kekeke.
    jin is pretty friendly
    and yeah.. every female gets with jin. they all think its his girl.

  4. That’s a really old picture of young Jin there xDDDDDD

    If they are friends, I wish them luck with their friendship. Too often than not, any female hang out with Jin are automatically label as his girlfriends. The only exception so far is Beni because she’s already has a boyfriend. Boa has a lot of good guy friends, hopefully people can just accept that Jin can be just a friend and leave them alone.

  5. BOA is sooo busy with her work and she needs to relax and by relaxing means having fun with other artists!it’s normal to hug BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!duh!!!!!!!!!!and stop saying bad words to Jin,you guys dont even know him!!!!yes he’s a flirt but its normal for HOT and HANDSOME guys…JIn is not that scandalous…

    ..you just dont know Jpop artist that’s why you kept saying bad things about them,try to be FAIR!

    ..JIN is kind,,,,but he’s a flirt and i thinks its normal
    ..BoA is just having fun with JIN and that is soooooooooooo normal,,,,they’re in a club!

    • it’s because i know jpop and kat-tun AND jin, that i can say i agree with the commenters here, jin IS scandalous. even the jin worshippers can’t deny this ^^ there are pics okay ? LOL

  6. Jin is HOT… i know he’s playboy though i don’t really follow him.. kyaa… i don’t mind at all if Boa got into scandal with him.. lol..

  7. OMG I wish it isn’t true. Jin’s playboy

  8. I hate this news >”< Maybe sometimes it's gonna be a good scandal but not now ~

    They're just friend. Ok ??!
    BoA is younger than him. She also younger than Kame-chan. Haizzz~ Why is our Jin??? He has a lots of scandal before.

    Hey! Why is that pic?? Jin before debut =)) He's so cute ~
    Friend. Just friend (:

  9. I’m glad she’s having fun because she is overworked! And I’m still waiting for her to make a comeback in Korea! However Jin is…….
    He’s such a playboy, that much is a fact. Everything else I don’t believe cuz it’s just rumor. She could do so much better

  10. I really wish it’s true. BoA needs a boyfriend. Isn’t that what she wish for? I remember watching her american interview about wanting to have a b/f so she won’t be lonely. Is some fans just angry because he’s japanese?

  11. Omo..Boa and Jin?
    Erm…i will probably object to their relationship is they in it..haha..
    I dont mind if Boa is a good friend with Jin just like her with Jaejoong…
    Beside Jin is the troublemaker in KAT-TUn..dont bashed me KAT-TUN fans..i know…im a KAT-TUN fans too..but recently Jin really get on my nerve..T.T

    • same here..Jin is my fav member but he’s really getting on my nerve now…

    • Hi there. I am Kat-tun fans too. My fav member is Jin and Kame. Haven’t you watched KAT-TUN msg to fan? There, Jin told the fan that KAT-TUN is trying to expand their territories. And he asked the fans to go and support KTTUN as well as him. And he promised to try his best at LA and he will come back after that. He requested the fan to keep support ing him after he come back.
      It is quite clear that he is not leaving KAT-TUN. He said himself that he will come back after he tried hard in LA.
      *But I can’t deny the fact that he is trouble maker in KAT-TUN.*

  12. jin is soo cute and sexy
    whats the problem with jin and boa? just friends..

  13. I’m glad BoA’s having fun.

  14. i’m a fan of Jin even before KAT-TUN debut..a big big fan of jin…but then i feel sorry for all these girls that are rumored with him..because as much as i like him i really hope i won’t get involve with any guy like him – playboy..
    although everything i’ve heard about him are all rumors but i’m very sure he’s just a player that are forever involve with foreigners

    • Ohmm.. I can’t believe you are a fan of Jin since KAT-TUN debut and doesn’t even know he isn’t a playboy.
      He likes to party and enjoyed clubbing.
      He has a thing for White girls.
      He enjoys the company of English speaking foreigner.
      Haven’t you watch his debate with Matsumoto Jun. He clearly said that he isn’t a playboy and people judged him from his appearance.
      And in one interview he mentioned that the thing he couldn’t tolerate is cheating on the other parties. And he will never be one of them.
      I am really surprised that long term jin’s fan thought he is a playboy.
      No wonder everybody also believe he is one.

  15. WOW, Jin is a playboy? Didn’t know that. I know about his bad boy persona and ‘rude’ attitude… but playboy…

    I always thought JE boys are a bit too close with each other.. very gay-ish.

    I want BoA with Yuya Tegoshi. LOL. They look cute together.

    • i don’t know about rude..well he might look rude as he is always in his “own world” whenever with KAT-TUN..
      as for playboy, even if you’re a fan of him and has been following his work since day 1, sooner or later you will call him a playboy..

    • @Junior: Yuya Tegoshi is mine. lol, jk

    • non of you can have tegoshi lol he has some blonde chick XD

    • There’s so many rumors about him being a playboy, especially from arama (the worst). As someone already said there must be some truth to it.
      He’s a very straightforward person, to the point of being blunt, I think.

  16. Im seriously laughing at some of the comments I feel some of u are over reacting I know the guy is known for being flirt and player but come on u can’t believe everything u read from the net especially things like that he might be HIV positive , he slept with I don’t know with how many members in AKB48 or he made a girl teenager pregnant!! Do u honestly think that JE would have still allowed him to continue to work under their agency if he really did all of that ?!!

    • I have to agree with you. When Uchi Hiroki was caught underaged drinking, JE suspended him from his group NEWS and Kanjani8. So if Jin was to get some teenage girl pregnant and is HIV positive, I’m pretty sure JE would’ve suspended him too.

      • lol exactly as u said jin would have been suspended a long time ago if any of these rumors were true but he is not and honestly I don’t believe anything that is written by some of the commenter’s because it is something that is hard to believe and what is surprising me the most that some are actually believing these stupid rumors and even sharing it !! lol to everyone don’t believe everything u read

    • you and gummybear do bring up good points, but with being suspended and all.. isn’t Jin heading off to America for a bit?.. its like he’s leaving KAT-TUN for awhile for everything he’s done or something :S

      although i’m sure half the rumours aren’t true, its easy to believe Jin is some kind of manwhore x). and to suspend or get rid of Jin who is probably your strongest asset may be a bad idea :S i dunno, i dont know how JE runs their operations too well.

      I don’t believe he got some girl pregnant. that rumour is like O_o.. wouldnt be surprised though if the STD one is possible (or pending) considering how he does.. get around. of course their all rumours, but its always the same kind of rumours with him, and it does make you question sometimes =\

      do you know if there are any articles that JE denies any of these accusations against Jin? i’d love to read any x)

      • Jin is going to america to further his solo career. If he was leaving, because JE kicked him out, you think he would go into hiding from the media :/

        Anyways, i don’t know of any articles of JE denying these accusations against Jin.

      • since when someone being invited to do Live in LA by a LA media to celebtate its one year anniversary means s/he’s fired??

        where’s your brain? people…

  17. I think BoA is too good for him.
    Yeah, he’s handosme and all, but… He is always in that scandals [not too long ago, I read that he had sex with many AKB48 member lol].

  18. i’d rather see BoA with Jae Joong or some else except JE boys, no offense though
    i like Jin and all but i can’t deny the fact that he’s a super playboy with an infamous reputation -.-

  19. Oh collision between Jpop and Kpop? ^^

  20. Knetizen says that this is absurd when they are the ones that usually come up with absurds scandal U.U…smh
    I love BoA<3 and also Jin~<3

  21. So what… singers can date too.

  22. The club was throwing a party for a sports wear designer I think it’s Jeremy Scott cuz he said he was going to japan after his visit with 2ne1/Korea! Please let the damn girl live a little!she was there with her girl friend crytal Kay who is friends with Jin and all the articles say that 500celebs and well known peeps were there but all thy noticed was t heir hug.hahahaha she can’t even hugg a hot guy who just happens to be a famous celebrity?! Sad .

  23. ohoh lol.. I like akanishi jin though

  24. It’s from a famous tabloid mag hey said theyhad a hott hug together not a kiss WTF a hott hugg….. it’s funny how they don’t mention that crystal was there and how their close and boa knows him through crystal .other reports say that the three used English lol.

    • i know nothing about crystal. but Jin’s english is hella fine… =)

      • Crystal Kay ?!?!!!she has a good voice she’s the one that’s close with Jin. And she’s one of boas close friends. She was there with crystal Kay.

  25. in order to make kat-tun’s fan jealous and start haters, japanese netizen need to do smth like this. if not, no interesting news what. lol

    i don’t really care. but agreed, everybody know how is jin in real life. i won’t choose him if it’s me too. lol.

  26. Lol JIN = Oh Oh. Every post that relates to him on Arama is lol worthy. He’s such a flirt lol

    • lol i thought of Arama first when i read this article xD can’t wait till it gets posted there.

      BoA, for your own sanity girl… stay away xD

  27. Wow..with Jin..envy her..

  28. who is he??? don’t follow jpop sorry

    • His name is Akanishi Jin member of the johnny’s group KAT-TUN
      He’s a well known flirt and has been involved in quite a few scandals including getting some teenager pregnant or something lol It wasn’t true though…I think
      Anyway, JIN = Scandal. lol but everything I know about him comes from the Arama live journal.

      • ..That i soooo not TRUE!Jin is not that kind of person,yeah he’s a flirt but that is SOOOOO normal for really HOT and HANDSOME GUYS!
        ..and about that pregnancy,that is SOOOOO not true!


      • get a life man…stop spamming!!
        all i can see is your brain is pretty much shit loaded.
        if you believe the zero believable rumors, it only shows how stupid you are.

  29. LOL seems like not many people here, and Korean fans, knew about how scandalous Jin is. he’s a well-known flirt. but oh well..at least he’s cute. and if the reports are true, a few hugs won’t hurt

    • IKR ???? jin = SCANDALS O___O

      LOL idek why i got so worked up over this. probably coz i LOVE her and i don’t want jin to get near her at all ^^
      BUT if they’re really just friends, it’s cool, i guess ? =/

    • LOL i was waiting for someone to say something about his REAL behavior. the guy is hot, sure.. but he’s a notorious flirt and overall bad influence. there were speculations that he even had AIDS 😐 .. not saying its true, but it went around.

      for her sake i hope she doesn’t get too close to him, even if their friends.

      • exactly. =/
        I have friends who saw Jin in clubs, and he’s really the playboy type x_x
        But that’s Jin right…lol
        And I wasn’t really surprised by the news (new scandal), just a little shock to see his name in Kbites =D

  30. haha omg why am i so happy about this rumor?? XD
    i love those two and if this was true, i wouldn’t mind at all!! haha

  31. LOL!
    the news is hyperbole.
    if u see BoA hugged Jin, so, when u see BoA hugging with Verbal, why dont u make that as news too..?

    • coz verbal IS her BFF and he isn’t one of the most sought after idols in japan ?

    • actually, some place said that they even share a kiss
      And BoA wore a sexy dress that showed her tattoo too

      whatever, she deserves a love-life
      This girl is over-worked

      • If ur at a club u should wear somethig nice she’s only in her twenties do they expect to wear a wool sweatr or something

  32. BOA has some of the hottest guy friends in the industry..woooh!!

  33. dudes, I love KAT-TUN<333333
    BoA and Jin are friends, that's cool.
    If they're dating, I don't mind.

  34. OMG!!!!! I love how the netizen react!!! Man this girl Boa is one i envy the most (in a good way) she practically have SUPER HOT Guy friends!!!! her and Jaejoong are BFFs and now we know she hangs out with JIN!!! Jin have alot of BFFS such as Pi kun KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ I wish she’s my friend so we all can hang out together whahahaa

  35. good for you BoA! Jin is definitely a hottie! @_@ For once I wished the rumored scandal was true…

  36. they look alike o_O xD

  37. OMG run for your life, woman !!!!!!! jin is a NO !!! O_O
    btw don’t tell me this is just that absurd japanese tabloid who makes stuffs up practically every week -.-

    • err, are you guys serious ? you want her to be with jin ???
      i don’t want to be rude but jin is… the kind of guy you should stay far far FAR away =___= i mean, yea, he’s cute and all, but his personal life is… *sigh*

      • What about his personal life?! I want to know. All I know is his from KAT-TUN. I don’t know much about him cuz his not my fav in KAT-TUN, its Kazuya Kamenashi. So pls tell me?!

      • What about his personal life?! I want to know. All I know is his from KAT-TUN. I don’t know much about him cuz his not my fav in KAT-TUN, its Kazuya Kamenashi. So pls tell me?!

      • Jin isn’t a playboy. People misunderstood his personality. He likes to party , that’s all. He once mentioned in interview that the thing he couldn’t tolerate is cheating on the lover and he will never be one of them. He seems doesn’t care and do what he want to do type. But he is kind and gentle and caring type.
        You can observe this by reading interview with his co-workers and casts and crew from his movie “Bandage”.
        He is not so idol like and want to live a normal youth life style.
        He likes American culture and has great interest in English. He is always shy while doing his MC part during live show.
        Sometime he is being a naughty boy and pick on his band-mates from Kattun especially NakaMaru and Taguchi.
        He really care about his family and friends. And in one interview, he mentioned that in his life family and friend is first and work is second.
        He want to get married soon and the reason is he want to raise his children.
        He is very good with kids and get along with them easily. (You can observe that in Cartoon-Kattun variety show ).
        Pls don’t judge him by his appearance.

  38. Akanishi Jin looks so cute in that pic 😀

  39. T_T lol call me a crazy fan but Im glad that they are just friends lol she is lucky and jin is too hot

  40. asdfafdasdfsdaasdfasdf Jin on kpop news ❤ ❤ ❤

  41. well i’m glad she have fun!!
    wow she’s hang out with Jin….envy><

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